How to get started

How to get started
How to get started
When you receive your Geo-location and Alert device / tracker, you
should preserve the packaging for a time in case it's needed again.
Remove the tracker and charge it using the AC adaptor (Prime 1 or 2)
or charging mat (Bond Tracker/Sniper). Charging takes about 4 hours
for Primes but about 12 hours for Snipers, depending on their level of
discharge. Please take a little time to familarise yourself with the
tracker's features, especially the difference between the On/Off Power
button and the Panic button, which are often mixed up.
Prime 1:
Powering on and off
The large oval (Prime1) or round (Prime2) button in the device's centre
is the SOS/Panic button, not the On/Off button, which is located on the
device's bottom edge. It is recessed so as to avoid being pressed
unintentionally. Switch on by holding in the Power button while
watching the LED lights, for about 2 seconds, releasing it after the
second flash of the green LED. The Power LED will continue flashing
green briefly then stop, followed by the middle GSM LED starting to
flash as it connects to the GSM/GPRS network. Finally when the device
has made its second connection, the blue GPS LED will start flashing.
When/if charging, the power LED will flash red until fully charged.
The Track Panel uses / requires Microsoft Silverlight, and if you don't
already have it installed, you will be asked whether you want to
download it. This may require local admin rights, so you may need
help from IT. Silverlight (MS equiv of Adobe Flash player) is free from
Go to or the Track Panel button on
our website. It’s a good idea to add this page to your Favourites /
Bookmarks. This will cause software (a plug-in) to download to your
computer, which takes a few seconds depending on your connection
While loading a round progress indicator shows this loading. Following
100%, log-in entering the device’s (6 digit) number or your Account
Reference. See label on box, or Acc Ref.
This number is your tracker's unique identifier and you should write it
down somewhere safe. You will not be able to use your device without
knowing this number. This login may or may not be followed by a
Password box, if one has been set. If you want a password set for
privacy, or if you want a particular log-in instead of the device number,
go to the Admin page in the Track Panel or contact us.
When logged in, the Track Panel will display showing the tracker's last
reported position, its co-ordinates on a map (similar to GoogleMaps) as
well as information on its speed, direction, battery condition, GPS signal
strength, the alarm and battery statuses, Battery-Save mode - if on
shows next scheduled wake-up time), the remaining Position and SMS
credits or the Expiry date & number of days remaining if on a
Subscription (unlimited credits).
To turn the tracker off, press and hold the Power button and the Power
LED will flash red. Release it after the second red flash. During the
boot down process the tracker reports to the database that it is
shutting down. On the Track Panel its status will change from
"Sleeping" or "Device On" to "Device Off". When finished, all LEDs will
be unlit. It is best to hold the device when powering it on or off so as
to be able to watch the LEDs.
GSM and GPS connection
A tracker can operate with much lower GPRS signal levels than a mobile
phone. When connected, the GSM LED will flash slowly (every 5 secs
approx). The GPS LED (blue) will flash only after it makes connection
with the GPS satellites. The first GPS connection takes much longer
than subsequent connections, and is best done with as much clear sky
visible as possible. The tracker needs to pick up a very weak radio
signals from GPS satellites far overhead. The device cannot be
surrounded on all sides by a radio-opaque material like metal.
If the tracker is connected to an external power supply, it will
automatically switch on when power becomes available or the ignition
is switched on. The process of turning the tracker on and off does not
use a SMS or position credit, but it will send a few positions to
determine whether it is moving or not.
The function of the toolbar buttons along the top are as follows:
View all: Shows all trackers in a composite view if your account has
more than one tracker on it.
Commands: Commands are used to change settings on the tracker
by sending an SMS message to it. There is an acknowledgement that
the message has been received. This allows setting of the time
between position reports, to reboot, or to request an immediate report.
Function or SoS button:
To send an immediate distress SMS message, press and hold the
Function/SoS button for about 3-4 seconds. Holding it longer than this
may cause more than one SMS message. The (mobile) phone number
(or up to 4 numbers or email addresses) that are to receive the distress
message must first be set up in the Admin section of the Track panel.
