PCRadar - Buffalo Computer Graphics

PCRadar - Buffalo Computer Graphics
ARPA Radar
 Windows-based
radar emulation
 Simulates user
interface of the
SPS-73 Radar
 3D Realistic radar
 Full radar
graphics support
 User interface
operates from
trackball or touch
 IMO Compliant
AIS support
The PCRadar is an established product in the Buffalo Computer Graphics’ (BCG)
family of successful PC-based radar emulators. PCRadar is a Windows-based
application which emulates a generic ARPA radar display on a PC monitor. It is
a powerful training tool to familiarize a student with the use of radar for ship
navigation and collision avoidance.
The 3D radar image incorporates realistic simulation of land, targets, precipitation returns, sea clutter,
and other effects seen on a real radar display. The radar’s operational features include video controls
(Gain, FTC, and STC), dual EBL & VRM, multiple presentation modes, graphics capabilities and range
scaling. For ARPA support, PCRadar provides target acquisition & tracking, leading vectors & history
trails, trial maneuvers and navigation points. PCRadar supports output for standard NMEA-0183 TTM
& TLL messages.
The PCRadar user interface models the SPS-73 Radar Display, and was designed specifically for use by
the US Navy and US Army in shipboard and shore-based training applications. PCRadar was developed
using BCG’s standard radar simulation engine, is compatible with our Maritime Simulation Tool
(MaST), may be used in conjunction with our other radar simulators, and can be controlled through a
simple network interface. PCRadar is available in a software-only package for installation on a
customer’s PC, or BCG offers Turn-key systems packaged in multiple configurations. These include a
rack mounted chassis, a desktop computer, a laptop PC, or a deck stand console for a shipboard
4185 Bayview Road ~ Blasdell ~ New York ~ 14219 ~ 716-822-8668 ~ www.bcgeng.com
PCRadar Features:
The PCRadar supports the primary operating features and
modes of a real radar display. These include:
STC, FTC, and Gain Control
Heads Up, Course Up, and North Up Display Modes
Relative or True Presentation
Two Variable Range Markers (VRM)
Two Electronic Bearing Lines (EBL)
Manual Target Acquisition and Tracking
Graphic Auto Acquisition Zones
Ownship and Target Data Windows
Radar Image Offset
Track Histories
True or Relative Vectors
System Alerts
Land Mask Zones
Navigation Marks
Trial Maneuvers
Image Aging
Daytime / nighttime color modes
Continuous Cursor position display
Simple Toolbar for accessing common features
NMEA-0183 TTM & TLL output message support
Control using the MaST, BCGUDP, HLA, or DIS
Receives and displays IEC Automatic Identification System (AIS) sentences
Available as software-only or turn-key system
Multiple PCRadar units may be controlled by a single
instructor for individual or team training
Scenario & Radar Databases are compatible with
all BCG radar products
Contact BCG for information and pricing on our full line of Maritime Simulation products.
4185 Bayview Road ~ Blasdell ~ New York ~ 14219 ~ 716-822-8668 ~ www.bcgeng.com
PCRadar offers a quick access toolbar (shown
to the left) that provides the student operator
with easy access to commonly used features.
These features include:
Zoom In / Zoom Out
Display Mode (Heads UP, Course Up, North
Control of both EBLs and both VRMs
Target Acquisition
Trial Maneuvers
The Toolbar allows the user to more quickly
learn the operation of the radar by simplifying
the user interface.
Training which utilizes standard desktop
PCs running Windows software is an economical path for many training facilities.
PCRadar is offered as a preinstalled turnkey radar trainer including all computer
hardware and software; or may be
purchased as software-only ready to install
and License on your own computer.
Multiple PCRadar stations can be networked
together in a classroom setting. Each student may be configured to operate as a single radar platform (all students see the
same radar image) or as independent radar
platforms (students see each other on the
radar) operating in a common training
environment. With both configurations, the
student maintains independent control of
his or her radar display and the operating
settings. As with all BCG simulators, the instructor has full control of the simulated radar environment and what the student experiences.
AIS Target Symbols
PCRadar supports the Automatic Identification
System (AIS) Target Symbols package (shown
at left). Compliant with the International Maritime Organization Guidelines for the Presentation of Navigation Related Symbols SN/
Circ.243, the AIS Target Symbols enhance the
recognition of vessels on the PCRadar display.
The AIS Target Symbols are not masked by
other ships or land masses, nor are they obscured by sea or rain clutter. By referencing the
ROT flag at the tip of the heading vector, the
user can quickly identify if a target is turning.
Dangerous and lost targets are also easily detected with bold and red symbols.
PC Requirements:
Windows XP, WIN7, WIN8, or
Multi-core processor, >2GHz
2GB memory
500MB disk
100/1000 NIC
USB for Trackball or Touch Screen
RS232 Serial Port (for NMEA
To further enhance the training experience, BCG
offers several different products which allow the
student to control the motion of the Ownship.
These conning solutions integrate seamlessly
with PCRadar can be either software add-ons or
full steering consoles. Contact BCG for additional information on Ownship steering controls as
well as our other radar emulators.
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