SISTORE MX NVR – network-based video recording

SISTORE MX NVR – network-based video recording
video recording
Building Technologies
Unique, extremely reliable
Network Video Recorder
SISTORE MX NVR is a Network Video Recorder connecting up to
16 IP cameras, simultaneously allowing recording, playback,
live viewing and remote access per installed system. SISTORE
MX NVR can be used in a wide variety of applications, including
retail, offices, petrol stations, to name but a few. It fully supports
the connection to a variety of network cameras (IP cameras)
and video servers from different manufacturers. As SISTORE MX
NVR can also be equipped with alarm inputs and outputs – this
Network Video Recorder even satisfies the requirement for specialist security applications to optimum effect.
Recording of up to 16 IP network cameras
on an incredibly compact video recorder
Network-based video monitoring
and recording with up to 16 IP
This Network Video Recorder supports
network-based video monitoring and
recording for up to 16 IP cameras. SISTORE
MX NVR offers a maximum recording
speed of up to 100 ips with 80 GB internal
The IP camera range from Siemens
In addition to the range of IP cameras and
modules from Siemens (including the IP
fixed domes and dual codec IP cameras
with MJPEG/MPEG4 compression selection and Wide Dynamic), SISTORE MX NVR
can also be connected to numerous thirdparty IP cameras that may have already
been installed also supporting PTZ control.
Support of megapixel recording
SISTORE MX NVR supports the recording
of megapixel IP cameras. Megapixel
recordings contain more information, particularly useful when using the integrated
digital zoom feature.
Integrated motion detection
To optimise hard disk storage, the pixel
based motion detection system allows the
user to define areas of interest in a scene
and only when motion occurs inside this
area, will the images be recorded. The
motion detection can be used to trigger
an alarm and increase the recording
speed to ensure the maximum amount of
information is stored.
Integrated sabotage detection
SISTORE MX NVR is equipped with integrated sabotage protection, recognising
camera re-positioning, covering, spraying
and defocusing.
Site plan feature for easy orientation
in the monitored area
Images from cameras positioned within a
graphical view of a site plan can be easily
displayed via mouse click. This feature
helps operating personnel to track suspicious people for example, without having
to remember the next camera number.
Free remote client software
The SISTORE MX NVR can be used in conjunction with SISTORE MX RemoteView to
analyse the video recordings via remote
access (via LAN or ISDN).
Robust, industrial-suited design for
24 hour permanent operation
The self monitoring system with integrated temperature management and Watchdog functionality monitors the system
temperature and the accurate operation
of hardware and software. If problems
occur, the system alerts the operator
automatically or, if necessary, restarts the
system to ensure high system continuity.
Robust, industrial-suited design for
24 hour permanent operation
Network video recording for 16 IP
cameras, with 100 ips on 80 GB
internal storage
Supports megapixel IP camera
Integrated motion and sabotage
Free remote client software
Low-maintenance and highest system
Compact dimensions for space saving,
easy and flexible installation
Operating system on Compact Flash
Ultra compact, space saving and
easy to install
With its ultra compact dimensions this
digital Network Video Recorder makes the
most out of the given space and yet still
offers very high processing performance
and flexible, easy installation.
Robust design –
simple operation
Quick installation through
plug & play
The system is ready for immediate use
after installation and the connection of
the IP cameras. When developing SISTORE
MX NVR the focus was on simple, clear
controls and functional reliability.
SISTORE MX NVR is an innovative and
multifunctional Network Video Recorder
which can be updated at any time due to
its modular structure and can be adapted
to reflect customers’ specific requirements. Depending upon the configuration, images can be recorded from up to
16 networked cameras simultaneously
on a single device.
Optimised recording modes
SISTORE MX NVR provides optimised
recording modes for any situation. If, via
the built-in motion detection movement
occurs, or if an external alarm input is
triggered, the image quality and recording speed can be increased, enabling
more detailed information to be recorded.
Alternatively, during standard long-term
recording, the image quality and recording speed can be decreased to save storage space, if required.
Quick and easy to install
Long-term and event-based recording
Pentaplex operation
SISTORE MX NVR is a “pentaplex” system
– a system that enables the user to
record, view live images and replay previously recorded video images at the same
time. In addition, the system allows
RemoteView mode and the external
archiving of recordings.
Live image display & alarm
In addition to recording, all cameras can
be displayed for live monitoring. Furthermore SISTORE MX NVR also allows the
definition of alarm scenarios depending
on time, date, alarm conditions etc. If an
alarm is triggered, e. g. via the integrated
motion detection or an external alarm
input, a predefined alarm scenario executes. Thereby making it possible to
zoom in on a predefined image area and
start recording or to increase the recording speed of certain cameras, ensuring
that the correct pictures are stored in the
correct quality.
I/O module
Optional USB input/output
modules expand the functionality of SISTORE MX
NVR to include alarm
inputs and outputs.
