Intelligent heating controller for your home

Intelligent heating controller for your home
-Guarantees an
even room
-Suitable for
central water
heating systems
-Many types of
and alarm
-GSM remote
Intelligent heating controller for your home
-Saves energy
Intelligent heating controller for your home
Your level of comfort increases when room temperatures stay at an even level even though
outdoor temperatures change. You conserve energy when water entering the heating network is just the right temperature to maintain an optimal room temperature. The smart
controller now takes even better account of differences in heating modes and structures.
OUMAN OY has over 20 years of experience as a leading domestic manufacturer of heating controllers. Ouman is easy to use and dependable, and from the beginning, main reasons for its success. The Ouman EH-80 heating controller was a marketing success, and is
used in over 100 000 Finnish homes. Now we are displaying a new-generation controller,
EH-800, which meets todays demands. Its remote use and ability to expand also make it a
safe choice for the future.
EH-800 controls and monitors for you. It is also environment friendly because it
consumes less energy.
Conserve energy!
An even room temperature lessens
energy consumption. One degree
in room temperature is equivalent
to 5% in energy consumption.
EH-800 automatically controls the temperature
Outdoor sensor
Outdoor sensor
EH-800 automatically controls the temperature of the water entering the heating network. The heating need changes according to
the outdoor temperature.
As the outdoor temperature gets colder, the controller lets just
enough heat into the network to keep the room temperature at an
even level.
Easily and quickly installed
EH-800 is compatible with the most commonly used boiler and
accumulator valves. Installation sets for Esbe VRG and VRB valves
can be obtained as optional equipment. You can install it yourself without any special tools.
A large and clear display
The easy-to-use display is large
and distinct and all necessary information can be seen at a glance.
Recent measurement history
can also be seen as a graphic display; in the morning you can check
how a temperature drop occurred
or how cold it got outdoors during
the night.
Detach the control knob from the valve and put the mounting kit into place. Press EH-800 into place,
connect the sensors, plug it in and the unit is ready to use!
Central water heating houses
Easy to take into use
EH-800 contains preset basic settings for different types of heating. The
first time you turn on the controller just select from the display the control mode of your house and it is ready to use.
Ouman EH-800 is suitable for every house with central water heating whatever the source of heat;
oil, the sun, wood, pellets, district
heat, electricity or thermal heat.
The controller has settings for the following heating modes:
• Floor heating
- normal rooms
- damp rooms (also summertime heating)
• Radiator heating
- normal curve
- steeper curve (homes that need warmer water
in the heating network)
• Concrete floor drying function during construction
(controlled increase in temperature)
• Constant temperature (e.g., accumulator start-up/
charging or boiler circulating temperature control)
Diverse time programs
Use the controller’s week/24 hour clock to program energy conserving temperature drops coinciding with your
own weekly rhythm.
Dynamic curve
The ratio between the outdoor temperature and the
temperature of the water entering the heating system
is determined and displayed using the curve. When the
outdoor temperature drops, warmer water is let into
the heating system and the opposite happens when
the outdoor temperature rises. After adjusting settings on the curve, the change immediately appears
on the curve on the controller’s display.
Ingeniously simple
The too warm/cold function is a
truly simple way to finely adjust
heating. Turn the control knob in
the desired direction to either increase or decrease heat. The controller makes the necessary setting changes taking into account
the room sensor if it is connected.
Weekly calender, Edit: Press OK
Use the exception calendar to program temperature drops ahead of time for
holidays or other exceptional days.
H1 Heating curve
0 = 41 °C
-20 = 58 °C
+20 = 18 °C
Minimum limit: 12 Maximum limit: 75
The controller automatically corrects the curve if the user sets an unusual
curve. It is also possible to select a 5 point curve that is freely adjustable.
Intelligent heating controller for your home
Put your boiler room on the network!
The controller can be used either with a home network or an internet web browser (not EH-800B).
Connecting to an
intranet or internet
All you need is an ethernet cable to connect to an intranet. You
can easily enter network settings
and user names in the controller’s
We recommend using information
secure Ouman 3G or Ouman Access internet packages when con-
necting the controller to a public
network. This ensures that traffic
is shielded and gives you the option of a name service for administration of a changing IP-address.
We recommend to use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google
Communication via a mobile phone
It is possible to communicate with the controller via a GSM phone if a
GSM modem has been connected to the controller. (optional equipment).
Communication occurs by using key words. Your mobile phone can receive information about the controller’s measurements, active alarms,
supply water or room temperature. You can also read and change the
controller’s settings or control mode or switch the controller to a temperature drop or nominal temperature.
Supply connection unit
Control of a second heating circuit
An EXU-800 external unit can be
connected to the controller making
it possible to control a second heating circuit. As a result, e.g., heating
of damp rooms can be controlled
separately. For this to be possible,
the facility’s heating system must
be divided into two circuits.
With the help of the EXU-800 external unit, the controller can expand
to control two heating sources simultaneously. An older heating
source and a newer, more environment-friendly heating source can
be smartly controlled so that you
always have enough heat.
In addition, you can, e.g., use a
thermostat controlled relay to control the pump that charges the solar collectors’ accumulator. This
means that the controller always
starts the pump when solar heat
is available.
Outdoor sensor
H2 supply
water sensor
Room sensor
H1 supply
water sensor
H1 heating circuit
Control of hybrid
H2 valve actuator
A basic diagram for connecting two heating circuits. The controller controls both heating circuits on
the basis of the same outdoor temperature measurement but different supply water temperature measurements. Each heating circuit has its own curve and other settings that effect control.