These people should be notified about the possibility of alert messages
and what they should do if they get one. On webpage,
read: How To "...use the Track Panel" section on how to do this.
Using the Track Panel
To configure your device for use, you need to use a Windows computer
and the Track Panel tab on our website. The Track Panel-Mobile is
mainly for viewing using any type of device. The two panels are:
a) Track Panel. This user interface uses Windows and requires
Microsoft Silverlight, which auto-installs if not already installed, if
it can (Security settings may stop it). The Track Panel provides
the full range of device viewing and setting options.
b) Track Panel–mobile is the second or alternative interface that
runs on any device (any modern phone, iPhone / iPad / Android)
allowing viewing and only some setting options. For example, it
doesn’t allow the setting of alerts.
History: Allows review of past or historical information. Enter from
DateA and To DateB and times, press Fetch to download position data
points, and press Play to see a past journey as an animation. If data is
too large, it will be rejected, so re-enter closer date/times.
Find: This is a search function to search the map for a particular
Set Motion Alert: This activates the device’s accelerometer to detect
motion and send an alert to the people specified in the Admin panel if it
moves while armed. Press “disarm device” to revert.
Streetview: Switches from Map or Satellite view to/from Streetview.
Speaker icon bottom left silences the chime of incoming position
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Track Panel indicators:
The Track Panel shows the Battery condition at last report - as a % of
full charge, and the GPS signal strength (%) at the last report.
There is a bank of indicators showing whether the tracker is on or off;
whether the zone (safety / geo-fence) is/are on or off; whether the
tracker is alarming; whether it was charging at last report; whether the
battery is sufficiently charged or not; and finally whether the Motion
Detection option has been activated (armed) or not.
Green is "on"
Red is "off"
Blue is Battery Save mode hibernation.
There is a button for Motion Detection, which sensitizes the tracker to
movement when “armed”. The tracker contains an accelerometer that
senses movement.
Admin: Device name can be renamed, which shows as the device’s
label on the map. Device contact 1-4 (Email/SMS)- the cell phone
numbers to be texted or the email addresses in the event of SOS/Panic,
Motion or low battery alerts. Checkboxes - check for additional alerts
when/if it’s a) turned on or off, and b) taken on or off charge.
Date format, Miles / km, Timezone, Language - 5 available and Icon
type on the map. It’s also possible to change the login and set a
password. Pressing the "Track from your phone" button will send a
message to a specified cell phone. This uses 1 SMS credit.
Remaining Credits:
There is a display in the bottom right corner showing either the number
of Position and SMS credits remaining, OR the number of days
remaining if on subscription, and the date of expiration.
Assuming internet connection, the resulting text message contains a
WAP link to the Track Panel-mobile interface login page at
( to view the device’s location when the
alert occurred. Enter the tracker number and password, if applicable.
See section on using the mobile interface.
This allows for the setting of up to 4 zones (geo-fences) which Users
can set to cause an alert if it exits, enters (or either) each zone. This
essentially sets the tracker as an alarm device, e.g. set around a house
to protect a parked car, or a marina for a boat. Don’t make zones small.
To set a zone press the "zones" button and press "add zone"
Give the zone a name, define its size, with the size slider, click the map
to place its centre (red X), enter 1-4 cell phone numbers for alert SMSs,
and select checkboxes for Entering / Leaving / Both, then press Save.
Phone numbers must be mobile phone numbers using a plus then
country code +xxx (+353 for Ireland) and no leading zeroes such as
00353. Alert messages identify the zone entered/left & the date/time.
Using the Track Panel-Mobile
If using a non-Windows device (e.g, phone or iPhone, etc) to view the
tracker, go to the HTML or mobile interface at or simply
and enter Device ID or Account Reference.
followed by password if one has been set.
+ Details provides current position information, History information,
Streetview and the Commands menu.
+Commands Menu to set time interval between position reports or to
arm motion detection or switch to Battery Save mode.
On the Admin panel there is button “Auto Arm” which allows the option
to automatically turn on and off the motion sensitivity at specific times
of day or night. There are also buttons to change login username
(Account Ref) and to set or change a password (for privacy).
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