Time Setting Mode

Time Setting Mode
Introduction & Warranty
Thank you for your purchase of the Superdry Retro Digi.
The most advanced techniques were used during its manufacture, and it underwent stringent controls
before it was released for sale.
Your Superdry Retro Digi is guaranteed against any defects in material or workmanship that may occur
under normal use for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.
Superdry RETAILER.
Under no circumstances will Superdry be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.
The Warranty DOES NOT COVER:
1. Batteries, straps and watch glasses;
2. Damage or breakage caused from accident, maltreatment or mishandling;
3. Water penetration, except in watches marked as water resistant;
4. Tarnishing of case.
Your Superdry Retro Digi is carefully designed and produced. To fully utilize all the features, it is advisable to
read this user’s manual carefully and use it in conformity with the notes mentioned below:
1. Battery.
The battery should be replaced about every 18 months. Battery replacement requires the use of specialist
tools, and should be carried out by an approved stockists or specialist repairer.
IMPORTANT - do not try to change the battery yourself as this invalidates your warranty.
2. Handling.
Your Superdry Retro Digi will not withstand extreme shocks or vibration. It is sensible to remove your watch
before commencing rough work or situations where the watch could be damaged.
Avoid exposing the Superdry Retro Digi to extreme conditions for unreasonable amounts of time.
Keep the Superdry Retro Digi away from magnets or appliances which contain magnetic components such as speakers or motors as these items may ruin the sensors.
3. Water Resistance.
Your Superdry Retro Digi is water resistant. It is designed to withstand accidental splashing or rain but is
NOT suitable for swimming, showering, bathing or washing.
Do not operate buttons while the watch is in contact with the water.
4. Cleaning.
Clean the Superdry Retro Digi occasionally with a soft cloth.
Disposal of Electric and Electronic Equipment
The consumer has a significant role to play in reducing the impact of waste electrical and electronic
equipment, batteries and accumulators on the environment, through re-using or recycling such articles.
Some batteries and accumulators and some of the components used in electrical and electronic equipment
may contain hazardous substances that can damage the environment and present a risk to human health if
not properly disposed of.
The crossed out wheelie-bin symbol on this product is to remind you that waste electrical and electronic
products, batteries and accumulators should not be disposed of with household waste.
If you are unable to re-use or recycle your article it should be disposed of at a civic amenity site/local
authority recycling facilities.
DO NOT expose the Superdry Retro Digi to strong chemicals such as fuel and alcohol as they will cause
DO NOT dispose of the Superdry Retro Digi into fire as the battery inside the main unit may explode.
Watch Features
Light/Reset (A Key)
(C Key)
• 10 digits LCD screen displays hour, minute, second, day and week.
• Daily Alarm and Hourly Time Signal.
• 12-hour / 24-hour format selectable.
• 1/100 second stopwatch with split functions.
• EL backlight.
Operational Manual
B Key
Time Mode
B Key
Alarm Mode
B Key
Stopwatch Mode
Time Setting
In any mode, the EL backlight will illuminate for 3 seconds by pressing A key.
Press B key to move between operation modes.
Time Mode
• In Time Mode, press the C key to toggle between 12HR and 24HR display format.
Alarm Mode
• From Time Mode, press B key 1 time to reach Alarm Mode.
• To turn on / off Daily Alarm and Hourly Time Signal: In alarm mode press C key to turn on / off
Alarm ( ) and Hourly Time Signal ( ).
• To set alarm time:
• Press A key to select “Hour” or “Minute” setting.
• Press C key to adjust the flashing item.
• Press A key to confirm.
• Press B key to return to Time Mode.
• When alarm time is reached, alarm tone will sound for 20 seconds, press any button to stop alarm tone after it starts to sound.
Stopwatch Mode
• From Time Mode, press B key 2 times to reach Stopwatch Mode.
• The display range of the stopwatch is 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59.99 seconds.
• Press C key to Start/Stop counting.
• When stopped, press A key to reset to zero.
• When running, press A key to view your split lap time, then press A key to exit split count and return to counting.
• When running, press B key to return to Time Mode, stopwatch will continue to count in background.
Time Setting Mode
• From Time Mode, press B key 3 times to reach Time Setting Mode, “second” counter will flash on display.
• Press A key to select items as per the below sequence:
Day of Week
NOTE: Month will not show on display and is used to accurately show date of month.
• Press C key to adjust flashing value.
• When adjusting seconds, Press C key to reset to zero. If the seconds are in the range of 00 to 29, the minutes will remain unchanged. If the seconds are in the range of 30 to 59 they will be reset to 00 and 1
• Once you have finished setting the time - press B key to complete process
• Module Size • Module Thickness (include buzzer)
• Operational Temperature Range
• Operational Voltage • Accuracy • Battery Code
• Static average current
• Alarm average current
• EL lighten average current : 28*26*25.8mm
: 7.0mm
: -10°C ~ 60°C
: 3.0V
: ±90sec/month
: CR2016 (capacitance: 90m Ah)
: ≤1.66u A (Static maximum current : 3.5uA)
: ≤1.85m A (Alarm maximum current : 6.0mA)
: ≤7.26m A (EL lighten maximum current : 10.0mA)
• Battery life (85%)
: ≥24 month (Japan Lithium)
Under the following conditions:
(4 backlight operation (3 seconds) per day; 60 seconds of alarm operation per day)
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