Motorized Scooter Board

Motorized Scooter Board
Motorized Scooter Board
Function: The motorized Scooter Board is a mobility device designed for the young
handicapped child. This is a motorized 2" x 4" “padded mat on wheels” that stands
approximately 4”off the ground. Activation of a remote switch causes the Scooter Board
to move. A wide selection of switches can be purchased separately. (See our catalog).
The motorized Scooter Board is powered by a sealed rechargeable gel-cel 12-volt battery
and a small DC motor that moves the prone board at a slow pace. A 12-volt float battery
charger is included. This allows you to leave the battery on charge when not in use
without damaging the battery.
On the front of the Scooter Board is a “shelf” for use as a foot or hand rest. The rear
wheels can be adjusted to allow the prone board to go in a straight line or in a circle.
Uses: This device gives the motorically impaired child the ability to control his or her
own movement in the environment. It can be used as a testing/teaching aid to determine
cognition of cause and effect. It will stimulate the child’s social awareness, imagination,
visual motor capabilities and thinking processes. The unit also provides leisure time
activity and much more.
Set Up:
Place the motorized Scooter Board on the floor.
Connect the capability switch to the Scooter Board by inserting the plug from the
switch into the jack found on the front of the prone board. Activate the switch to
see if it works properly.
The rear wheels are pre-set to move straight ahead. However, you can adjust the
rear wheels to make the motorized prone board go in a circle. Remove only that
bolt which will pass through the hole in the board for circular motion. Replace
wing-nut and tighten both.
Make sure legs, hands and clothing are not hanging down on the floor where they
can jam the motorized Scooter Board.
Place the switch near the child at a location where he/she can access it readily but
not where it will be activated unintentionally.
Battery recharging: The motorized Scooter Board can run for 2 hours on a full charge.
When the battery on the Scooter Board becomes weak or is not in use, it should be
connected to the battery charger. This charge can be left on continuously without
damaging the battery. To connect this charger to the motorized Scooter Board, do the
Disconnect the capability switch by unplugging the cable from the switch to the
jack on the front of the Scooter Board. Do not run the Scooter while it is
Plug the power cord into the mating connector found on the front of the Scooter
Plug the power cord of the charger into a standard 120-volt A.C wall outlet. The
charger must be on for at least 9 to 12 hours.
Also, please refer to the enclosed battery care instruction sheet.
Parts List
2 Scooter halves, front motor section and back half
1 Scooter Pad
1 Battery charger unit
1 operator manual
5/16" Nuts
5/16" Washer
Fender Washer 1 ½" Diameter
Spacer Washer 7/16"
Carriage Bolts 1 ½" x 5/16"
Tools Needed:
½" Wrench (or adjustable wrench)
*Note: Scooter halves are paired up and cannot be interchanged with other Scooters.
Assembly Instructions
Unscrew the 6 5/16" Nuts.
Remove all washers before assembly.
With bolts remaining in holes, stand the back half of the unit on its side with
wheels facing you. **Bolts should be on left hand side**
Place 4 7/16" spacer washers on each bolt.
Place the motor section of the scooter on its side (holes on right hand side).
Making sure spacer washers remain on bolts, slide back half of unit on top of
motor half, inserting bolts through holes.
Place one Fender washer (large ½" diameter) on each bolt.
Place one 5/16" washer over each bolt.
Place one 5/16" nut over each bolt.
Tighter all 6 nuts securely, making sure head of bolts on other side is flush with plastic.
Note: When performing this step make sure you tighten bolts evenly.
In the event of any assembly problems please feel free to call for technical support.
1-800-832-8697 (Ext. 20).
Assembly Detail:
Motorized Scooter Board
Catalogue #1510
User’s Guide
50 Broadway
Hawthorne, NY 10532
Tel. 914.747.3070 / Fax 914.747.3480
Toll Free 800.832.8697
Motorized Scooter Board Frequently Asked Charging Questions
1) What is the average "ride time" on the Scooter Board?
Ride time is effected by a number of variables such as the child's weight, terrain, state of battery charge and
temperature. You can normally expect about 1 hour +, under average riding conditions.
2.) How long will my Scooter Board’s battery last under normal use?
The more often the battery is used, the longer it will last. Using the rechargeable battery once or twice a
year will actually shorten the life span of the battery. Recharge the battery at the end of every day that it is
used, even if it was only used for 20 minutes. The battery will not build up a "memory" effect. The battery
is the same type of battery found in an automobile. The battery should never be completely drained of
power. If the batteries are not being used for a long period, recharge them at least once a month for 12
Rechargeable battery life span is directly related to the average depth of discharge. If the batteries are
repeatedly discharged beyond the 50% threshold they will last a short time. If the batteries are fully
discharged repeatedly they will only last weeks or months before complete failure to hold a charge. The
shallower the discharge the longer the battery life. Properly charged and discharged batteries will last about
two to three years.
3.) DO NOT, DO NOT; attempt to charge your batteries with an automobile type charger, use only the
charger supplied with your Scooter Board. Refer to your owner’s manual for charging instructions. 4.)
When should I recharge my Scooter Board’s battery?
A.) After each use, regardless of how long the vehicle is used. The more often the batteries are charged, the
longer they will last. Charging the batteries once or twice a year will actually shorten the life span of the
B.) When the Scooter Board starts to loose power and runs sluggishly.
C.) DO NOT, DO NOT, run the batteries down completely. The battery will not build up a "memory
effect". The battery is the same type of battery found in an automobile.
D.) DO NOT, DO NOT, store your Scooter Board with discharged batteries, and fully charge them before
storage and once a month thereafter.
5.) How long should I charge my Scooter Board battery?
Battery Charging should never be for less then 6 hours or more than 12 hours at a time. Recharging less
then 6 hours will decrease the life of the battery. Recharging for more than 12 hours consecutively will
begin to damage the battery cells.
DO NOT, DO NOT charge the batteries for more then 12 hours.
Note: If your batteries have not been charged for a long period of time or have been fully discharged check
the charger after approximately one hour of operation. The charger should be warm to the touch, if it is hot
disconnect it from the wall outlet and battery immediately.
The Scooter Board has automatic thermal protection. If the machine is motion arrested, over loaded or
traveling over soft terrain or thick grass it will automatically shut down when it reaches its electrical
limitation. This feature is for the protection of your child, DO NOT alter or remove any components in
order to override this Safety Feature that is built into your particular machine.
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