Dual HT2 Instruction Manual

Dual HT2 Instruction Manual
The Hot Top2 dispenser carries a three-year parts and service warranty.
Dispenser valves and POS are shipped free of charge via UPS ground
upon request for the first three years. If the heater or fan stops working
within the first year, Gehl’s will pick up and repair the dispenser free of
charge via U.P.S. If a problem occurs within the second or third year, a
$30.00 shipping and handling fee will be charged with free servicing.
Important! Start heating cheese 4-6 hours
prior to event!
Call Gehl’s Customer Service line at (800) 521-2873 Monday through
Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time. When calling, please
have the dispenser’s serial number available. The serial number is located
on the back of the dispenser and begins with an HT2. Gehl’s Customer
Service ships replacement parts and accessories Monday through Friday
via U.P.S. Ground Service.
If you need to disassemble the dispenser, please call Gehl's for proper
Dispenser Repair Procedures:
The following service plan applies to dispenser repair, including the repair of
heaters, fans and cracked plastic:
0-12 Months of Lease
Gehl’s Customer Service will arrange a UPS pickup for the dispenser. If a box is not available, one will be sent prior to pickup.
The dispenser will be repaired and returned free of charge.
13 Months-3 Years of Lease
Gehl’s Customer Service will arrange a UPS pickup for the dispenser. If a box is not available, one will be sent prior to pickup.
The dispenser will be repaired and returned C.O.D. with the $30.00
shipping and handling fee.
Gehl's Guernsey Farms, Inc.
P.O. Box 1004
Germantown, WI 53022-8204
pg. 8
Important! Keep cheese heated in the dispenser until it no
longer is going to be used!
Sauce Storage
Introduction ................................................................. 3
How to Use ............................................................ 4 - 5
Cleaning ...................................................................... 6
Sauce Storage ........................................................... 7
Trouble Shooting......................................................... 7
Warranty ..................................................................... 8
Service ........................................................................ 8
Dispenser Repair Procedures ..................................... 8
Unopened Hot Top2 sauces are shelf stable and should be stored at room
temperature. Before opening, however, the temperature of the sauces must
be raised above 140oF:
• Cheese can be held above 140°F for 5 days or below 40°F for 7 days.
• Chili can be held above 140° F for 7 days or below 40° F for 7 days.
*Sauce may discolor after the allotted time for serving.*
• Remove valve and replace cap on bag during refrigerated storage.
• If refrigerated, sauce must be cooled to 70°F in two hours and 40°F in four
hours. To achieve this, bags may have to be shaken periodically while cooling.
• When reheating after refrigeration, sauces must reach 165°F within two
hours. This can not be accomplished in the dispenser; alternate methods are
required to reheat the sauce.
Gehl's recommends keeping the sauce heated in the dispenser 24 hours
per day for maximum food safety.
Trouble Shooting
23"h x 9"w x 17"d
120V / 1.7A / 200W
23"h x 9"w x 17"d
120V / 1.7A / 200W
Customer Service
For questions regarding the dispenser or sauces:
• Toll Free:
(800) 521-2873
• Fax:
(262) 251-9597
• Hours:
7:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Mon. - Fri. (Central Time)
• Make sure Serving Valve is pushed down into the
pan completely
• Reposition the bags.
• Slow or No Sauce Flow
Excess Sauce Left
in the Bag
• Lift and eliminate any folds in the bag.
• Make certain the Dispenser Weight or another bag
is on top of the first Bag.
• Check that the Thermostat is above 140OF.
• Make sure the Serving Valve is clean.
• Dispenser is
Not Heating
• Make sure the Valve Guard and Lid are on.
• Make sure the outlet is working.
• Try unplugging, wait 1 minute and replug the
dispenser back in.
• Dripping Sauce
Stuck Valve
• Make sure Serving Valve is clean and closed.
• Make sure Spacing Bar (single dispensers) or
Spacing Wall (dual dispensers) is in place.
• Make sure the barrel of the Serving Valve has been
lightly coated with the Canola Oil.
• Replace O-rings
• Cheese Looks Burnt
• Cheese will discolor after being in the Dispenser
for more than 4 days. Replace with new bag.
Gehl's Guernsey Farms, Inc.
P.O. Box 1004
Germantown, WI 53022-8204
pg. 2
• Lid on Dispenser
will not close.
pg. 7
Please have all users read this manual thoroughly. The instructions for
operating and maintaining the Hot Top2 dispenser are provided in this
manual. Hot Top2 sauces have specific handling and storage instructions
that are covered in the back of this pamphlet.
