Celebrated Exclusiveness
HYMER Tramp Premium 50.
Fifty years of motorhome construction: the Special Edition.
Konzept & Design www.tamara-takacs.de 07/2011 / 11.000 GB
Better design, better workmanship
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Exclusive exterior design.
Exclusive furniture and fabric design.
Exclusive kitchen design.
The HYMER Tramp P
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 2
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Exclusive standard equipment.
p Premium 50
Only the best for our Golden Jubilee!
Exclusive vehicle body.
50 years of HYMER motorhomes –
that’s fifty years of quality,
innovation and loyal customers.
Reason enough for us to be thankful
to our customers and offer a
very special model line for this
golden jubilee. The exclusive
HYMER Tramp Premium 50
Special Edition offers you a whole
host of extras and a totally new
future-oriented vehicle design.
Elegant exterior
high-class anthracite metallic paint
finish on the driver’s cab, white body,
“Premium 50” design stickers
and spoiler in body colour
Bright modern interior
new furniture and
upholstery design with
discreet colours and
cream-white trim
High-quality designer kitchen
decor work tops in high-class
white mineral chip finish and
side panel in stainless steel design
Winterproof vehicle
HYMER PUAL body, all utilities housed
in protected tray and new driver’s cab
heating system with warm air vents to
the head and in the footwell
Full standard specifications
with numerous exclusive highlights
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 3
05.08.11 13:35
A 1961: HYMER builds
B 1971: The first
the first motorhome, the Caravano.
Hymermobil on a Mercedes chassis.
C 1981: Launch of the B-Class – Europe’s
favourite motorhome.
A journey through fi f
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 4
05.08.11 13:36
D 1989: Launch of the first semi-integrated
E 1991: The HYMER PUAL wall construction
motorhome with lift bed, the HYMER Tramp 155.
revolutionises thermal insulation.
fi fty years
F 2011: Golden jubilee with
HYMER Tramp Premium 50 Special Edition.
From the beginnings to the present day
When Erwin Hymer designed the first motorhome in 1961, nobody could imagine this
would be the start of a success story. In fact
the Caravano built on a Borgward chassis
was miles ahead of its time. After Borgward
went bankrupt in the same year, it took a
whole ten years until its successor appeared
on a Mercedes chassis and became the first
Series production started in the mid-1970s,
directly followed by the development of the
first fully integrated motorhome. By 1978,
HYMER had already delivered more than
1,000 vehicles to its customers. In 1981, the
Hymermobil B-Class was launched. With
way over 50,000 units sold in Europe, it
remains to date the most successful motorhome of all times and has become the absolute benchmark for mobile touring for many
camping friends.
The HYMER PUAL wall panel construction –
continuous, elastic bonding for perfect heat insulation
PUAL wall
“I’ve always built what customers wanted,”
says Erwin Hymer. Many of his inventions,
such as the crank-up roof vent, refrigerator over the wheel housing, lift bed, PUAL
wall construction or the heated double floor,
have been milestones in the camping industry. To date, HYMER has supplied almost
150,000 motorhomes throughout the world:
from the camper van and the compact and
alcove models through to the large selection
of semi-integrated and integrated motorhomes which focus on upcoming model
The exclusive jubilee edition, the HYMER Tramp
Premium 50, is also a symbol of a successful
tradition spanning fifty years of motorhome
construction from the House of HYMER. And
they continue this history steeped in tradition
with new exclusive highlights.
04 – 05
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 5
05.08.11 13:36
Sets the tone as alw a
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 6
05.08.11 13:36
w ays
The HYMER Tramp Premium 50 sets new standards with fresh colours,
ultra modern design and high-quality materials. In line with the company's tradition.
Special edition
with premium
06 – 07
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 7
05.08.11 13:37
A Safe in the second row: single seat with 3-point
safety belts and reading lamp on the T 598.
B Fully integrated in the seating group: the
C Inviting and comfortable: the lounge seating
swivel driver's cab seats in living area design.
group with movable table on the T 578.
Modern living
When you step on board the HYMER Tramp Premium
50 for the first time, you will be amazed by the
pleasant brightness of the interior. Light brown and
grey tones combined with cream-white surfaces
create a modern friendly atmosphere. The panorama
roof vents in the living area, the panorama roof
above the driver’s cab and the many windows allow
daylight to flood into the interior.
model layouts, the seating group is L-shaped around
the table which has a real-wood frame and can be
moved lengthways and sideways. Including the
swivel driver’s cab seats that are adjustable in
height and incline, the Tramp offers plenty of room
for up to six people. Standard equipment includes
two seats with seat belts in the living area and
reading lights on both sides of the vehicle.
