Panorama Bollard luminaire Mounting instructions

Panorama Bollard luminaire Mounting instructions
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Bollard luminaire
Mounting instructions
1. 3x
Read the instructions carefully
before installation and com missioning!
3x 8mm
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users/customers for future
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3x 8mm
Intended use
- The luminaire is suitable for outdoor
- The luminaire is approved for standing
installation only.
Choosing the mounting location
Position the luminaire so as to avoid
operation in direct sunlight or near
other sources of heat. High ambient
temperatures can reduce the life and
efficiency of the control gear or LED
Electrical installation
For 3-circuit installation: to avoid any
damage to the control gear, the neutral
conductor must never be connected or
disconnected during operation.
Overvoltage protection
ERCO uses electronic control gear with
overvoltage protection in accordance
with DIN EN 61547. If additional protection from spikes is required, e.g. when
switching off inductive loads, separate
overvoltage protection units should be
max. 12mm
max. 27mm
IP 65
General safety information
Risk of electric shock!
Before carrying out maintenance and
installation on the luminaire, disconnect
from the mains supply and ensure that
all power is switched off.
- Do not operate luminaires with
damaged or missing safety glass.
- Do not open the luminaire head. In
case of damage or a defective LED
module, the entire luminaire must be
returned to the factory.
- When installing, always observe the
national installation and accident prevention regulations.
Notes on corrosion protection
Ensure that the powder coating is
not damaged during installation or
maintenance work. Any damage, which
becomes wet, can result in corrosion
occurring. In aggressive environments,
the installation and maintenance of
all parts will require the appropriate
protective measures. Chemicals damage
the corrosion protection.
Installation 205mm
The luminaire may be mounted on a concrete plinth or the ground socket 33974.
Preparing for installation
1. Remove the base plate from the luminaire. (Fig. 1)
2. Remove the carrier plate with connector from the base plate and detach earth
connector from the base plate. (Fig. 3)
3. Remove plugs from the base plate.
(Fig. 4)
Mounting on concrete plinth
1. Use the base plate as a drilling template.
2. Place the base plate over the underground cable. Only use suitable material
for mounting, e.g. stud bolt M10.
- Always comply with the standards and
regulations in place for the mounting
location when selecting the mounting
parts. Ensure corrosion resistance if
used in a humid environment.
- To ensure that the plugs can be
screwed tightly back in place after
mounting, the mounting parts may
not protrude more than 12mm into the
mounting plate. (Fig. 4)
3. Screw plugs tightly back in place.
Mounting on ground socket
1. Place the base plate over the underground cable and screw onto ground
socket. Use the cylinder head screws
2. Screw plugs tightly back in place.
Always clean carefully using a soft
cloth and a commercially available,
ph-neutral, alcohol-free, non-abrasive
cleaning agent.
Take care not to damage the powdercoating.
Cleaning the safety glass
Safety glass can be cleaned with
cleaning agents that are also suitable
for glass-ceramic cooking hobs.
In accordance with EU Directive
WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), luminaires must not
be disposed of with other household
waste. At the end of their life, luminaires must be taken to the appropriate
local facility available for the disposal
or recycling of electronic products.
Electrical connection
1. Open the cable gland and insert the
Note: The second gland may be used for
2. Connect the earth conductor to the
base plate. (Fig. 4)
3. Insert the carrier plate with connector into base plate.
4. Make the electric connection.
Flashing of the LED module
It is normal for the LED module to flicker
when switching on and off.
The luminaire can be dimmed using a
suitable dimmer (trailing edge).
Trailing-edge dimmers
Follow the manufacturer’s installation
instructions. For some products, the
luminaire can only be switched on in
the upper dimming range. Before installation and connection, check luminaire,
control gear and dimmer combination
for proper functioning of the dimmer,
especially when using universal dimmers. The use of dimmers which are
unsuitable for LED drivers can damage
the luminaire, control gear and/or the
No responsibility is accepted for the
use of dimmers that are unsuitable for
the luminaire.
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