Works in Conjunction with Secondary Systems to Provide
Enhanced Classroom Security
Patent Pending
Provides Excellent Infrared Wireless Sound Reinforcement
Easily Integrates Into Any Classroom
Keeps Teachers’ Voice Healthy and Sustainable
AL2430 Pendant IR Transmitter
The versatile and ergonomic AL2430 pendant / handheld microphone transmitter
allows both teachers and students freedom of movement without bulky electronics or
cumbersome wires. The dual mode transmitter allows teachers to control microphone
volume, overall system volume and mute settings via side mounted soft touch controls.
In addition, when “PANIC” and “MODE” controls are pressed simultaneously for 3
seconds a contact closure is triggered on the AL2430 receiver. This contact closure
may be integrated with most any intercom or IP based notification system to signal an
emergency condition in the classroom. When transmitter is configured for “student”
mode operation, all controls are bypassed restricting the device’s functionality for use
as a wireless microphone only.
Actual Size
Infrared Pendant Handheld Transmitter
Two AL-PH transmitters are included with each
AL-2430 system. For most classroom applications
one transmitter is configured for teacher’s voice
reinforcement with the second transmitter
dedicated for student’s use.
Panic Button – Held down for 3
seconds along with MODE button
causes panic signal to be sent.*
Body Pack
Separate LED clusters
located on top and
bottom of unit guarantee
optimum line of sight
operation when the unit
is hand held
Secure connection
features a safety
breakaway function
for easy release in an
emergency and includes
an innovative ID badge
clip system
Allows hands free use
with optional Atlas Sound
AL-HSM headset mic
Mode Button – With transmitter
configured for teacher use, “mode”
function allows volume control
selection for microphone only or the
overall system level. *
Power Indicator LED
Green = On, Red = Low Battery
ON / OFF Switch
Auxiliary Mic Input – For use with
optional Headset Mic Model AL-HSM
Volume Control*
* Mode, volume and panic functions are bypassed when transmitter is configured for student use.
For more information about Atlas Learn, or to arrange a demo:
email or call 877.626.9005
AL2430 Integrated Receiver / Amplifier
The compact, ergonomically designed AL2430 receiver/amplifier provides intuitive control of all system
components, visual indication of system status and interface for “panic” condition feedback to secondary
security systems. With inputs included to accommodate most any multimedia source, dedicated AV
systems are no longer needed saving valuable space in the classroom.
1 Mute LED
Displays system mute status (controlled
by teachers pendant transmitter)
2 IR Activity LED
Indicates signal transmission from
wireless transmitters
3 Auxiliary Input
3.5mm Front panel “AUX” input
bypasses rear panel RCA “AUX” input
for convenient system interface of Ipods
or other MP3 players
4 IR Dome Sensor Input
Professional grade “F” style connectors
ensure secure connection
5 Microphone EQ
Allows precision adjustment to
eliminate microphone feedback
6 Audio Output
7 Power Supply Input
System includes 120V / 240V, UL Listed /
RoHS rated global power supply
8 Panic Output
Normally open / normally closed contact
closure is triggered when “panic” mode
is engaged on pendant transmitter.
Connect to external notification systems
such as Atlas Sound’s ControlKom™
9 Priority Page Input
Ensures pages and bell tones are heard
when the AL2430 system is in use.
A parallel line is connected from an
existing paging/intercom loudspeaker to
the AL2430 priority page input. Priority
page source will then duck all amplified
program material (microphone and/
or multi media inputs) and play back
over all loudspeakers connected to the
AL2430. Controls are provided for gain
and sensitivity adjustment
10 Line Output
Allows integration of additional external
amplification, recording devices or
hearing assistance systems.
11 Multimedia Inputs
Summing RCA connectors
accommodate four unbalanced sources
12 Pole Mount Chassis
Atlas Sound’s patent pending pole
mount design allows unit to be mounted
above the classroom projector system
30-Watt output via 4-pole, phoenix style
connector (8Ω, 25V, and 70.7V)
Projector Not Included
Microphone Charging Station
AL2430 charging station includes a
dock section to charge two pendant
transmitters and four AA rechargeable
batteries simultaneously. Unit may be wall
mounted via integral key hole slots or shelf
mounted for easy accessibility.
