SmartWitness SVC1080-LCS
SmartWitness SVC1080-LCS
Installation Guide
WARNING: SmartWitness installations should be performed by a qualified individual or
installation professional only. Working with a vehicle's power system can be dangerous to
both you and your vehicle. This installation is intended only to be a guide since vehicle
designs and power/input sources can vary significantly from vehicle to vehicle.
1. Overview:
The SVC1080-LCS is a 1080P Full HD accident camera for commercial vehicles. SVC1080-LCS
features an integrated 3-Axis G-sensor, microphone, integrated GPS receiver, permanent power
cable, and a tamper-resistant design. SDHC storage, up to 64GB. Mac and PC analysis software
SVC1080-LCS is the HD successor to the bestselling SVC100GPS, SmartWitness' flagship product
which has sold over 200,000 units to date.
 Package Contents:
Power Cable
SVC1080-LCS Recorder with
locking SD cover
Screw & Bracket lock
3M Windshield Adhesive
Key for SD Locking
Cover (2ea)
SD Card
*PC software is located on the
SD card in the “software” folder
or can be downloaded online at (Mac
software also available online)
Quick Start Guide
 Benefits:
The SVC1080-LCS features a full HD (1080P), 170° lens to provide a comprehensive view
of any incident. The LCS will record exactly what happened before, during and after an
incident. It does this by recording the following information: drivers view of the road,
vehicle location, impact force of accident, audio, and driving style such as the following:
speed, acceleration, braking, and steering.
This evidence can protect a driver from many of the issues faced on the roads
today: insurance fraud, staged accidents, false/exaggerated whiplash claims, conflicting
reports of actual events, driving offence allegations such as: speeding, traffic signal
violations, swerving, etc.
 Features:
Playback & Analysis
HD 170° wide angle lens.
Mac & PC software included.
Dual record mode (Continuous + Event).
Filter data search by time/date, event, vehicle
speed, g-force level.
Optional audio recording.
AVI conversion tool. Data remains watermarked.
Connects directly to vehicle ignition power,
Cloud upload feature. Easily share large HD videos
automated operation.
that are too large to attach to email.
Tamper-resistant design, key required to access SD
Google maps integration for route tracking.
card data.
GPS records full time to provide location data,
Google earth export tool.
vehicle speed, and accurate time/date.
Adjustable resolution and frame rate.
Save/Print Event Reports.
Built-in G-shock sensor (adjustable sensitivity).
Free software and firmware updates.
2. SVC1080-LCS Overview
Windshield mount
+ Adhesive tape
a. Front
Camera Lens
Tamper Resistant
Locking Cover
Power Cable
b. Rear
Panic Button
Status LEDs
3. Installation Steps
1. Use the provided key to remove the locking cover.
2. After unlocking the cover, insert the SD card into the slot as shown. Make sure the Sd
card is inserted all the way and “clicks” into place.
3. Adjust the bracket angle by pulling the bracket away from the camera body and rotating
it to the desired angle (use the windshield as a guide to determine the angle (see the
image at step #4 ). Push the bracket back into the body and secure it first with the bracket
lock and then the bracket lock screw, as seen below
4. Attach the provided 3M adhesive pad to the SVC1080-LCS bracket and press firmly.
5. Secure the SVC1080-LCS to the windscreen behind the rear view mirror, below the A1
line. The camera lens should be as high on the windshield as possible, but still within
the windshield wiper zone.
IMPORTANT: Make sure that the glass is clean and dry before attaching. Hold the camera
in position with firm pressure for 30 seconds. The glass temperature should not be too
hot or cold. Please install in moderate temperature (recommended between 50°F ~ 80°F)
6. The below pictures demonstrate proper SVC1080-LCS installation on the windshield.
Camera lens
4. SVC1080-LCS Power Connection:
1. First, connect the power lead cable from the camera to the power extension by
connecting the white molex connectors, as seen below.
2. Wiring Diagram
Power (IGN+)
Ground (BAT-)
Remote SW+
Remote SW Alarm Out 1
Alarm Out 2
Optional (verify with customer if white,
blue, green, or yellow wires will be used)
3. OPTIONAL remote switch installation (your SVC1080-LCS may not include this accessory)
Remote SW+
Remote SW-
Model # SW-PB
5. Final Steps
After installation of the SVC1080-LCS into the vehicle, you can turn on vehicle ignition and the
camera will power on. There will be a sequence of BLUE/RED LED lights cycling during boot
process. Once boot up is complete. There will be a solid blue light. This means proper
operation and recording. If a red led comes on after bootup, there is an error and you
should contact your supplier or SmartWitness. Please refer to troubleshooting section for
more detailed information the LED status indicators.
1) After the camera has been booted completely,
press the G-Sensor calibration button once
(small red button to the left of the panic button).
There will be a beep and LED light blink to indicate the G-Sensor calibration has
2) Press the Panic button once to ensure it’s working properly. The Blue LED should flash
rapidly to indicate event recording has begun.
3) Give the provided keyset to the fleet owner/manager/administrator as well as a copy of
the installation report. If you do not have an installation report template, you can visit and complete the installation form there.
The SVC1080-LCS does not power up (BLUE/RED LEDs do not turn on)
o Please check the power and ground connections to the vehicle.
o Use a multimeter to ensure the camera is receiving proper voltage
o If connecting to fuse panel, check the vehicle fuse
o Check the in-line fuse located on the red power cable of the SVC1080-LCS
o *If none of these work, please contact SmartWitness
The Blue LED is off and the Red light is blinking
o This is an SD card problem
 Make sure the SD card is inserted properly into the camera (see step # 2
of Installation Steps)
 Check to make sure the yellow switch on the SD card is in the UNLOCK
 If the above do not work, try another SD card. If the 2nd SD card works,
then please contact SmartWitness to repair/replace the defective card.
6. LED Reference Table:
SVC1080-LCS Status
Continuous recording
4sec On, 1sec Off
Event Pre recording
2sec On/Off
Triggered / event recording
500msec On/Off (Conti
100msec On (1time)
SD card fault
500msec On/Off
System fault
No SD Card
500msec On/Off
5sec On (1time)
SD Full
2sec On/Off
Parking mode
8sec On, 1sec Off
Power off
For complete user manual, training videos, and technical support inquiries, please visit
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