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Solution: CAN/CANopen communication
Country: The Netherlands
Company: Super B
Summary: Super B batteries use IXXAT USB-to-CAN and
IXXAT protocol software to handle
communication between lithium ion
batteries and a battery management system.
The effects
Possible to connect
batteries to CANopenbased Battery
Management system.
Better control and more
efficient battery usage.
Power up!
IXXAT CAN technology enables Super B in the Netherlands to
get even more power out of their state-of-the art lithium ion
As the world is trying to get rid of fossil fuels and migrate to greener energy sources
such as sun and wind, one of the key issues is where to store the generated power.
Batteries have long been the weak link in the chain, but as the demand increases, so
does the development of battery technology. One of the companies driving battery
technology forward is Dutch battery innovators Super B.
About the technology
Lithium ion batteries is a type of rechargeable battery in which lithium ions move
from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge and back when
charging. These batteries have been used for some time in consumer electronics such
as computers and mobile phones. However, in more demanding applications such as
ships, cars and airplanes, safety is often an issue. Since traditional ion batteries contain
lithium cobalt dioxide or lithium manganese oxide, they can be hazardous, especially
when damaged.
“The support from Twincomm and
HMS has been quick and efficient
which has been important for us.”
M.H. Doornekamp
CEO, Super B
Therefore, Super B has developed a new breed of lithium ion batteries which uses
lithium iron phosphate. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have two important
advantages over other lithium ion chemistries – thermal and chemical stability, both of
which improve battery safety.
Electronics enhance the performance
Despite the fact that lithium iron phosphate has a slightly lower energy density, Super
B batteries still offer state-of-the-art performance. One of the main reasons is the
proprietary electronics built into the batteries. A Battery Management System (BMS)
based on CAN and CANopen has been developed in-house by Super B. This enables
increased power outtake as the batteries can be connected together in a chain. Another
important feature is the possibility to connect the batteries to external systems.
Communication solutions for machines, safety and automotive www.ixxat.com
IXXAT technology enables communication
To create a connection to “the outside world,” Super B uses the
IXXAT USB-to-CAN from HMS Industrial Networks. This product
allows the batteries to be connected to PC-based applications.
Super B has trusted Dutch industrial communication specialists
Twincomm to design a monitoring system — a part of the Battery
Management System that monitors electrical distribution within
the battery pack and warns for over- or under- voltage conditions
as well as excessive current or temperature.
Apart from the IXXAT USB-to-CAN interface, Twincomm also
utilized IXXAT protocol software as the basis for the operating
system of the CANopen-based monitoring system.
How it works
The Super B Battery Management System has the groundbreaking capability to be able to adapt the balancing according
to the battery charge and discharge current, as well as balancing
individual batteries if they are connected in series via CAN-bus.
The system is also used to monitor the batteries’ state, calculate
and report secondary data, protect the battery, control its
environment, and balance it. This is done by transmitting battery
alarms and information to the CAN interface so it can be viewed
on a PC. The system makes it possible to handle overvoltage,
under voltage, deep discharge, over charge and temperature
control as well as complete battery performance history.
Furthermore, the IXXAT bootloader enables the remote update
of the multi-processor firmware inside the battery.
“The IXXAT protocol software stacks were especially well-suited
for this project as they enable very quick re-connect-times, “
says Kurt van Buul, Project Manager for the Super B project at
Twincomm. “The batteries are always on, even if they are not
Solar installations is a major market for Super B batteries, as is hybrid marine and
service vehicles.
discharging energy, but the CAN-bus can go up and down, and
therefore it is important that the re-connecting does not take a
long time.”
Access to CANopen expertise
Super B is quite satisfied with the support and help and support
they have received from Twincomm and HMS, and as they are
advanced electronics experts, they have high demands. “We
have very skilled programmers in-house for our own electronics
systems, but we needed help to implement the CANopen parts,”
says M.H. Doornekamp, CEO at Super-B. “Twincomm did a really
good job implementing the system and the IXXAT USB-to-CAN
product works great with very few issues. We have had to work
a bit with the stacks to get them working the way we want, but
we’ve found that the support from Twincomm and HMS has been
quick and efficient which has been important for us.”
With the Battery Management System in place, Super B is facing a
wide market within, for example, solar installations, hybrid marine
and service vehicles, and with a massive demand for batterydriven applications, Super B is ready to power up.
Learn more on ixxat.com, super-b.com or twincomm.nl
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