read the steering wheel interface setup

read the steering wheel interface setup
The connection of steering wheel button and setup instruction
at the status that when the original audio turn on, test the connection cable
behind the original car audio by millimeter ,if it is resistance steering wheel
button, the voltage of one or two cables should be changed according to the
changes on the steering wheel button. Try to find the steering wheel control
cable by this way.
1. after find out the control cable, take out the original car audio, test the
resistance vale between control cable and steering wheel button ground
cable by millimeter ( press different button to test), and make an order on
the resistance value, selection the middle one as RM( for example, the
resistance you test is 0R, 200R,500R,1000R,1500R,so the Rm is 500R).
2. there are two connection way: one for one control cable, the other for two
control cable
(the connection for the car only with one
control cable)
the connection for the car with two control
Connect the cables according to the above diagram, test the resistance
between white and black cable by millimeter. The standard is that this
resistance value should be big different with other button resistance value,
if the interval is not so big, adjust the resistance between Rm and control
cable 1 to make the voltage as bigger as you can.
3. steering wheel button software setup
after testing according the above instruction, open ACC, the unit on
standby status, use the remote control, enter 1,2,3,4 and enter key, the unit
will enter steering wheel button setup interface, as following picture:
a. First of all, select “reset”, to cancel the current setup of steering
wheel button value, the setup menu can be set maximum 8 function
b. before setup, please press and hold the function key in the steering
wheel,(such as VOL+), and then select the opposite function key in
the menu interface, the screen will show “AD” and show the current
button value, wait about 5 seconds, the screen will show the setup
already done. And show the current new button value, if the setup fail,
please check the connection is correct or not.
c. Repeat the step B, continue to setup the button you want, maximum
8 control key can be setup. When all setup is finished, press “save”
key to save and then touch “exit”.
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