Surge Protective Device with Consumable Modules

Surge Protective Device with Consumable Modules
Surge Protective Device
with Consumable Modules
Why choose Intermatic Surge Protective Device with Consumable Modules over
current whole-house SPDs from the competition?
Contractors: Provides a valuable one-time solution to the customer. This innovative whole-house surge protection
device will reduce negative service experiences through fewer callbacks and will in turn grow your business with
additional customer referrals!
End Users: Ability to monitor and replace Consumable Modules as needed; safely and conveniently.
Will the equipment being protected lose power if a Consumable Module is removed
from the unit?
No. The SPD will not remove power from the protected equipment if the SPD unit is de-energized or if a Consumable
Module is removed.
Can the SPD be installed before the service panel?
Depends on the model being used. SPD Type 1 models can be installed before or after the service panel and SPD Type
2 models are to be installed after the service panel.
Does a Type 1 SPD perform better than a Type 2 SPD?
There is no difference in performance from a Type 1 SPD to a Type 2 SPD. (See prior question)
Does power to the SPD unit need to be turned OFF prior to replacing a
Consumable Module?
Yes. The SPD unit needs to be de-energized. The power to the SPD unit must be de-energized from either the Module
Power Switch within the unit (if provided) or from the circuit breaker within the service panel before replacing any
Consumable Modules. There is no hot switching of the Consumable Modules.
Why are there three Consumable Modules?
Three Consumable Modules per unit are used to be able to offer 6 modes of protection and still keep a lower
replacement cost.
Does a licensed electrician need to replace the Consumable Modules?
No, a licensed electrician does not need to be called in to replace a Consumable Module. This can be safely and easily
replaced by the end user.
How are replaced Consumable Modules to be disposed of?
They may be disposed of in your household trash.
Do the Consumable Modules need to be replaced if they are not sacrificed
by a surge event?
It is recommended that the Consumable Modules be replaced every three years to maintain surge protection.
Does the base unit have to be replaced at some point?
It is recommended that the hardwired base unit be evaluated for wear and tear by a licensed electrician after 10 years.
Are surge strips still needed with this unit?
Layered protection is recommended for the best surge protection results. The panel mounted surge device can’t protect
surges from entering phone or cable lines.
Is a 3 Phase SPD unit available?
No. The current models are all single phase 120/240 VAC.
What is the difference between a Surge Suppression Device and a Surge
Protective Device?
Surge Suppression Device (TVSS) and Secondary surge arrestors are now classified under UL1449 3rd edition and the
2008 NEC code as Type 1, 2 or 3 Surge Protective Devices depending on how and where the SPD is located.
Is the Joule rating of an SPD important?
The amount of surge energy, measured in watt-seconds, that an SPD is capable of absorbing. Joule ratings should not
be considered an indicator of SPD performance since the rating is based on current duration versus voltage formula. It
is important to note that NEMA, ANSI, IEEE or IEC do not recognize joule ratings as a valid metric to benchmark SPD
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