1. Dispenser is not working at all. 1. If system is electrical dispenser

1. Dispenser is not working at all. 1. If system is electrical dispenser
1. Dispenser is not working at all.
1. If system is electrical dispenser, make sure system is securely plugged in. If so,
check your breaker box.
2. Be sure CO2 tank is not empty.
3. Make sure system is turned on. Usually a key switch on the side of dispenser.
2. Pump is continuously pumping.
1. Find which pump is pumping and follow the product supply line (See Image 1
below), usually a clear hose, to the bag that is connected to this pump. Then
make sure bag is not empty.
2. Your bag connector may not be attached to the bib syrup bag. If so, try one of
the following:
1. Replace with new bag n box.
2. With a sanitary towel or food service glove, press the nipple valve on the
end of the bag connector, the part that goes into the flavor bag (see
Image 2 below), until pumping stops.
3. Drop the connector into a bucket of potable(drinkable) water. This will
pull water in until the system is pressurized and pump will stop. You may
need to depress the nipple valve (see Image 2 below), so water can enter.
4. Products are brown or off color
1. Check to see if product is in date.
2. If in date, run product through system until color is back to standard.
5. Dispensed drink has small dark particulates.
1. Remove dispensing nozzle/z and clean the nozzle and everything that is under
nozzle – the exposed valve using a sanitary, small brush and towel to clean fully.
6. Soda is flat.
1. Make sure carbonator is plugged in securely and operational.
2. Check to make sure your CO2 tank is not empty.
3. Make sure your ice bin is filled with ice. No ice = warm syrup = flat drink.
7. You hear a hissing sound near product rack.
1. Make sure the CO2 bottle connector is tight.
2. Make sure the O-ring is in place between the CO2 bottle and CO2 connector.
3. If coming from a product pump.
1. Make sure CO2 supply line is secured tightly to pump.
2. If secure and pump makes a steady hiss (not normal pumping sound), you
can loosen CO2 supply line clip and remove the supply line all together.
99% of the time the CO2 supply line will have an automatic shutoff which
will engage upon disconnect (See Image 1 Below). This will save you from
draining CO2 bottles
8. Your system is only dispensing syrup. No water or carbonated water.
1. Check to make sure water source has not been turned off.
2. Be sure carbonator is plugged in.
3. If you can, follow water source and check for kinks in water line.
Image 1 – Most common bib pump and their layout
Image 2
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