Not only is the exclusiveness of the four layouts
obvious, you can also feel it: from the high-quality
furniture surface finishes to the lounge upholstery in high-class textile leather and fabric combination. The comfortable seating group on the
T 598 is along the side of the vehicle. On the other
A comfortable warmth comes from the heated platform under the seating group and the new driver’s
cab heating system with warm air vents to the head
and in the footwell. Ultra modern HYMER PUAL body
construction and insulated living area windows
guarantee optimum thermal insulation.
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 8
05.08.11 13:37
D Completely transformed: the living area on the T598 with folding tabletop in
E Bright, friendly, discreet: the Umbria Select
driving position (top) and as the generous couch to couch seating group (below).
furniture finish Cremona upholstery design.
A pleasure for all the senses
A comfortable
comes from
the heated
08 – 09
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 9
05.08.11 13:37
A Extendable to full length:
B Converted: the single beds forming
the bed extension joining the two single beds.
a sleeping area measuring 2.05 metres wide on the T 578 and T 678.
Luxury beds
Generous in every way – the sleeping area at the
rear of the HYMER Tramp Premium 50. The appearance and the equipment more than keep pace with
vehicles of a higher class – such as the walls covered in microfibre fabric, the many shelves or the
lights on either side of the transverse beds. Each
bed is fitted with a pop-out window, integrated
insect screen and blackout blind as standard. On
request, you can can upgrade your vehicle with a
large panoramic roof window.
Even the generous sleeping areas leave nothing
to be desired. The long single beds on the T 578
and T 678 can be joined to form an enormous
sleeping area. The double transverse bed on the
T 594 has an impressive length of 2.04 metres. And
the free-standing queen-size bed on the T 598
gives you plenty of room to move around on all
sides. All beds are fitted with high-quality interior
sprung mattresses and wooden slatted frames. As
an alternative, you can choose the HYMER comfort
sleeping system which includes 7-zone cold foam
mattresses and cup spring support frames.
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 10
05.08.11 13:37
C Free on all sides: the luxurious queen-size
D Generous and extendable: the 76 centimetre wide single beds at the rear
bed with raised head section on the T 598.
of the T 578, 678 with pull-out bed extension, reading lamps and blackout pop-out windows.
Very impressive – the high level of comfort and the spacious interior
de luxe
with HYMER
sleeping system
10 – 11
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 11
05.08.11 13:37
A Separated and very spacious: bathroom / toilet with sliding door (top) and rear
shower with sturdy folding door (bottom) in the en-suite bathroom on the T 598.
B Plenty of space for toiletries: the comfort bathroom
on the T578 wiht high-quality bench toilet.
Airy bathroom and k
As in the living and sleeping areas, the HYMER
Tramp Premium 50 also has an impressive modern
high-quality appearance in the wet room areas. The
floor plan is just as elegant.
Besides the classic design of the generous en-suite
bathrooms on the T 594 and T 678, the en-suite
bathroom on the T 598 surprises with a rear shower
in the same furniture design and blends in perfectly
with the overall appearance. All shower trays, including the comfort bathroom on the T 578, have
two drains and an optional wooden slatted floor insert. The frosted glass roof vent with its integrated
blackout blind and insect screen is flush mounted
to make use of the full standing height in the bath-
room and shower. The numerous shelves around
the washbasin provide plenty of space for your
In the kitchen the white work top decor and the
side panel in stainless steel design turn the work
area into a real feast for the eyes. The lights
in the kitchen provide just the right lighting
conditions: from the 3-flame hob with split glass
cover and the large sink to the deep drawers in
the base unit. The high cupboard contains a
150 litre refrigerator with freezer compartment
at a comfortable working height. Optionally you
can choose a TEC Tower with fridge-freezer
combination, oven and grill.
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 12
05.08.11 13:37
C Attractive work space: the stylish
extra deep kitchen on the T598.
D Flexible and adjustable:
E Refreshing view: the kitchen on the T 578 with stainless
the large drawers in the kitchen base unit.
d kitchen
steel designer rear panel next to the fridge.
Elegant design and room solutions
TEC Tower
12 – 13
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 13
05.08.11 13:37
A Practical aids: newspaper holder and
wall cupboard in the entrance area of the T 578.
