Battery Pack for Universal PCXR Sample Pumps Operating
Operating Instructions
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Battery Pack for
Universal Sample Pumps
To enhance battery life, SKC ships battery packs separate from the pump. Once
installed, completely charge battery pack before operating the pump (see pump
operating instructions). It may be necessary to charge the battery a few times before
maximum battery capacity is achieved.
1. To remove a battery pack, remove the two screws that secure the battery pack
and loosen the two case screws above and below the belt clip.
2. Carefully slide battery pack out from under the belt clip. Ensure that the battery is kept level.
3. To install a battery pack, slide the front edge of the new battery pack under the
belt clip and position battery pack to engage the grooves in the case.
4. Slide the battery pack toward the pump until it is flush with the pump case on
all sides.
5. Reinstall battery screws and tighten the case screws.
6. Charge the new battery pack.
Case screw
(not shown)
Battery pack screws
Back of pump
with battery
pack sliding out
Case screw
Case grooves
Use of a repaired or rebuilt battery pack voids any warranty and the UL Listing for
intrinsic safety.
Do not charge or operate pump from charger in hazardous locations!
Use only an SKC-approved charger and battery pack designed for the Universal
Sample Pump to ensure reliable performance. Failure to do so voids intrinsic safety
and any warranty.
Failure to follow warnings and cautions voids any warranty.
Notice: This operating instruction may not address all safety concerns (if any) associated with this product and its use. The
user is responsible for determining and following the appropriate safety and health practices and regulatory limitations (if any)
before using the product. The information contained in this document should not be construed as legal advice, opinion, or as
a final authority on legal or regulatory procedures.
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