Serving Valve Parts
Please check to make certain you have received the following parts:
A. Serving Button
B. Valve Barrel
C. O-Ring
D. Spring
E. Twist-onRing
F. Locking Clip
G. Valve Opening
How to Clean the Serving Valve
1. Press down on the valve locking clip
using your thumb.
2. Twist the clip and base clockwise and pull
the valve apart.
• Clean each piece with detergent, scrub,
rinse, sanitize and air dry.
3. Spray the Valve Barrel (see "B" above)
with Canola Oil after every cleaning, to
prevent sticking.
4. Reassemble and store until it is time to
change bags of sauce.
Push down clip and twist
the base.
Dispenser Frame
Serving Valves1
Dispenser Lid
Removable Valve Guard
Removable Spacer
Bag of Sauce (shipped separately)
Bag Cap Opener
Canola Oil Spray (not pictured)
How to Use
How to Care for Hot Top2
1. Wipe down the outside of the dispenser with a damp clean cloth then dry
with a paper towel.
• Nonabrasive cleaning solutions can be used to maintain the appearance.
2. Remove and clean the valve guard once per day.
• Clean in detergent, scrub, rinse, sanitize, air dry and slide back onto the
3. Wipe down the inside of the holding pan.
• Before cleaning, unplug and allow the pan to completely cool down.
1. Before loading, plug the Hot Top2 dispenser into any 120 volt outlet.
2. Preheat bags of cheese/chili sauce to 140˚ F before opening.
3. The Dispenser may remain plugged in overnight so sauce is always heated.
Once a bag is opened, the sauce must be kept heated or refrigerated.
4. At the beginning of each day, dispense and discard 1oz. of sauce. Remove
the valves and clean thoroughly, or replace with clean, sanitized valves.
pg. 6
Gehl's supplies four total serving valves with each dual dispenser, or two valves with each single
sauce dispenser. If any of the serving valves break, call Gehl's immediately for a replacement.
pg. 3
How to Use (cont.)
Serving Steps
1. Preheat 1 or 2
bags of sauce
to 140 degrees.
(Use one bag
for a single dispenser, two
bags for a dual.) If the bags you are
using have perforated corners, tear
along perforations. Set the preheated
bags on their backs, then remove
caps with the cap opener or a bottle
2. Before using any valve for the first
time, disassemble the valve and
spray the barrel with Canola Oil
where indicated (see "How to Clean
the Serving Valve", page 6.)
3. Firmly push a serving valve into the
spout of each bag and screw down
its plastic ring until it is tightly secured.
must be facing
away from the
center of the bag.
Dispenser Weights
6. Slide each valve down so that the
edges of the pan fit between the
red lines on
valve all the
way down to
the bottom of
the pan.
7. Place another bag of sauce or the
dispenser weight on top of each serving bag.(See "Dispenser Weight",
page 5)
8. Insert the removable spacer inside the front edge of the pan.
Slide the spacer down so that it
grips the pan and maintains
proper spacing. This spacer helps
keep the valves from sticking.
Singe Hot Top2 dispenser are designed to keep two bags of sauce warm;
dual dispensers keep four bags warm. The bottom bags dispense sauce,
while the top bags are used to force the sauce out of the bottom bag.
If your movement of sauce is less than 1 bag every two days, Dispenser
Weights should be used in place of the top bags. This reduces the number
of days that the top bag stays heated, and increases the life of the sauce.
Dispenser Weight
Bag Replacement
1. When sauce flow begins to slow down, remove the top bag or weight
and reposition the serving bag so that all the sauce is able to
dispense. (Grab end of bag and squeeze sauce towards valve.)
2. When the sauce stops dispensing, take the empty bag out and
remove the serving valve. Place the clean valve on the second bag
and repeat steps 4-9 in the Serving Steps section.
3. The serving valve needs to be disassembled and cleaned before
each use. When finished cleaning the serving valve, save the valve
for the next bag replacement.
4. Open the dispenser by lifting the
dispenser lid up and out.
5. Lower a heated
bag into each side
the dispenser with
two hands, one
hand holding the
bag along its
seam, while the
other hand is used
to guide the valve
into place. The valve should be facing downward.
9.The valve guard
must be cleaned
daily. To remove,
pull the guard forward. After cleaning the valve guard,
slide it back onto
the dispenser.
Checking the HoldingTemperature
1. Gehl's Hot Top2 Dispensers are designed to hold sauces above 140degrees Fahrenheit, with the lid and valve guard in place. Always
make certain these pieces are in place while using the
10.Replace the lid and begin serving.
pg. 4
2.To properly check the holding temperature, remove the valve from a
heated bag and insert a thermometer directly into the bag. Measuring
the temperature of a dispensed sample will not give an accurate
reading, since sauces cool rapidly when served.
pg. 5
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