RobotWare-Dispense Software for process applications RobotWare

RobotWare-Dispense Software for process applications RobotWare
Software for process applications
RobotWare-Dispense can
be used for different types of
dispensing processes. It is a
software option typically used
for gluing, sealing, spraying
and other similar processes,
but can also be useful in
a wide spectrum of other
DispenseWare has been developed in cooperation with a
number of key customers, process equipment manufactures
and system integrators. It is now being used with success in
a lot of different dispensing applications around the world.
Easy to program
The option provides powerful dispensing instructions and data
types supporting a bead-oriented programming philosophy.
This makes offline programming as well as manual programming and adjustments easier and faster.
Interface between controller and external systems
RobotWare-Dispense can be seen as the interface between the basic robot controller and one or several external
dispensing systems. The communication with the process
equipment is carried out by means of analog and digital signals. The Dispense option is general and can be extensively
customized to fit unique process demands and different types
of dispensing systems, but it is delivered with a “ready to use”
default functionality. Simple dispensing systems with only on/
off-guns as well as more complicated equipment, with several
proportional dosers or valves included, can be handled.
Easy to handle with a dedicated FlexPendant interface
A dedicated graphical user interface for dispensing on the
FlexPendant is included in the software option. Dispensingrelated information is presented in an instructive way and
frequently used dispensing functions can easily and quickly be
High quality and performance
With the Dispense option it is possible to fully take advantage
of the fast and accurate position control of any ABB robot, in
combination with a flexible process interface. TrueMove combined with process control ensures path accuracy and a very
good bead appearance and quality, even at high speeds. This
not only enhances parts quality but also reduces cycle time
and dispensing material.
Increased productivity with RobotWare-Dispense
−− Less investment in training and quicker to get started
with the robot
− − Short start to production
− − High flexibility for short product cycles due to easy
programming and optimization
RobotWare – for easy programming
Process application-related software options make application
programming and system integration easier. Robot motion
instructions and process monitoring and control are combined into easy to use instructions for the programmer. These
options also contain vast configuration possibilities that make
it easy to configure the system to the chosen equipment and
desired system behavior during system integration.
RobotWare-Dispense is also available for MultiMove systems.
Up to four dispensing robots can be controlled from the same
IRC5 system. It is possible to run dispensing instructions independently or coordinated. It is possible to share or change
dispensing equipment between different dispensing robots in
a MultiMove system.
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Technical Features
−− Dispensing instructions for both linear and circular paths
are available.
− − Separate data types for bead-related data and equipment
data simplifies the programming.
− − Robot-mounted or stationary-mounted dispensing dosers
and guns can be used with the same functionality and
good results.
−− On/off guns as well as proportional guns can be handled.
−− Four different types of dispensing equipment can be
handled in the same program.
− − 1-5 digital on/off signals and two different speed proportional
or constant analog signals can be used for each piece
of equipment.
− − Anticipated times and delay compensations can be set
for each piece of equipment and signal separately.
−− Running the program in dry mode is possible for
test purposes.
−− It is possible to automatically reduce the robot acceleration/
deceleration during dispensing.
−− It is possible to restart an interrupted dispensing sequence.
−− The Dispense option can be used together with other
process options, e.g. different Spot options.
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