1 CH Car Camcorder
1 CH Car Camcorder
External Camera (optional)
2016 NOV. V1.0
■ Built-in 1080P SONY CMOS Sensor, Viewing angle approx 100 degrees.
■ External Camera 720P, horizontal angle 110 degrees.
(Depend on Cameras you choose)
■ Suitable for all types of vehicles use. Small Design, Easy Installation.
■ Optional position for camera setting to record situations of inside,
outside, front or rear the car.
■ Equipped with 3 inch TFT LCD screen to make the adjustment of
recording angle easily.
■ Built-in high sensitive MIC, recorded synchronize inside and outside of the car.
■ SD card Class 10 or above recommend. MAX to 128GB.
■ G-sensor sensitivity can be adjusted according to vehicles and road situations.
When detecting a strong shock, system will start emergency recording and
keep the files without being overwritten.
■ Built-in Superconductor. Delay for power off, make sure data are saved in SD card.
■ Route recorded, Displayed on playback. (with GPS model device only)(optional)
V V G - C B N 3 9
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1CH Car Camcorder / External Camera (optional)
CH1 / 1080P -10℃~45℃
Google Map
Event Recording, keep the files without being
Force Recording Button
G-sensor sensitivity can be adjusted according
to road situations.
G Sensor
G-sensor Sensitivity
External Camera (optional)
To stall External Camera with 4P exteranl
720P (AHD Interface) in front or rear of the car.
Sensor Device
1CH:Forward facing lens SONY_IMX323 CMOS Sensor
1080p FULL HD
2CH:Shoud equip PHOME JACK-4P 3.5mm exteranl 720P
(AHD Interface) (optional)
View Angle
CH1:Outside vehicle approx100 degree
CH2 is optional accordingly to the camera spec
Stable current consumption of 850mA
Start at 5V±5%;1A
The machine needs 4.8v to start
Operating temperature -10ºC~+45ºC (Inside Vehicle).
Storage Device
For the performance issue, use SD card Class 10 or above
read/write speed 15MB/S recommend.
Recoding Frame
NTSC:Forward facing lens:1080P/30fps.
External facing lens:720P/25fps.
PAL:Forward facing lens:1080P/25fps.
External: 720P/25fps.
Auto record when power up system.
Recording Content
Date, Time, Image, Sound, G-sensor data, GPS data
(only available with GPS receiver)
Recording Format
Specific format for software player
Time Setup
Local time = GMT GMT + time zone.
GMT time setting: GPS automatic calibration GMT time,
use the built-in calendar clock GMT time when there is no
GPS signal. No GPS software version can be corrected
with player local time.
Time setting: using native menu or the player to adjust the
set time.
AREA SET: You must use the software to set the time zone.
Built-in High Sensitivity of Single Microphone
3 Inch Display
Internal 3D G-Sensor
NOTE 1. Version updating is not going to inform, please check the on-going updating information
2. SD Card. (optional)
Viewer Player
★ GPS direction & Coordinate, Speed and Google Map should match up specific models within GPS function.
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