FabProLLC Brochure

FabProLLC Brochure
FabPro LLC
Precision Metal Fabrication
From Design to Production
FabPro LLC specializes in precision sheet metal fabrication, manufacturing, and design
engineering. We can take your ideas from design to production. We are ready to assist you
with all facets of the manufacturing process.
Located in Whitewater, Wisconsin, halfway
between Madison and Milwaukee, the
FabPro LLC team is ready to meet your
manufacturing needs. With more than
50,000 sq. ft., and room to grow, our facility
can handle production and prototype runs
for all industries.
Customer Responsive - from Service Parts to Production Runs
Rapid Quotes
We accept 2D and 3D CAD files, blueprints, drawings, and other file types.
We utilize the latest CAD software. There is no need to worry that the original design’s accuracy or integrity will
be compromised.
FabPro LLC offers:
Rapid Prototypes
Assemblies & Sub-assembly
Rapid Turnaround
CNC Turret Punch Presses
CNC Press Brakes
High Speed Laser Cutting
Automated Saw Cutting
Hardware Installation
From our high speed laser to our robotic press brakes and our CNC turret punch presses, we have the
equipment needed to manufacture your design.
Our Manufactured Products
Electronic Enclosures and Dashboard Panels
Finished Equipment and Machine Enclosures
Simple Laser / Form Bracketry
Finished Brackets with PEM Hardware, Tapped holes,
Welded Studs
We fabricate components using uncoated raw stock; steel,
aluminum or stainless. You may choose to use precoated
material; galvanized, aluminized or PaintLoc.
Parts are offered with or without a variety of platings from
basic zinc to Military Spec.
A variety of colors are offered in wet paint or the more
popular powder coat finishes.
Secondary machining is offered on complex assemblies.
Industrial Blower Units and Proprietary Product Manufacturing
• Manufactured, assembled, and fully tested
• Sheet metal, wiring, and controls assembly and test
• Crated and drop shipped to our customer’s end user
Chassis Fabrication and Assembly
Electronic Chassis Subassemblies
Parts requiring
extensive setup
time can be run in
blanket releases and
inventoried at our
facility . . . . shipped
to your production
Our Manufacturing Equipment
Our manufacturing equipment is primarily located at our Whitewater plant. Secondary operations; machining,
painting, plating is performed at one of our HyPro parent facilities or an approved source.
Amada Laser 4kW FO3015
Togu Tool Grinder, Togu III
Amada Turret Coma 50-50-70
Amada Brake Press 35
Amada Turret Pega 30-30-40
Amada Brake Press FaB80
Amada Spot and Stud Welder ID40ST
PS4 Pemserter
Amada Horizontal Band Saw HA250W
Wulftec, WP-200 Auto Shrink Wrapper
Product Packaged and Shipped to Customer’s Specifications
Cap-Pack® Tool Drawer Product Line / Aluminum Drawer Fabrication/Assembly
• Product is fully fabricated and assembled
• Fabric laminating line
• Crated and drop shipped to our customer or distributors
Equipment Details
Manufacturer / Model
Amada Laser 4kW FO3015
- 4000 W laser capacity
- 134” x 61” x 7” x/y/z/ travel
-120” x 60” max. sheet size
- Max. sheet thickness: mild steel ½“, Stainless ⅜”
Aluminum ¼”
- Pallet changer
- Dust extractor
- Safety Guards
Amada Turret Coma 50-50-70
- Capacity: 55 tons
- Sheet size: 50” x 70” (Repositions to 120”)
- Thickest material: ¼” mild steel
- Max. hole diameter: In ¼” MS 2 ¾”
- Max. hole diameter: 4 ½”
- Number of stations: 44 (with 2 auto
index stations)
- Ram stroke length: 1 ¼”
Amada Turret Pega 30-30-40
- Maximum material thickness ¼” (6 mm)
- Tonnage: 30 tons
- Hole sizes: 3 ½” (89 mm)
- Max. sheet size: 40” x 40” (1016 mm x 1016 mm)
or 40” x 80” (1016 mm x 2032 mm) with 1
- Speeds: 220 hit per minute @ 1”
(25.4 mm) centers
- No. of turret positions: 56
Amada Brake Press 35
- Control (manual or cnc):CNC
- Tonnage: 38.5 t / 34.9 t
- Hyd/mech:HYD
- Oa: length: 49.300” / 1,252.2 mm
- Bh: 40.200” / 1,021.1 mm
- Stroke: 3.940” / 100.1 mm
Amada Brake Press FaB80
- Capacity 80 tons
- Table length 98.4”
- Max bend length 88.6”
- Distance between uprights 86.5”
- Throat depth 15.75”
- Length of stroke 3.94”
- Open height 14.58”
Amada Spot and Stud Welder
- Rated capacity (at 50% duty cycle) 80 kVA
- Power source: 3 Phases, 460 V, 60 Hz
- Max. power input: 135 kVA
- Max. rated welding current: 30,000 A
- Standard throat dimensions (gap x
depth): 200 x 600 mm (7.87” x 23.62”)
PS4 Pemserter
- Ram force 1,000 to 12,000 lbs.
- Type: Pneumatic/lever
- Throat depth: 18”
- Height (Cabinet): 66”
- Width (Press): 17”
Amada Horizontal Band Saw
- Rect-Cap (H): 10.0”
- Rect-Cap (W): 12.0”
- Rounds-Cap: 10.0”
- Square-Cap: 10.0”
- Power: 5.0 hp
Wulftec WP-200
- Auto Shrink Wrapper
Togu Tool Grinder, Togu III
Lynx Stud Welding System
FabPro LLC was purchased in 2010 by HyPro Incorporated
and moved to its present location in Whitewater. Our Mission
and Quality commitment are the same as that of our parent
company, HyPro. Please call us for your metal fabrication
FabPro LLC, 840 E. Executive Drive, Whitewater, WI 53190 U.S.A. Phone: (262) 684-5220 Fax: (262) 684-5354
For Rapid quote returns please send RFQ’s to sales@fabpro.net or robert.wallace@hypro.com
Rev. a 11/11/16
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