Accumulator temperature
Outdoor sensor
Cascade control motor
Room sensor
1.Source of heat
Supply water sensor
2.Source of heat
E.g., solar collector
or air-to-water heat
Oil-fired boiler
A basic diagram for hybrid heating, with the cascade control actuator getting its power from the first
source of heat. When the power is depleted from first source of heat, the controller begins taking additional power from the second source of heat. The surface temperature sensor measures the temperature of the accumulator (1. heat source)
Solar collector
Solar collector
temperature mesurement
Electricity supply
Outdoor sensor
Room sensor
Supply water sensor
EXP-800 product package content: Pre-connected expansion unit, connecting cable, Belimo
HTC24-SR -valve engine, adapter for the most
common mixing valve, TMS-3M -surface temperature sensor and the introduction of the necessary instructions.
Accumulator temperature
measurement. E.g.,TME
Basic diagram of hybrid heating, with the heating controller controlling the charging pump between
the solar collector and accumulator and controlling the heating system according to the outdoor temperature and supply water temperature.
Intelligent heating controller for your home
EH-800 is a heating controller for private homes and business facilities having heating systems with circulating water. An external unit can be obtained as optional equipment making it possible to take a second control
circuit into use. If a second control circuit has been taken into use, numbers 1 or 2 will appear on the main
display indicating which control circuit is in use.
The EH-800 model has an intra/ internet connection (the EH-800 B model does not have it).
Control mode:
Temperature level:
Control command: indicates what determines the temperature level
Nominal temperature
Time program
Forced control
Temperature drop
Big temperature drop
Manual control
Alarm indicator
Valve control information
Outdoor temperature
Room temperature
Temp. of water entering the heating circuit
Symbols for heating mode:
= floor heating
= radiator heating
Main menu
Control knob
(also the OK button)
Hand-operated control knob
Graphic measurement history!
Recent measurement history (7h / 44 h) can also be seen as a graphic
display; in the morning you can check how a temperature drop occurred or how cold it got outdoors during the night.
H1 Supply water temperature curve
Home/Away control
The “Home” and “Away” control
command can be given from the
controller’s menu, from the home/
away switch connected to the controller or from a mobile phone*.
Inspection moment (use the control knob to select the moment)
Supply water temperature (34.7 °C) at the selection moment
H1 Supply water 28.01 08:26:19 [ 34.7 ] (5 h )
The length of
the time period
on the display
Automatic scaling according to the measured
temperatures (28 ... 38°C in the example).
Relay control
Relay control is in use if an external unit is connected to the controller. Relay control can be used to
stop the pump for the summer. or
the relay can be controlled according to the temperature, temperature difference, position of the valve or the time program.
*GSM-modem connected, optional equipment.
The product package includes all the necessary
installation equipment and instructions.
Technical information
- Controller and actuator in one
Operating temperature
- 0...50 °C (storing -20...+70 °C)
- Actuator’s torque is 10 Nm
- Swing angle 90°
- Speed 150 s
Supply water sensor - Preconnected surface sensor,
fixed cord with plug (1,5 m)
Operating voltage
- 24 VDC, 3.5 W cord with plug
- PC / ABS, IP 42
- Mounting kit for commonly
used boiler and 3 way
control valves
Measurements (mm)
- Width 172, height 91, depth 73
- 900 g
Outdoor temperature sensor - Cord with plug 15 m (included)
Measurement 3 and 4
- Use connecting cable (included)
- PC:s connection e.g.,
program updating
Ethernet 10/100 (not EH-800B):
- Intranet or internet
RJ45-1 (not EH-800B)
- Battery back-up (connection via
the external unit
–optional equipment)
- RS-232 connector for a GSM modem
Connection occurs using the
EXU-800 (optional eguipment):
- 1 pc Universal input
- 1 pc Digital input
- 1 pc Digital output
- 1 pc Analog output
- GSM modem connection
Warranty 3 years
Another heating
circuit / for parallel
control of another
source of heat
External pack for the EH-800 controllers. Product package content:
Pre-connected expansion unit, connecting cable, Belimo HTC24-SR
-valve engine, adapter for the most common mixing valve, TMS-3M
-surface temperature sensor and the introduction of the necessary
External unit
The EXU-800 external unit makes it possible to control a second valve
actuator, another relay and also add two measurement information to the
EH-800 heating controller.
Wireless 3G
internet package
OUMAN 3G package include a modem, a network device having
a firewall, and a ready-to-use 3G service. Always use a shielded, highquality network connection (3G, Edge, GPRS).
The OUMAN GSMMOD5 makes it possible for you to receive an alarm on
your mobile phone informing you about deviating situations. You can read
measurements and change settings and time programs on your mobile phone. You can also give Home/Away commands on your phone.
Room sensor
- TMR/SP: Measurement sensor with a room temperature
fine adjustment knob.
- TMR: room temperature measurement sensor.
The temperature is set from the controller.
-The TMR/P used in EH-80 can also be connected to the controller.
- Surface model (electric number: 71 655 48)
- Flush model (electric number: 71 655 50)
C01A is a thermostat for the supply water pipe that stops the circulation pump
in the event of overheating. The surface sensor (optional equipment) is important for houses with floor heating.
Valve kits
- SOV-ESBE2, mounting kit for the Esbe VRG and VRB valves
We reserve the right to make changes to our products without special notice.
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