B Elegant, spacious and easily accessible: the many deep overhead
storage cupboards and shelves both at the rear (left) and in the living area (right).
Surprising storage s
Outer beauty and inner values – both are true on the
HYMER Tramp Premium 50. Here you can elegantly
stow away an astounding amount of luggage,
clothing and utensils.
The enormous garage under the rear beds is easily
accessible through the large door on the near
side of the vehicle. The T 578, 594 and 678 models
also have an outer hatch on the far side. These
three layouts have an externally accessible spacious
storage compartment under the lounge seating
Your holiday clothing has plenty of space on the
T 594 and 598 in the room-high wardrobe at
the rear. The single bed layouts of the T 578 and
678 have easily accessible bed boxes fitted with
hanger rails. On request you can choose an additional wardrobe between the single beds. Several clothing compartments in the sleeping area
mean you are well equipped for long tours with all
All vehicles are fitted with numerous deep overhead storage cupboards and shelves all around
to cater for your daily needs. The large bed boxes
on the T 594 and 598 offer even more valuable
storage space. Practical details in the entrance area
include shoe compartment (T 594, 598, 678), newspaper holder and wall cupboard (T 578).
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 14
05.08.11 13:38
C Plenty of space behind the sliding door: the clothing
D Enormous storage space: bed boxes and
compartments in the right hand single bed on the T 578.
e space
compartments in the queen-size bed on the T 598.
E Easy to access: the wardrobe under
the left-hand single bed on the T 578.
Plenty of space for storing things
14 – 15
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 15
05.08.11 13:38
A Elegant appearance:
the HYMER Tramp Premium 50.
B Pure comfort: the swivel height adjustable
C Warm air from head to toe: on the seat swabs,
reclinable seats in the driver's cab
the seating group platform and the B-pillars.
Jubilee gifts as stan d
The standard equipment on the
HYMER Tramp Premium 50 really does
credit to its name. Many exclusive
equipment features are already included in
the jubilee edition – each one is a
small thank you to our customers.
Vehicle engineering / Chassis
Fiat diesel engine 95.5 kW / 130 hp with
6-speed gearbox • Driver’s cab in anthracite
metallic colour • White body
with design stickers • Spoiler in body colour
• Mudflaps on the rear wheels •
Electrically adjustable heated exterior
mirrors • Power Electric windows • Central
locking on driver’s cab • Driver and front
passenger airbags • Air conditioning system
with pollen filter • Cruise control
Body / Windows / Doors
Full foam PUAL wall construction • Entrance
door with window and blackout blind •
Insect screen on entrance doors • Awning
lamp with rain guard
Heating / On-board equipment
Central 6 KW warm air heating •
Heated platform under the seating group
• Driver’s cab heating in the footwell
and to the head • Living area battery
AGM 90 Ah • Water tanks (130 / 90 litres)
in insulated and heated GFR tray
Storage space
Storage compartment under
the lounge seating group with large
outside hatch (T 578, 594, 678) •
Large garage with door on near side
and storage compartment
on far side (T 578, 594, 678)
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 16
05.08.11 13:38
D Light by day and by night: the large panorama
E Free space: the folding table moved
roof vent with integrated LED lighting.
n dard
lengthways and sideways on the T 598.
F Quick to convert: the two separate single beds
are joined to form an enormous sleeping area.
The extended equipment on the special edition
Living area
Lounge seating group with comfort
upholstery and two integrated 3-point
safety belts • Driver’s cab seats in living
area design with comfortable armrests •
Movable table with genuine
wood frame • Reading lights on
both sides in the B pillar • Radio and TV
preparation with loudspeakers,
DVD and sound wiring and radio aerial
and TFT monitor support • Panorama roof
vent (80 x 50 cm) with dual glazing and
LED lighting • Panorama roof and folding
blackout system in the driver’s cab
Sleeping area
High-quality interior sprung mattresses •
Wooden slatted frame • Additional
upholstery and pull-out frame to join single
beds (T 578, 678) • Sleeping area walls at
rear with microfibre fabric covering
3-flame hob with split
glass cover • 150 litre refrigerator
with separate freezer compartment •
Large adjustable drawers
• Decor work top with high-quality
white mineral chip finish •
Side wall in stainless steel design •
Work top with decor finish
• Chef lighting
Bathroom / Toilet / Shower
Generous en-suite bathroom
(T 594, 598, 678) or comfort bathroom
(T 578) • Shower tray with two drains •
Frosted glass roof vent with integrated
insect screen and blackout blind
• Plenty of storage space for
bathroom for toiletries
16 – 17
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 17
05.08.11 13:38
Sleeping area for two: T 578 with large joinable single beds.
