Sphere SP-1 by - LAMAX Electronics
Sphere SP-1 by
Quick starting guide
Bluetooth 2.1
Micro SD card
Micro USB
FM radio
Audio imput
Previous / Volume -
Power ON / OFF
Previous /
Volume -
Play / Pause
Next /
Volume +
Power ON / OFF
Play / Pause / Handsfree
Next / Volume +
FM radio
Switch On/Off to turn on/off the device
Press –
Press –
Press –
Go to
Go to the preGo to previous
previous track
vious station
Hold – Decrease volume
Press – Turn
Press –
Press –
radio On / Off
Stop / Start
Stop / Start
Hold – Search
for stations
Press – Answer call
Hold – Reject call
Press –
Press –
Press –
Go to the next
Go to next
Go to the next
Hold – Increase volume
Press – Go to next mode
Overview of voice alerts:
„Bluetooth mode. Pair the device.“ - The unit is in Bluetooth mode and
is ready for pairing.
„Paired“ - it has been successful paired with a Bluetooth device.
„Radio“ - the device is in FM radio mode.
„Media mode“ - The unit is in playback mode, ready to play audio
recordings from the micro SD card or micro USB device connected via
the 3.5mm jack.
„SD card“ - the equipment is ready to play songs from a micro SD card.
„Low battery“ - low battery warning.
Pairing with a Bluetooth device:
Press „M“ to go into Bluetooth mode. Speaker can be paired with a
device which supports Bluetooth 2.1 or higher.
In the list of active devices the Sphere SP-1 is displayed as „SP-1 by
LAMAX Beat“.
Once paired, you will hear the notification „Paired“.
If the device is disconnected or the connection is lost you will hear
„Bluetooth mode. Pair the device”.
FM radio mode:
Go to mode by pressing „M“.
Connect the micro USB cable, which acts as an antenna. To find all
available stations hold down „Play / Pause / Handsfree“. The device will
then scan all FM frequencies and store all stations found.
You can then navigate between the stations using the „Previous“ and
Audio file playback mode:
Go to mode by pressing „M“.
Sphere SP-1 plays songs:
- from inserted micro SD card in MP3 format
- from devices connected via micro USB
Using handsfree:
To use this feature, you must have the Sphere SP-1 paired via
Bluetooth with a smartphone.
Calls can be accepted / rejected in the standard way on the phone or
accepted by pressing the „Handsfree“ button and rejected by holding
the „Handsfree“ button.
The speaker can be charged using the included micro USB cable from
any charger with a USB output or from any computer equipped with
a USB output. Charge the device only under supervision.
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