Digitus | DA-50410 | Datasheet | Digitus DA-50410 equipment cleansing kit

Display polish
EAN 4016032300106
For a perfect surface!
This polish paste removes easily scratches
of plane surfaces as cell phone displays,
watches, glasses, MP3 players, etc. User
Instruction: 1. Tape the edge of the
scratched surface 2. Use some polish
paste with the cloth and polish the
scratched areas for 2-3 minutes with
pressure. Repeat the process on deep
scratches. 3. For displays covered with a
transparent film the display must be
polished until this film has been removed
completely. Caution: Only for cell phone,
MP3 player and Tablet displays, watches,
firm plastic and glass surfaces.
- For iPhone, iPad, iPod, MDA, Smartphone and others.
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