Comfort at the rear: T 594 with large dividable en-suite bathroom.
Always different, alw a
Full of character and unmistakable – with its unique
aesthetic exterior design, the HYMER Tramp Premium 50 stands out from the majority of other motorhomes. Its exclusive interior design in Umbria
Select finish with white structured surfaces and
bright Cremona textile leather-fabric combination
is specially designed for this special edition.
But Premium is not just about appearance. The
Tramp jubilee model also trumps when it comes
to quality and equipment. Just as with its floor
plan: in three of four layouts alone, you will find a
generous en-suite bathroom and in all four there
is a comfortable lounge seating group. The two
T 578
comfortable sleeping berths at the rear are very
inviting (depending on the layout): double transverse bed (T 594), queen-size bed (T 598) or single
beds (T 578, 678). On the T 594, 598 and 678 the
seating group can be converted into awide bed
(option). A tip for individualists is the T 598 with
its couch to couch seating group, a luxurious
queen-size bed and an en-suite bathroom with
rear shower.
You can find out more about your individual equipment options from your HYMER dealer. There you
will experience the HYMER Tramp Premium 50 – a
motorhome that is not available every year.
T 594
3.500 kg – 4.250 kg
3.500 kg – 4.250 kg
[ ]
“Cremona” textile leather-fabric combination
“Rondo” table decor
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 18
“Umbria Select” furniture finish
05.08.11 13:39
Exclusiveness: T 598 with en-suite bathroom and top-class queen-size bed.
Plenty of room for comfort: T 678 with extended lounge seating group.
w ays top quality
T 598
3.500 kg – 4.250 kg
[ ]
3.500 kg – 4.250 kg
de luxe
The HYMER Tramp Premium 50
Special Edition already has a sumptuous
equipment specification as standard.
But there are more options if you should
want even more comfort. Your
HYMER dealer will gladly inform you
about all the optional extras available.
Here are a few by way of example:
Vehicle engineering / Chassis
Fiat diesel engine 109 KW / 148 hp or
130 KW / 177 hp • Automatic gearbox •
Alloy wheels • Daytime running lights
• Reversing camera • Bike rack
T 678
Layouts and
equipment options
[ ]
Body / Windows / Doors
Comfort entrance door with window
and blackout blind • Safety lock on
driver’s door • Insulated GFR floor •
GFR headliner covering
Heating / On-board equipment
Warm air underfloor heating • Alarm system
• Second battery with additional charger
Stowage space
Garage with chequer plate and felt lining
Sleeping area
Panorama roof window above rear bed
• 7-zone cold foam mattresses
with cup spring bed frame
TEC Tower with fridge-freezer combination,
oven and grill • Crockery drip basket to fit
Bathroom / Toilet / Shower
Wooden slatted floor in the shower
• Wooden folding seat for
en-suite bathroom shower
“Bellini” floor covering
and much more
18 – 19
HY-11055 Broschüre_Tramp Premium 50_DE_Mj12_050811-117_SAMMEL.indd 19
05.08.11 13:39
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videos on our Facebook site. Just look us up!
This brochure describes the series status at the
time of publication. Despite careful checking of
the contents, printing errors are not excluded.
During the course of the model year, we retain
the right to make changes to equipment or product improvements. Before signing a contract of
sale, please ask our authorised HYMER dealer for
our current products and series status.
Some vehicles include optional extras which are
quoted in the current price list and available at
extra cost. The decoration shown is not supplied
by HYMER. The details of scope of delivery, appearance, performance, dimensions and weights
of the vehicles – deviations within the factory
tolerance limits (max +/- 5%) are possible and
permissible – are valid at the time of going to
press. They conform to European provisions
governing homologation; they may change up
to the time of vehicle purchase or delivery. Your
HYMER contract partner will gladly provide you
with information on changes and the standard
scope of delivery.
Konzept & Design www.tamara-takacs.de 07/2011 / 11.000 GB
Discover Germany
with the HYMER Tramp.
The water supply system meets the current state
of the art as at 07/2011 (EC Directive 2002/72/EC).
Copyright by HYMER AG.
Postfach 1140
88330 Bad Waldsee
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