FalconEye 1440P Dash Cam Manual
FalconEye 1440P Dash Cam Manual
Part Number: FE1440CAM
1.Product Introduction
The FalconEye 1440P Dash Cam is a high resolution, WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) camera
with True H.264 Compression. This camera offers a wide 140° viewing angle and 2304 x 1440p
high resolution camera for stunning, top of the line, HD dash cam video, and can use up to a
256GB SD Card!
Product Diagram with Description of Button Functions
2.Car charger port
7.Bracket lock
13.Blue light
14.Red Light
16.TF card hole
Power On/off Button Long press 【on/off】 button 3 second to power on, long press
【on/off】 button 3 second again to power off;
In power on mode, short press 【on/off】 button to open/close display.
Menu Button
In standby mode, short press 【menu】button to enter into function setting option
and system setting option interface.
In playback mode, long press【menu】button to enter into file delete, lock and unlock
setting interface.
In video standby mode or other video function mode, short press【menu】button to
return to previous setting function.
UP Button
On function option setting, system option setting and file select, short press【up】
button to choose above.
On video mode, short press【up】button to close/open voice recording function.
Down Button
On function option setting, system option setting and file select, short press【Down】
button to choose below.
On video mode, short press【up】button to lock the file.
Confirm Button
In standby mode, short press【confirm】button to begin recording, short press it again
to stop recording.
In picture mode, short press【confirm】button to take picture, on function option
setting, system setting, file playback and menu option mode, short press【confirm】
button to confirm the file or play the file.
Car charger interface
Connect Dash cam to the car charger in package Box. Car charge requirement: Mini
USB port,5V,1A.
Use mini USB cable to connect the Dash cam to computer.
Reset Button
When the camera crush due to improper operation ,take pin or toothpick insert
【reset】 button, the machine can be restored.
2.Product Function
Insert TF card, and connect the camera with external power, it will turn on
and start recording automatically, the video indicator light will flash, short press
【confirm】button to stop recording, video indicator light is solid on.
In video standby mode, short press menu button to enter into function
option interface, choose picture, short press【confirm】button to take picture and
File playback
In standby mode, short press menu button to enter into function option interface,
press【up】【down】button to choose file, and press【confirm】button to play the
In video play mode, short press【confirm】button to pause display, short press【up】
【down】button to fast forward and fast backward.
SOS function
In normal recording state, short press【down】button to lock current
file, and current file will not be overwritten, you can see lock icon on the middle top
of the screen.
USB Connect
When you connect USB to computer, it will show 3 options:
1.Storage: you can playback file, copy file and delete file in computer.
2.Camera: you can use Dash cam as a webcam, video chat on computer.
3.Video recording: you will enter into normal video recording mode.
Video resolution
You can set different video resolution, 1440P,1080P,720P can be
chosen, the higher resolution you set, the bigger file capacity is.
Loop Recording
This camera can loop recording and will not lack of second
recording, user can open/close this function on system setting option. When loop
recording function is open, every video will be 2 min, and be overwritten
continuously. If loop recording is close, it will stop recording until TF card is full.
Voice Recording
User can close/open the video file’s recording voice when it is play.
Also user can close/open voice recording function when it is recording.
This Dash cam built in G-Sensor, if serious vehicle collision happen, the
current video file will be locked automatically, and show lock icon on the middle top
of the screen, the locked file will not be overwritten in loop recording.
Packing monitoring When parked, dvr will turn on and record when there is motion
Timing screen off
This function can close screen automatically, make camera work
on low power consumption. In system menu, it has four mode options
“off/30s/3m/5m” to choose. When choose “3m”, the screen will turn off
automatically in 3 minutes if no operation, camera is still working. This function is off
on default mode.
Battery charge Connect Dash cam with external power supply, red indicator light is
on, that means battery is charging. The red indicator light will grow dark when
battery grow full, and light will be off when battery is full charged.