User administration
SISTORE MX NVR works with a uniquely
designed user administration system. By
assigning different user rights, each
operator can be given access to certain
functions, and declined access to others,
depending on their particular duties.
Export and archiving
SISTORE MX NVR supports archiving both
of sequences on the local hard disk and
shared networked drives. In addition,
archiving can be done using an external
CD/DVD burner connected via USB.
Pentaplex operation
Live image display & alarm scenarios
User access management
Various archiving options
Optional alarm input/output box via USB.
Each SISTORE MX NVR supports the
recording and management of up
to 16 IP cameras. It also features
additional functions such as motion
Up to ten SISTORE MX NVR units
can be accessed simultaneously via
TCP/IP Network
Up to 16 RemoteView clients can
access a SISTORE MX NVR. Each
RemoteView client can display the
images from up to 10 SISTORE MX
NVR simultaneously.
The interactive site plan feature helps operators track
suspicious activity.
Simply add and position cameras on the site plan via
drag and drop.
Technical overview
Quick and easy searching
To ensure the fastest method of finding
images, a mask can be defined in the
area of interest, filtering the playback to
only that area and ensuring no time is
wasted watching hours of useless video.
Also, there is the timeline search,
showing all recorded images across the
cameras, including movement detection,
alarm triggers etc. – just drag the line to
the time or date required. Of course it is
also possible to search according to standard criteria, such as date, time, camera
and logbook.
Multiple user access (multi-client)
Up to 16 clients can access a SISTORE MX
NVR simultaneously via the included
RemoteView software.
Quick and easy searching
Multiple user access
Multi-server with simultaneous
Integration of switching inputs
and outputs via USB
Control possible using video
software IVM
Multi-server with simultaneous
A single RemoteView station can access
up to 10 SISTORE MX NVRs simultaneously, thereby creating a multi-server system.
Integration of switching inputs and
outputs via USB (optional)
The SISTORE MX NVR can also be
equipped with alarm inputs, from which
recording can be started or speed adjusted. The digital inputs are reserved for
specific alarm inputs e.g. UPS power failure, start/stop recording. The alarm outputs are designed to connect to alarm
systems, turn on lights or trigger a loudspeaker pre-recording. It is also possible
to record a single audio channel linked to
a predefined camera.
Alarm action
In the event of an alarm, an automatic
connection is established to the remote
monitoring station via the RemoteView
software. In addition, the operator
receives an e-mail or text message
informing of the alarm or system status,
enabling necessary alarm procedures to
then take place.
Control via IVM video software
SISTORE MX NVR can be controlled
directly via IVM interactive video software from Siemens. The recorded images
and event data can be played back and
analysed, and full camera control can
take place via any IVM client in the system’s network.
SISTORE MX hardware for hybrid video
SISTORE MX hybrid system
If analogue cameras are already installed
in a system which is set to be upgraded
with IP cameras in the future, then
SISTORE MX, also available from
Siemens, is the ideal choice. This hybrid
video monitoring system enables the
recording of images from both 32
analogue and 32 IP cameras, thereby
supporting seamless migration from
analogue to digital. Further information
on SISTORE MX can be found at:
Video inputs (digital IP/Ethernet)
Video resolution (H x V)
up to 1280 x 1024
Maximum recording speed
100 ips
1 camera – 2048 x 1536
4 cameras – 1280 x 1024
9 cameras – 704 x 288
16 cameras – 352 x 288
80 GB internal (NAS optional)
Maximum video resolution (H x V)
Recording capacity
Alarm inputs (optional)
Alarm inputs/outputs combined (optional)
Alarm outputs (optional)
Activity detection
Sabotage detection
PTZ/dome control
Fast forward/rewind controls
x 0.1 to x 50 speed
Comprehensive user management
RemoteView software (free remote access)
VSS-SDK 1.4.2/IVM 3.0
SiPass access control interface
USB 2.0/RS232/Ethernet
Image export
JPG or AVI via network
Image backup/archive (ext. software necessary)
via USB to CD/DVD burner
Welcome to the world of
innovative thinking
For the last 160 years, Siemens has been
investing a great deal in both manpower
and research and development. This has
ensured a constant stream of new insights,
technologies and inventions that enable
us to continuously improve the reliability
of our products and systems to make
them easier to install and operate.
Advances in digital technologies are
creating a whole new world of possibilities. Siemens has been at the leading
edge of progress in this field and continues to redefine both current and future
Interoperable systems are now supplied
alongside such basic requirements as
lighting, heating and water in a building.
As a company, we know that integration
supports the business environment
through the interaction of products and
systems. We break down the barriers
between our access control, intrusion
detection and video surveillance product
lines in our security portfolio and listen to
what the market actually wants. We then
develop to deliver both fully integrated
and interoperable security systems, based
on our 30 years of know-how in security.
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The information in this document contains general descriptions of technical options available,
which do not always have to be present in individual cases. The required features should therefore
be specified in each individual case at the time of closing the contract.
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