Phase Noise Analyzer Accurately Characterizes Oscillators and

Phase Noise Analyzer Accurately Characterizes Oscillators and
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High Frequency Products
Phase Noise Analyzer
Accurately Characterizes
Oscillators and Components
oseidon Scientific
Instruments has
introduced its new
ODIN-320A phase noise
analyzer, developed specifically for easy and
accurate measurement of
phase and amplitude
noise of RF and microwave oscillators, as well as the residual noise
of components. The ODIN-320A incorporates a
user-selectable system configuration, self-calibrating features, and comprehensive, realtime analysis capabilities. Dual channel measurement capability, a built-in 10 MHz signal
source and PLL circuits are combined to give
engineers in the electronics, defense and communications industries operational convenience and unmatched performance.
This instrument includes
comprehensive noise measurement capabilities to aid
in the development and
analysis of high performance microwave oscillators and components
The PSA ODIN-320A simplifies phase noise
and residual noise measurements for RF and
microwave oscillators and components,
using a modular approach and industrial
PC-based architecture.
Real Time Noise Measurements.
Engineers are used to waiting several minutes to view a phase or amplitude noise measurement, and may spend significantly longer
setting up their measurement. Now users can
see real time measurement data with this single instrument, speeding up design and fault
finding. ODIN also performs many of the
setup steps automatically, allowing users to
get on with other tasks. Engineers are paid in
real time; the ODIN-320A lets them work in
real time. Overworked engineers can get more
done in less time.
ODIN simplifies phase noise measurements. The ODIN-320A’s plug-in modules are
designed to perform residual phase noise measurements and two oscillator phase noise
measurements with minimal setup from the
user. Automatic calibration of the detector
High Frequency Electronics
sensitivity eliminates a laborious and errorprone part of phase noise measurement. The
ODIN-320A includes in-built PLL circuitry for
easy phase locking of oscillators for phase
noise measurements.
Jesse Searls, PSI’s Managing Director says
“With ODIN, we have built a tool to help engineers better understand their systems. The
ODIN-320A provides users with automatic
and precise measurement of phase noise in
oscillators and residual noise in components,
as well as amplitude noise measurement capabilities. The noise measurement methodologies used in the ODIN-320A are those preferred by industry leaders and standards laboratories.”
ODIN is easily user-configurable. The
ODIN-320A is a dual channel FFT instrument
This front panel view shows the plug-in modules that allow
the user to obtain the desired configuration. Modules will
soon be available for 5 MHz to 12 GHz measurements.
with an integral bay for three plug-in
modules. This modular architecture
is easy to configure, and allows the
user to buy only those modules suited
to their specific functional and frequency requirements, or to expand to
new features in the future. The
ODIN-320A is capable of controlling
up to seven external modules for
added expandability.
ODIN’s dual channel measurement capability allows users to monitor both the stimulus signal and
their system’s response to that stimulus. One application of this capability is in analyzing the vibration sensitivity of oscillators, where being able
to view the stimulus and the
response simultaneously greatly
improves an engineer’s intuitive
understanding of what is happening
in his or her system.
Integral Features
The ODIN-320A’s built-in PLL
circuitry features multiple decades of
bandwidth selection and programmable voltage range for easy
phase locking of oscillators for phase
noise measurements. The instrument
is also provided with a DC to 10 MHz
12 bit amplitude resolution, 48 bit
frequency word, digitally synthesized
A detailed display permits fast and accurate evaluation during circuit development. Real-time measurement allows fast tuning and optimization.
signal source with DC offset and
range capabilities. A built-in 1 Hz to
10 MHz white noise source provides
even greater analysis capabilities.
ODIN is easy to integrate. The
ODIN-320A instrument is based on
an industrial PC with a two channel
20 Msample/second 12 bit A/D converter, yet it retains the look and feel
of a stand-alone instrument. The PC
architecture allows easy storage,
manipulation, exchange, networking
and printing of data. The in-built CDRW writer provides a modern storage
solution for measured data.
Price and Availability
Prices for ODIN-320A start at
US$51,250. Current plug-in modules
are available for the 6 GHz to 12 GHz
frequency range, and also feature a
DC to 6.4 MHz baseband input.
Pricing starts from US$14,100 for the
6 GHz to 12 GHz module. A range of
accessories is also available, including high isolation cables, transport
case and preformatted storage media.
Modules for the 5 MHz to 1 GHz
frequency range, and the 1 GHz to 6
GHz frequency range will be available soon, and new modules will be
announced as other frequency ranges
and capabilities become available.
Company Background
Poseidon Scientific Instruments is
a signal generation, control and measurement technology company. The
company manufactures exceptionally
low phase noise microwave oscillators, which are applied in premium
radar and communications systems,
and standards laboratories. Other
products include sapphire loaded cavity oscillators that the company
claims is the lowest noise microwave
signal source available, an accessory
low noise frequency divider and a
high performance signal distribution
PSI’s innovative design approach
and expertise in noise control and
measurement required for development of maximum-performance oscillators has been brought to bear in
this mainstream test and manufacturing instrument.
See the company web site for a list
of U.S. and worldwide sales representatives. PSI is an ISO9001:2000
accredited company.
Poseidon Scientific Instruments
Tel: +61 8 9430 6639
Fax: +61 8 9335 4650
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May 2003
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