Water distilling apparatus
Water distilling apparatus
Maximum purity
With the water distilling apparatus
made of DURAN® borosilicate glass 3.3
(hydrolytic class 1 glass), starting with
normal tap water you can obtain a distillate of maximum purity that is substantially free from dissolved salts and
of extremely low germ content. A maximum conductivity of up to approx.
1 µS/cm (25 °C) is achieved in the distilled water. The immersion heater is
made of high-quality stainless steel
(CrNi 4876, Incoloy), so that the presence of heavy-metal ions in the distillate is excluded. And the apparatus saves
energy and water, because the cooling
water that is heated up in the cooling
coil is used for feed water. The outflow
of distillate is free from CO2 because its
temperature is 60 °C.
In comparison with other water purification systems, such as ion exchangers
or reverse osmosis apparatus, no costs
are incurred for regeneration or replacement of resins, or for pretreatment
modules that are required to protect
the membrane.
Maximum operating safety
The automatic water level control and
built-in boil-dry protection ensure maximum operating safety. Cleaning the
apparatus is as easy as cleaning a household coffee maker.
Ready for connection
In the standard version, the compactly
built apparatus is supplied including
the connecting cable, plug and hoses
and is ready for connection. Different
versions are available.
Technical data, order information
Technical data
Type of heating
resistance heating
Dimensions of base
300 x 300 mm
750 mm
11 kg
Subject to technical modifications.
Order information
Output H2O dist.
Electrical input power
Type no.
Order no.
D 82000
28550 2028
D 82100
28550 2036
400/3 x 8
D 82200
28550 2044
Type no.
Order no.
DZ 8050
28553 0276
Cleaning agent (1l)
H2O dest.
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