USER GUIDE Models FR and FR-V User Guide

USER GUIDE Models FR and FR-V User Guide
Models FR and FR-V
User Guide
Congratulations on purchasing the most advanced controls for ventilation, air distribution,
and whole-house mixing.
Increase Key
Operating Mode
Once installed and powered, the AirCycler will automatically
enter Operating Mode.
• If the thermostat calls for heating or cooling, the
display will read ”ON”. The AirCycler is now in a standby
• The factory settings provide 20 minutes of fan off
time followed by 10 minutes of fan on time. The LCD
display will indicate the current fan activity.
Mode Key
• When there is no call for heating or cooling, the AirCycler will
display “fan off” and will count down the time remaining until the
AirCycler activates the central fan.
Decrease Key
• When the AirCycler activates the central fan, the display will read “fan on”.
The display will now count down the time remaining until the fan is deactivated again.
This cycle will repeat until there is another call for heating or cooling from the thermostat.
The Model FR-V has additional settings for outside air damper cycling.
• Factory settings provide 10 minutes of vent on time followed by 20 minutes of vent off time, with the LCD display
indicating the current damper activity.
• If the fan is on and the damper is open, the display will indicate VENT ON and the time remaining until the damper
• If the fan is on and the damper is closed, the display will indicate VENT OFF and the time remaining until the damper
• The display will alternate between FAN times and VENT times.
Turning the AirCycler off
Should you choose to turn the AirCycler off during extended vacation periods or when windows are open, press
and hold the Mode key for six seconds. All thermostat functions will continue to operate normally. To turn the
AirCycler back on, press the Mode key. • • 1 - 877 - FAN - CONTrol
AirCycler Models FR and FR-V
User Guide
Setup Mode
Setting the FAN ON time
• Press the Mode key once to enter setup mode.
FAN ON will flash on the display.
• To change the FAN ON time, use the Increase or
Decrease buttons.
• Set the number of minutes between 1 and 199, or select
“un” for unlimited operation. This allows the fan to
operate continuously after the FAN OFF delay has expired
following a cooling or heating cycle.
Setting the FAN OFF time
• To set the delay after the last heating or cooling operation,
press the Mode key again. FAN OFF will flash on the display.
• As above, set the number of minutes between 1 and 199.
• Press the Mode key one last time to return to normal operation.
or for the FR-V model, proceed to VENT settings.
Note: In humid climates, the FAN OFF time should be at least
6 minutes. This avoids moisture re-evaporation from the coil
and condensation in cold supply ducts.
Setting VENT times, FR-V model only
• Press the Mode key until VENT ON flashes.
• Increase or decrease the number of minutes to open the
outside air damper while the fan is on.
• Press Mode again, VENT OFF will flash.
• Increase or decrease the number of minutes to close the outside
air damper after the VENT ON time has elapsed.
• This cycle repeats for the duration of time the central fan
is operating continuously
Why is controlled ventilation essential?
Many homeowners are reducing their home’s energy
cost by tightening their homes. If homes are not
equipped for controlling and removing indoor
pollutants, indoor air quality problems may result.
Controlled ventilation helps maintain healthy indoor
air quality for the occupants and the home itself.
Why The AirCycler?
The AirCycler assures steady ventilation, and does so
economically by drawing and distributing outside air
through the home. A “smart logic” system operates the
fan only if it has been inactive for a set period of time.
The AirCycler evens out temperature, humidity and air
quality variations from room to room, and improves the
air quality level throughout your home without the
continuos operation of a central fan.
What is the energy cost to run the AirCycler?
For a typical 1,500 ft. home, the energy cost for the
AirCycler is between $ 1 to $ 5 monthly, depending on
your climate and electric costs.
For More Information:
Energy Efficient Homes:
Indoor Air Quality:
Testing the AirCycler
Trained technicians use Test mode to verify or demonstrate the
control operation. The test mode will display fan activity in seconds
rather than minutes.
To activate Test mode, follow these steps.
• Press the Mode key
• Press the Mode Key a second time and hold
for six seconds. The display will indicate Test.
• Exit Test mode and return to Operating mode by turning the
AirCycler off.
• Hold the Mode key for two seconds, then press Mode again
to turn the AirCycler on.
As a safeguard, the AirCycler will automatically exit Test mode after ten minutes.
Wiring Diagram
Y (cool)
Air Handler Unit
W (heat)
G (fan)
R (24VAC)
V (vent)
C (common)
(* FR-V Model Only)
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