Infrared Dome Sensors
Rack Mount Kit
Up to three infrared dome sensors may be Optional rack ears (PA702-RMK) may
utilized with the AL2430 receiver/amplifier. be used for rack mounting the receiver /
(two are included with the system) along
with two 10 meter sections of UL listed
RG59 coaxial cable terminated with
professional “F” connectors.
Bring all your students to the head of the class…
The Atlas Learn AL2430 system is an in-classroom sound reinforcement solution designed for use in K-12 and higher education
facilities or where a room constrained public address system is required. This complete audio enrichment package consists of
amplifier / receiver, wireless microphones, and docking station designed to allow the teacher and students to walk freely around the
room with the infrared microphones/system control units and project their voices through installed speakers.
Classrooms equipped with sound reinforcement benefit teachers, students, and the education system as a whole. With even sound
distribution, lessons are easily heard no matter where students are seated. Attention and concentration are raised, especially
in the back of the room, through this added involvement. Teachers no longer strain their voice and they can easily integrate with
multimedia teaching tools such as computers and DVD players by controlling audio from a single source. And with priority paging
and emergency notification to inform another location of the need for outside assistance, Atlas Learn fulfills the needs of any
education facility.
Available System Configurations
Includes: two Pendant / Handheld Transmitters, Charging Station, Receiver/Amplifier, two IR Receiver Domes with Cables,
Rechargeable Batteries, Power Supplies, four Atlas Sound SD72W Loudspeakers, four 81-8 Tile Bridges, four CS95-8 Enclosures
and 100’ of plenum rated 18/2 speaker cable. Loudspeaker system is UL Listed for use in air handling (plenum) spaces per UL2043
Includes: two Pendant / Handheld Transmitters, Charging Station, Receiver/Amplifier, two IR Receiver Domes with Cables,
Rechargeable Batteries, and Power Supplies.
AL2430 Receiver / Amplifier Specifications
Multimedia Input
Line Output
Connector Type
Dual RCA
Priority Page Input
Mic EQ (100Hz, 3kHz,
& 10kHz) Adjustment
Computer Input
IR Input Impedance /
Connector Type
75Ω F Connector
Multimedia Input
Panic Output
Contact Rating
5A@ 36V
Multimedia Input
Connector Type
Dual RCA
Speaker Output
30W RMS @
8Ω, 25V or 70.7V
AUX Front Input
Connector Type
Line Output Impedance
Line Output Voltage
AL-PH Pendant Handheld
Transmitter Specifications
IR Led’s
6 Total in 2 Groups
AL-PH Ports
Aux Input
3.5mm, 2kΩ
Charge Indicator
4 (Red – Charging,
Green – Charged)
External Controls
Power, Mode,
Volume, Panic Mute
PSU Type
120V Input, 9VDC,
1A Output
Internal Controls
Channel A/B,
Student “Lock Out”
Indicator LED’s
Mode (2 Blue), Lockout
(1 Red), PWR /BATT
(1 Green / Red)
7.44" (189mm) W
2.75" (70mm) D
4.17" (106mm) H
In Line PSU Type
100V–240V In,
24VDC / 2.5A Out
5.187" (131.7mm) H
1.8" (45.7mm) W
1.31" (33.4mm) D
1¾" (45mm) H
8½" (216mm) W
13½" (343mm) D
(with Batteries)
4.23oz (120g)
5.75lbs (2.6kg)
AL-Dock Charging Station
(less Batteries)
IR Receiver Dome
Receiver LED's
Screw Type
32.8' (10m) UL
Listed, "F" Style
RG59 Type
2.1oz (60g)
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
©2009 Atlas Sound L.P. All rights reserved. Atlas Sound, Atlas Learn, and Amplified Learning are trademarks of Atlas Sound L.P.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ATS003360 RevA 3/09
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