Fire Alarm Control Panel FACP 80
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Fire Alarm Control Panel FACP 80
• 4 or 8 detector zones (MG) with up to 30 detectors per MG
• Connection for Series 9000 fire detectors without
• Single Zone Indication
• LCD display with 2 lines and 20 characters per line
• Delivery of pre-configured panels for immediate
• Menu-controlled commissioning via operating unit -further
auxiliary devices are not required
• Simple mounting via connection terminals
• Operation status PM and operation status TM for
false alarm prevention
• Integrated door release mechanism for the fire service key box
• Integrated interface for the transmission unit connected to the
fire brigade and for the fire brigade operating panel
• CPU emergency mode
• VdS approved
FACP 80 - All-Inclusive:
Professional Safety Technology
for Small Objects
The FACP 80 Fire Alarm Panel is the
professional safety solution for application in smaller objects. Costeffective. Simple. Ready for instant
commissioning by any competent
electronics service provider.
Thus, a large freehold flat, a small
one-family house or a multiple-family
dwelling, a shop, a warehouse or a
garage can be efficiently monitored.
In that context, the FACP 80 Fire
Alarm Panel does not only provide
for reliable trouble alarm indication
and hazard alarm indication but also
for transmitting alarms to assisting
services such as the fire brigade.
Currently, the FACP 80 is the only
small fire alarm panel that complies with all DIN, EN and VdS standards
without requiring further add-ons for implementing professional safety
Combined with high-performance Series 9000 fire detectors, the FACP 80
allows for an optimum solution with a view to basic fire detection. The highest configuration efficiency is reached when connecting a maximum of
240 detectors. Additionally, all indications are clearly structured and via
LCD display each indication is translated into a plain text message.
Therefore, the panel can almost be intuitively handled.
Conventional spurs
Alarm signalling device
connected via
relay output
alarm buffering, Two-Detector-Dependency, Two-Zone-Dependency
Example of a configuration
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Simple and Cost-Efficient
Apart from the batteries, the "all-inclusive" system does not require any
additional modules, interfaces,
cards, etc. As a professional fire
alarm panel, the FACP 80 is fully
equipped with all required on-board
devices. It is irrelevant whether the
panel is used as a simple domestic
alarm system or whether it is provided with a direct connection to the
fire brigade: The fire brigade operating panel interface, a transmission
unit interface, the standard "extinguish" interface as well as further
outputs for connecting alarm devices or fire detection modules are
provided. For installation and commissioning purposes, the panel is
completely suited to the require-
ments of electronics service providers, as it is equipped with ample cable
entries and cable passages. Furthermore, all connections are designed as
plug-in connections or as screw terminals. Menu-controlled commissioning
can be performed directly at the control panel without requiring additional
devices such as PCs, laptops, etc.
The FACP 80 Fire Alarm Panel represents a miniature power-packed unit
with professional features that perfectly comply with the basic requirements in terms of preventive fire detection. Not only the excellent price-ratio
performance but also simple installation techniques classify the small fire
alarm panel as a very cost-effective solution that implements professional
safety technology.
Dimensions (mm)
Lock for Housing
LCD Display
Cover for
Labelling Foil
Technical data:
Mains voltage:
Mains frequency:
Rated voltage:
Emergency power supply:
Current consumption
Quiescent current consumption
Max. external consumption:
- at 72 h emergency power supply:
- at 24 h emergency power supply:
Recommended connection cable
Ambient temperature:
Ambient conditions:
Class of protection:
Type of protection:
Dimensions (W x H x D):
Weight (w/o battery):
VdS approval:
147 mA
490 mA
I-Y (St) Y n x 2 x 0.8 mm, max. 1.000 m length
-5 °C up to +45 °C
class 3k5 as per IEC...
I according DIN EN 60950
IP 41
grey, similar to Pantone 538
355 x 375 x 115 m
3.1 kg
G 202050
Order information
FACP 80 Fire Alarm Panel 4 detector zones
FACP 80 Fire Alarm Panel 8 detector zones
Battery 12V / 6.5 Ah
Battery 12V / 7 Ah
Part No.
230 V AC
50 Hz up to 60 Hz
24 V DC
2 x 12 V / 7Ah
typ. 5 W / max. 75 W
typ. 16 mA / max. 24.5 mA
For further order information please refer to our "Fire Alarm Technology" Product Line Catalogue.
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