LK IHC® Wireless Dimmer Combi 250 W UNI

LK IHC® Wireless Dimmer Combi 250 W UNI
when renovating. The unit can be used with IHC
Wireless "Stand-alone" system and IHC Control.
LK IHC® Wireless Dimmer
Combi 250 W UNI
SW a
A: 0=without cover, 5=grey, 6=white, 8=coalgrey
For your safety
Risk of serious damage to property and personal
injury, e.g. from fire or electric shock, due to incorrect electrical installation.
Safe electrical installation can only be ensured if the
person in question can prove basic knowledge in the
following areas:
• Connecting to electrical installations
• Connecting several electrical devices
• Laying electric cables
These skills and experience are normally only possessed by skilled professionals who are trained in the field
of electrical installation technology.
If these minimum requirements are not met or are
disregarded in any way, you will be solely liable for any
damage to property or personal injury.
Risk of death from electric shock.
The outputs may carry an electrical current even when
the device is switched off. Always disconnect the fuse
in the incoming circuit from the supply before working
on connected loads.
The dimmer may be damaged!
• Always operate the dimmer according to the technical data provided.
• The dimmer is designed for sinusoidal mains
The combi light dimmer has a dimmable outlet.
This model can dim filament lamps and 12 V
halogen lamps with either iron-core or electronic
transformer, but not simultaneously. It can also be
used with certain types of LED lamps and energysaving light bulbs - see the light dimmer and LED
guide at
Ordinary non-dimmable energy-saving light bulbs
and other types of loads must not be connected
to the dimmer. The product has a connection for
phase and switch wire.
The pushbutton switch and outlet can be programmed independently of each other. The outlet can
be controlled remotely using the LK Wireless
system and the pushbutton switch can remotely
control other LK Wireless products.
To program the dimmer, the enclosure must be
removed first. This can be done by carefully
inserting a screwdriver or similar tool into the left
and right side respectively and wiggling/tilting
it until the enclosure loosens at the sides. Then
remove the enclosure, and you get access to
The LK IHC Wireless Combi unit is used where a
combined wireless pushbutton switch is wanted
together with turning on or light dimming locally. It
is an advantage to replace an existing main switch
Wireless Kombienhed med Relæ
buttons and LED for programming. The dimmer
must be connected to voltage and load in order to
be programmed. The procedure for programming
the dimmer is the same as for other IHC Wireless
receivers and is explained in the common guide
for IHC Wireless (019D904122). If the dimmer is
to be used with IHC Control, it is inserted as a
component in IHC Visual and linked. The dimmer's
operating parameters can be set by means of IHC
Visual. For details, refer to the IHC Control manual.
Operating parameters:
• Ramp times
• Min./max. setting
• Operating mode (auto/leading edge/trailing
Note: Changed operating parameters are maintained in case of deletion of programming or
reprogramming to stand-alone system.
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Dimmer and LED guide
Our guide on the internet can be used to
easily find LED light sources that can be used.
The address is:
Tangent designer
You can use our website to design your own
rockers with text and symbols.
The address is
Necessary accessory
For inserts without rockers you need to buy rockers before the product will work.
Technical data
Nominal voltage
230 V AC / 50 Hz
Nominal power
250 W
Power consumption
Max. 4 W (at full load)
Min. load
20 W
Filament lamps
Halogen lamps
230 V
12 V (electronic
or FE-transformer
250 W
125 W, max. 10 pcs. See "Dimmer and
LED guide" for tested types.
250 W
250 W
Phase and switch wire
Screwless terminals, max. 2 x 2.5 mm²
Transmission frequency 868 MHz
Operating temperature
-5 to +30 °C
20 - 95 % RH, non-condensing
Fuse rating
Max. 13 A
Protection rating
Module size
See online catalogue
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