3.Installation Instruction
4.1 Close car engine.
4.2 Insert TF card into the camera.
Note: Please use high speed TF Card (Class6 or above) with a minimum capacity or
8GB and a maximum of 256GB. This unit includes a 32GB microSD Card
4.3 Fix Dash cam to car wind shield by Dash cam bracket. Clean windshield first
before you install mount on windshield.
4.4 Insert car charger to cigarette light.
4.5 Connect car charger power interface to Dash cam power socket.
Note: When wiring, installer can put power extend wire along the edge of the car
windshield to hidden.
4.6 Adjust lens position, make sure the lens has the same level as ground.
4.7 Start engine to check the camera is installed well or not.
Note: If the Dash cam is installed right, system indicator light will be on, when device
is on, Dash cam will start recording, video indicator light will flash.
Chip set
Novatek NT96655
2.0 inch, 960x240
Video Resolution
2560x1440P 30fps /1920x1080P 30fps
Video format
Picture Resolution
12 million pixels CMOS
Picture format
Storage card type
TF card, includes 32GB MircoSD
Storage card capacity
Up to 256GB
USB Interface
Power code
Working Current
English / German / French / Spanish / Portuguese
3.7V polymer battery
/Simplified Chinese /Traditional Chinese / Japanese /
Note: The specification may different due to update software or other change, please
subject to real product.
6.1 Please use our company special adapter, use unqualified adapter may cause harm
to the product, and even burned products.
6.2 Do not use this product in wet or high temperature environment.
6.3 Keep lens clean, so as not to affect video effect.
6.4 To protect your legitimate rights and interests, please do not disassemble this
6.5 Please obey the law strictly, not take this product for illegal use, otherwise user
take his own responsibility.
If there is a failure, please try to below tip to settle. If you cannot solve the problem,
please contact our Falcon at 972.600.1320
1.Cannot record voice normally
-Please check the voice recording option is on or not.
-Change TF Card.
-Change resolution.
-Change larger capacity TF Card
-Make sure TF card is installed correct (when install TF card,you will hear “di da”
-Delete useless file to free TF Card space.
2.Video not clear
-Make sure the front wind shield is clean.
-Wipe clean the lens and take picture/video again.
3.Camera working well, but button fail
-Press reset button to initialize camera.
Note: Please use reset function carefully, reset function may delete the data.
-Format TF Card or change to high speed TF Card, suggest to use brand Class 6 or
above TF card.
5.Lack of recording, system halted or video incoherent
-Change to high speed TF Card
-Change another computer or player to try
This Dash cam is under warranty for 12 months from you’re the date of your purchase. All returns
must be accompanied by proof of purchase.
Manufacturer warrants to original purchaser that the product finished hereunder shall be free from defects in material and workmanship
under normal use and service. In the event of any defect in material or workmanship, the Manufacturer will for twelve (12) months from
the date of delivery of product to purchaser, F.O.B. point of origin replace any defective parts in respect to the product or replace the
product with new or like new product at Manufacturers option. In the event of a defect, return the product in tact to the Manufacturer
(shipping to Manufacturer will be paid by purchaser) with evidence of purchase date within last 12 months for proper handling of the
warranty claim.
What is Not Covered:
Defects or damage resulting from use of products in other than it normal and customary manner
Defective or damage from misuse, accident, water or neglect
Scratches or cosmetic damage that does not affect operation of the product
Product damage or bodily injury
General Provisions: This warranty is given in lieu of all other express warranties, implied warranties, including without
limitation, implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the duration of this limited
warranty, in no event shall the Manufacturer or seller be liable for damages in excess of the purchase price of the product
This device may not be used to violate the privacy rights of others. In no way will manufacturer or retailer or its subsidiaries or partners be held
responsible for inappropriate use of this product. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to consult legal counsel for the interpretation of any laws
applicable to the area of intended use of these products.
Falcon Electronics
972.600.1320 • www.dashcam.co
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