Perfect Pool Bottom Installation Instruction Sheet
Installation Instructions
Step 1
Excavate the pool site as directed in your pool kit installation manual. Remove all
rocks or other objects that may damage the pool bottom from pool site. It may be
necessary to use a tamping tool or sod roller to produce a smooth, firm and level
surface to install your pool on.
 Important – You must have prepared a firm, level surface before
starting to set-up your pool. This product is designed for swimming
pools that are set-up above grade, in a well drained area. Below grade
installations must be carefully engineered to provide a drainage
system that will not allow water to collect above the bottom of the pool.
Step 2
Assemble the swimming pool wall, following the pool manufacturer’s directions.
 Important – Metal straps and other support components under
the pool must be covered with sand, if the pool manufacturer’s
instructions call for this. Failure to follow these instructions may cause
these parts to puncture both the PPB4000 sheets and your pool liner.
This type of damage is NOT covered by the limited Perfect Pool
Bottom warranty.
Step 3
Step 4
Use masonry sand, if needed, to fill any voids in the soil.
Place the sheets of PPB4000 on the ground inside the pool wall. Begin installation
by placing the two shortest sections against the pool wall, on opposite sides of the
pool. Trim the ends of each of these pieces fit your pool, using a pair of heavy duty
tin shears or a utility knife.
Trim The End Of
Each Piece To Fit Your Pool
Work In From
Outside Of The
Step 5
Install the remaining pieces of the PPB4000, working inward from the first pieces.
Again, trim the end of each piece to fit your pool. Cover the entire pool floor,
overlapping each piece a minimum of 2 inches.
 Important – Use of duct tape on
the seams is NOT recommended. This
will restrict movement of the sheets and
can cause ripples to form under the
2 Inches Minimum
Step 6
Locate the pool wall joint. Determine if the pool wall joint seam projects inside the pool and
will interfere with the plastic strip on the back of the cove. If there is interference, cut and
remove a 3 inch section from the center of the plastic backing strip. Using a fine tooth saw
or tin snips, cut only the plastic strip. Remove a 3 inch section of this strip by pulling the
bottom of the strip away from the foam that makes up the pool cove.
Cut and
Step 7
Center the first piece of pool cove over the wall joint seam (Place the cut-out over the
seam). Press the cove firmly against the pool base. Make sure the plastic backing strip
goes between the inner wall and the bottom rail. Continue around the pool wall installing
successive pieces of cove. Make sure that there are no gaps or cracks between sections.
Do not install the last piece of cove. Before installing the final piece of cove, check to see
that all pieces fit tightly against each other and are resting firmly on the ground, with the
plastic strip locked into the bottom rail.
Pool Wall
Gladon Pool Cove
Bottom Rail
Step 8
Cut the last piece of cove about 1½ inches longer than the remaining space. Use a fine
tooth saw to cut the cove, keeping the cut as square as possible. Insert the final piece of
cove into the pool bottom rail. This tight fit will compensate for the wall stretch that will occur
when your pool is filled with water.
 Stop – STOP before installing the pool liner.
Step 8
Clean all dirt and debris from the surface of the PPB4000.
 Important – The surface of the PPB4000 must be dry and free
of all debris, before you install the liner and fill your pool with water.
Step 10
Continue with liner and pool assembly per your pool kit installation manual.
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