3G4000 PCB Replacement

3G4000 PCB Replacement
3G4000 PCB Replacement Guide
These instructions must be used in conjunction with the 3G4000 Installation Manual. Observe all specified safety precautions during the board replacement.
NOTE: The 3G4000 PCB must be replaced by service persons only.
1. Remove the front cover by inserting a screwdriver into each of the slots at the bottom of the enclosure and pushing down.
2. Completely power down the 3G4000 by removing power to the +12V input terminal and disconnecting the battery leads
(red and black wires).
NOTE: When removing the battery, depress the locking tab before removing the battery connector from the PCB. Failure to do so
may result in damage to the connector and/or the battery.
3. Disconnect the telecommunications network wiring and any connection to the other terminals.
4. Carefully disconnect the cellular antenna from the cellular radio module on the 3G4000. To remove the cable from the radio
module, insert a small, flat head screwdriver between the antenna connector cable and the radio module (see photo below)
then gently pry the plug loose. Make sure that the screwdriver does not slip off.
NOTE: Any other method for removal of the antenna may cause permanent damage to the on-board connector.
5. The PCB is secured by 4 retainer clips. Carefully press the 2 clips on the right-hand side then lift the PCB from the backplate. See photos below.
6. Once the old PCB is removed from the cabinet, carefully remove the SIM card by sliding the SIM card holder down.
7. Insert the SIM card into the replacement PCB. The notch on the SIM card should face the top. Once the card is properly
seated in the connector, press down and slide it into the "LOCK" position as indicated on the SIM card holder.
8. Mount the 3G4000 PCB back into the cabinet. Insert the new PCB by sliding it back under the retainer clips on the lefthand side of the enclosure, then aligning the mounting posts on the right-hand side and gently pressing down until the PCB
clicks into place. See photo below.
NOTE: Only apply pressure to the corners of the PCB. Do not apply pressure to the center of the PCB or to any of the
9. Perform a hardware default on the unit by following these steps:
a. With the unit still powered down, connect a wire between Z2 (terminal 14) and PGM2 (terminal 8) or Z1 (terminal 13) and
PGM1 (terminal 7) if equipped.
b. Power up the radio by connecting the battery (if present) first and then primary DC power.
c. Wait for 20 seconds and then completely power down the unit.
d. Disconnect the wire between the zone and PGM terminals.
NOTE: A hardware default must be performed when the SIM card is being swapped. Following the hardware default the 3G4000
LEDs will flash during the reinitialization with C24 Communications (this may take several minutes). Please refer to the 3G4000
Installation Manual if the red LED starts to flash on its own.
10. Reconnect all wiring removed in Steps 2 and 3.
11. Reconnect the antenna to the PCB as shown below.
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