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Installation and Maintenace Guide
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for future reference.
This product should be fitted
in compliance with Water
Regulations, by a qualified
Use only a clean damp cloth
to maintain the surface finish,
use of abrasive cleaning
materials will invalidate your
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DTC INST212 ISSUE 2 - 2.4.12
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Minimum working pressure - 1.0 bar
Recommended working pressure 1.5 - 3 bar
Maximum working pressure - 5 bar
(Pressure above 5 bar must be reduced via a pressure reducer)
In order to assure maximum efficiency of the mixer, the operating pressures
should be balanced.
Water temperature
Inlet hot water supply
Maximum 85c
Recommended 65c
A minimum 10c difference between outlet
temperature and hot supply temperature
must be maintained at all times
Inlet cold water supply
10c - 25c
Your product comes with a 5 year guarantee, this includes 2 years parts and labour
followed by a further 3 years parts only, subject to the following:
Proof of purchase will be required.
The guarantee does not cover faults or damage caused by incorrect installation
and/or maintenance, ordinary wear and tear, water composition etc, including:
Supply pipes reversed
Incorrect pressure or temperature
Incorrect use
Foregin bodies and/or scale due to the water composition.
Incorrect cleaning
Cleaning should be carried out using a clean damp cloth, use of abrasive
agents or materials on the product, will invalidate your guarantee.
DTC INST212 ISSUE 2 - 2.4.12
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To replace the thermostatic cartridge;
Turn off water supply
Remove handle cap and handle screw
Remove the handle from the mixer and the nylon stop ring
Remove the cartridge from the mixer body.
Clean or replace the cartridge as necessary, then replace, ensuring components are located
correctly to give correct maximum set temprature.
If re-calibration is required follow instruction in "operation and setting"
Once water supply is turned on check for leaks.
Prepare the supply pipes at 150mm centres, allowing approx 22mm of pipe to exposed
from the finished wall.
The pipework must be flushed prior to installation.
After flushing the pipework, install the mixer as a standard exposed fitting, with the outlet
facing downwards.
The hot supply pipe must be connected to the hot inlet of the mixer, indicated by the red dot.
Place the mounting plate over the pipe end and mark drill holes, ensuring no pipes or
wires are affected.
Once holes are marked remove and drill holes, then fit wall plugs,
Next place the mounting plate over pipe end and locate over drill holes, secure using
screws provided.
Place olive over pipe end and then fit threaded union, tighten using a two spanners one
on the flats of the union the other on the flat of the mounting plate.
Tighten until fully secured, to create a compression fitting seal.
Once secured, screw the trim onto the threaded union and screw up to finished wall
(if required sealant can be used)
Place seals into mixer inlets and connect
mixer to union and secure using a spanner
(take care not to damage product finish)
Once all connections
have been made
turn on water supply to
check for leaks,
ensuring the valve is
in the OFF position
To replace the flow control valve:
Turn off water supply
Remove handle cap , then handle screw
Pull handle from valve.
Remove valve from mixer, taking care not to disturb the pipework.
Clean or replace valve as necessary.
Replace all components, turn on water supply and check for leaks.
DTC INST212 ISSUE 2 - 2.4.12
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To control the temperature of the shower, turn the right handle for more hot
cold water, in the direction indicated by the dial.
To control the flopw of water turn the lever handle to regulate the flow of water from the
If on installation the temperature is not to your requirement, this can be re-calibrated.
Turn temperature handle to fully hot.
Remove the handle cap , followed by the screw
Pull handle from the mixer.
Turn the spindle on the thermostat until the desired temperature is reached.
(Always maintain the 10c difference between supply and mixed)
Once the temperature is reached, replace the handle so that the stop is in the maximum
position, replace screw and handle cap.
Re-calibration should only be carried out when absolutely necessary
DTC INST212 ISSUE 2 - 2.4.12
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DTC INST212 ISSUE 2 - 2.4.12
DTC INST212 ISSUE 2 - 2.4.12
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