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Dear Customer,
Before using the appliance, please read the
following instructions carefully and keep this
manual for future reference. The appliance
must only be used by persons familiar with
these instructions.
Connection to the mains supply
Make sure that the supply voltage
corresponds with the voltage marked on the
rating label. This product complies with all
binding CE labelling directives.
1. Drive unit
2. 3-position switch
3. Pestle
4. Lid
5. Feeder tube
6. Filter
7. Filter holder
8. Juice outlet
9. Juice container
10. Locking clip
11. Rating label (on underside of appliance)
12. Pulp container
13. Drive shaft
14. Locking recesses
15. Power cord with plug (at the rear)
Important safety instructions
∙ In order to avoid hazards, repairs
to this electrical appliance or its
power cord must be carried out by
our customer service. If repairs are
needed, please send the appliance
to our customer service department
(see appendix).
Before cleaning the appliance,
ensure it is disconnected from the
power supply and has cooled down
To avoid the risk of electric shock,
do not clean the drive unit with water
and do not immerse it in water.
For detailed information on cleaning
the appliance, please refer to the
section ‘Cleaning and care’.
Caution: there are sharp points on
the filter. To prevent injury, always
exercise extreme caution when
assembling, cleaning or emptying it.
Do not operate the appliance if the
rotating filter or the lid shows any
kind of damage, or if there are any
visible cracks.
Always remove the plug from the wall
- before assembling or
disassembling the appliance,
- after use,
- in case of any malfunction,
- before opening the lid,
- when there is no supervision,
- before cleaning the appliance.
Caution: Any misuse can cause
severe personal injury.
The appliance may only be used
by persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities, or
lacking experience and knowledge,
if they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning the use of
the appliance and fully understand
all dangers and safety precautions
Children must not be permitted to
operate the appliance. The appliance
and its power cord must be kept well
away from children.
Children must not be permitted to
play with the appliance.
∙ Caution: Keep any packaging materials
well away from children – these materials
are a potential source of danger, e.g. of
∙ Every time the appliance is used, the
main body including the power cord as
well as any attachment fitted should
be checked thoroughly for any defects.
Should the appliance, for instance, have
been dropped onto a hard surface, or if
excessive force has been used to pull the
power cord, it must no longer be used:
even invisible damage may have adverse
effects on the operational safety of the
∙ Do not leave the appliance unattended
while connected.
∙ For safety reasons, use the pestle
at all times when feeding fruit or
vegetables into the feeder tube. Under no
circumstances use your hands or fingers.
∙ After switching off, always wait until
the motor has come to a complete
standstill before opening the lid.
∙ Do not allow the appliance or its power
cord to touch hot surfaces or to come into
contact with any heat sources.
∙ When removing the plug from the wall
socket, never pull on the power cord;
always grip the plug itself. Do not let the
power cord hang free.
∙ No responsibility will be accepted if
damage results from improper use, or if
these instructions are not complied with.
∙ This appliance is intended for domestic or
similar applications, such as
- in shops, offices and other similar
working environments,
- in agricultural working environments,
- by customers in hotels, motels etc. and
similar establishments,
- in bed-and breakfast type environments.
Useful information
∙ Cut up the fruit or vegetable so that it
fits down the feeder tube; remove any
stones, pips or cores to prevent damage
to the appliance.
∙ The following fruits and vegetables are
not suitable for juice extraction: figs,
avocados, aubergines, elderberries,
rhubarb, cranberries and the like.
∙ Peeled bananas should be added for
aromatic purposes only, as very little juice
can be extracted.
Short-time operation
The appliance is designed for short-term
operation only, i.e. it should not be operated
continuously for more than 1 minute. Allow
it to cool down for 1 minute afterwards. After
3 such cycles, the unit must be permitted
to cool down for 15 minutes before it is
switched on again.
Before using for the first time
Before the appliance is used for the first
time, it must be cleaned as described in the
section Cleaning and care.
The appliance is equipped with a 3-position
0 appliance switched off
slow juice extraction
II fast juice extraction
Juice outlet
The juice outlet can be folded up to avoid
dripping. During operation, the outlet must
be folded down to prevent any juice from
∙ Place the filter holder onto the drive unit
with the juice outlet to the right.
∙ Fit the filter into its holder, pushing it firmly
down by the rim until it is heard locking
into place. It is important that the filter is
securely attached and not at an angle,
and that it can be turned easily.
∙ Slide the pulp container on the left side of
the unit under the rim of the filter holder,
tilting the container slightly.
∙ Place the transparent lid onto the filter
holder. The left side of the lid must
engage in the pulp container. Secure the
lid with the locking clip, which will activate
the safety switch. Ensure that the locking
clip engages firmly on both sides into the
locking recesses on the lid.
Place the juice container below the outlet.
Fold the juice outlet down and fit the lid
onto the juice container.
Insert the plug into the wall outlet and put
the switch to the required setting.
Feed the clean, pre-cut fruit or vegetable
pieces down the feeder tube while the
unit is running. Use the pestle to push
the pieces lightly down, using the guide
slot on the pestle. Caution: Excessive
pressure may result in damage to motor
or filter.
When processing large quantities of fruit
or vegetables, the pulp container and
juice container must be emptied from time
to time as necessary.
After use, switch the appliance off and
remove the plug from the wall socket. Lift
the juice container slightly and fold up the
juice outlet at the same time.
Make sure to clean the appliance
thoroughly after each cycle of use. For
detailed information, please refer to the
Cleaning and care section. To detach the
filter and filter holder, remove the pulp
container first. Then place your left hand
under the filter holder and your right hand
under the juice outlet. Pull the filter holder
up by applying pressure to left and right
alternately, until it comes clear.
Juice container
With the lid left in place when pouring out
the juice, the foam caused during juice
extraction will remain inside the container.
Cleaning and care
∙ Always remove the plug from the wall
socket and allow the appliance to cool
down before cleaning.
∙ Please note: the filter has small, sharp
points. There is a risk of injury.
∙ Do not use abrasives, harsh cleaning
solutions or hard brushes for cleaning.
∙ To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not
clean the drive unit with water and do not
immerse it in water.
∙ The drive unit may be wiped with a
slightly damp, lint-free cloth.
∙ The pulp container, filter holder, lid, pestle
and juice container may all be cleaned
using hot water and a mild detergent.
∙ The filter should also be cleaned each
time after use, using a soft, commercially
available nylon brush. Do not clean the
filter with any hard object, as that may
render it unusable.
∙ These parts are not dish-washer safe.
∙ Cleaning of the pulp container is greatly
facilitated if a small garbage bag is
inserted in the container before use.
undertakes to repair or replace any parts
found to be defective, providing the product
is returned to one of our authorised service
centres. This guarantee is only valid if the
appliance has been used in accordance with
the instructions, and provided that it has not
been modified, repaired or interfered with
by any unauthorised person, or damaged
through misuse.
This guarantee naturally does not cover
wear and tear, nor breakables such as
glass and ceramic items, bulbs etc. This
guarantee does not affect your statutory
rights, nor any legal rights you may have
as a consumer under applicable national
legislation governing the purchase of goods.
If the product fails to operate and needs
to be returned, pack it carefully, enclosing
your name and address and the reason for
return. If within the guarantee period, please
also provide the guarantee card and proof
of purchase.
Devices marked with this symbol
must be disposed of separately
from your household waste, as
they contain valuable materials
which can be recycled. Proper disposal
protects the environment and human health.
Your local authority or retailer can provide
information on the matter.
This product is guaranteed against defects
in materials and workmanship for a period
of two years from the date of purchase.
Under this guarantee the manufacturer
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