Use these DVR buttons to control live TV and

Use these DVR buttons to control live TV and
Use these DVR buttons
to control live TV and your
recorded programs in new ways.
Because nTelos Video service has DVR capability, you can
control live TV with your remote by clicking the same
playback buttons you use to pause and rewind recorded
programs. You can also replay the last 7 seconds (or fastforward in short bursts through recorded programs).
> Press RECORD while watching a program and the
message Recording appears briefly on the screen; the
recording light on your receiver lights up and
remains lit until recording ends automatically at the
end of the program time slot. Or, press STOP to end
recording at any time. To find an already recorded
program, press the RECORDED TV button.
> Press PAUSE to pause live TV for up to 90 minutes.
(If you leave PAUSE on longer, the program will
automatically begin playing again from the point
where you paused it.)
> Press PLAY to resume playing a program from the
point where you paused it.
> Press REW or REPLAY to rewind continuously or
skip back in 7-second increments on live or recorded
TV. Pressing REW once, twice, or three times increases
rewind speeds.
> Press FWD or FF to fast-forward through recorded
programs or fast-forward continuously. Pressing FF
once, twice, or three times increases fast-forward speeds.
The progress bar at the bottom of your TV screen shows
how far you can fast-forward or rewind and the point at
which you will be watching live TV.
Quick Tips
Schedule a program
to record.
You can use the on-screen Guide to
schedule a current or future program to
> First, press GUIDE then highlight the
program you want to record and press
RECORD once; a red dot appears ro
confirm recording is scheduled.
> Press RECORD twice to have the DVR
record the series. (Press RECORD three
times to cancel (recording) the red dot.)
> To record a program you’ve highlighted in
the Guide to extend beyond the scheduled
end time, press INFO, select record episode or
record series, and press OK.
> In the record (or record series) screen,
use arrows to select change in stop
recording; select the amount of extra time
you want, press RECORD, and click OK.
3 Press RECORDED TV to see a recorded
program list and if the program is recording.
4 Press EXIT to return to the last channel
you were watching.
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