Residential Pool Maintenance Agreement
P.O. Box 2470
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465
Residential Pool Maintenance Agreement
Basic Pool/Hot Tub Service:
Includes a full equipment inspection with service and pool technician prior to services
Visits for maintenance will be once a week.
As needed, vacuum, brush sides, empty skimmer baskets, remove floating debris and
scrub tile in an attempt to remove visible waterline buildup. This does not include
removing calcium deposits or imbedded oil in tile grout.
Clean the strainer basket & backwash the filter as needed.
Test and adjust chlorine and pH once each visit as needed. Lowcountry Pool House
supplies all chemicals including salt needed to maintain proper water balance in the pool.
Shock/Super chlorinate pool as needed. Customer will be notified same day. “NO
SWIMMING” after this treatment for 24 hours.
Blowing off of deck immediately surrounding the pool to remove sand and dirt.
Visually inspect the pool and its equipment each week reporting any malfunctions and
issues. If issues are noted, we send our service technician at no charge to determine any
potential or existing issues.
We always send estimates for repairs for your approval prior to repair work unless it’s a
necessary emergency.
If the pool has automatic cleaners or sanitizers, we will empty/clean bags and screens.
Logging chemicals into the pool techs tablets each week to have history log. We provide
you access to our Proedge software with login information to look at your account at your
convenience. This will show you the chemical readings, work orders, history etc.
Cleaning of salt cells every 90 days if applicable.
All DE Filters must be broken down and cleaned twice a year if applicable. This is an
additional charge of $150.00 each time, and you will be billed & charged for this service
as a “Filter Breakdown” which includes labor and material. This service must be done so
that the filter does not prematurely break and void any warranties. Any parts found to be
bad will be replaced during the filter breakdown and charged accordingly to save labor of
filter breakdown a second time. This will also be automatically charged to the credit card
on file immediately following completed service.
All Sand Filters if applicable should be broken down every 2-4 years if applicable. An
estimate will be sent out prior to performing due to the various sizes and cost.
All Cartridge Filters if applicable are cleaned as needed and included in monthly service.
NOTE: It is highly recommended and encouraged for the homeowner in between our visits
to net your pool, empty skimmer baskets that get too full and empty Polaris bags to prevent
tears prematurely. If you have a lot of trees, these issues will arise. This will keep your
equipment, parts and pieces in tact much longer.
The customer must provide the following pool tools in proper working condition. This is
required so our pool technicians do not spread algae from pool to pool.
One 8’x16’ telescoping pole
Vacuum head with swivel adapter
Vacuum hose of sufficient length to vacuum pool without relocating suction connection
Pool tool package is available for $269 or ala carte. Please contact the office for pricing on
individual items. These items do not last forever and will break or go missing due to many
variables. We will send an estimate in such said scenarios prior to replacing giving you the
option to do so within 30 days.
Back wash hose if necessary. Prices vary based on size needed. An estimate will be sent
for your approval. Some pool systems have them built in and other systems require pool
tech’s hose.
Hooks for pool tools are required to keep you tools neat and orderly. $89 includes parts
and labor. We have determined the tools last a lot longer by taking care of them properly.
Excessive staining of pool finish due to pools on well water or excessive leaves etc. will
incur additional charges based on amount of “Stain Prevention and Remover” needed. Cost is
$35 per bottle. Invoices will be sent automatically.
The pool must be equipped with an “Erosion Type Chlorinator” or an “Electronic Chlorine
Generating System” which will be determined at your equipment inspection. An estimate
will be sent for your approval.
AT ALL TIMES. Your pool technician will report on route when this becomes a problem
and you will be notified in writing with pictures when possible.
I have read the requirements
Freestanding/portable hot tub service customers must provide the following:
Spa Wand to properly vacuum
Bromine Dispenser
Spa Net
Hot tub/spa tool package is available for $140 or ala carte. Please contact the office for
pricing on individual items. These items do not last forever and will break or go missing due
to many variables. We will send an estimate in such said scenarios prior to replacing giving
you the option to do so within 30 days.
Free standing hot tubs should be drained, cleaned and re-filled as needed for overall
cleanliness. This would be performed on a regular route day. POOL TECH WILL
estimate will be sent for your approval.
1. Additional cleanings are billed at $65.00. ie. Special Occasions.
2. Heater activation or deactivation is at no charge on scheduled cleaning day. $65.00 per
on/off on non scheduled day.
3. Ant service $50 monthly if needed. (Common in the summertime) Covers a 6-10 foot
area around the pool deck for 30 days.
4. We offer a pool camera called a Watchdog. This allows the capability to monitor your
pool from your phone. This is a great safety addition and a great way to keep an eye on it
when you are not home. Installed for $249. Check it out at
Authorization is required via email or phone prior to any repairs performed unless otherwise
authorized with specified $ amount indicated on the Authorization/Signature page of this
agreement. Repairs that are not approved in a timely fashion may prevent the pool from being
serviced properly. Lowcountry Pool House reserves the right to suspend service until the pool
owner gives the necessary approvals.
Recovery of a green pool is an additional cost over and above monthly service. We bill based on
chemical usage and number of days required. We bill after service is complete. This is tracked by
your pool technician and available for you to view anytime on your Proedge Service account.
The customer or property management company is responsible for proper water level due to the
length of time it takes to fill the pool. The pool cannot be serviced if water level becomes too
low. We offer installation of automatic filling devices. This is highly recommended and will be
determined during the equipment inspection and an estimate will be sent as an option.
Please be advised that over a period of time certain chemicals accumulate in the pool’s water
requiring that it be either partially or completely drained. The accidental addition of plant food,
fertilizer or other incompatible chemicals may necessitate the immediate replacement of the
pool’s water before normal chemical balance can be maintained. You will be notified with an
estimate if this becomes necessary.
Lowcountry Pool House must be notified in writing of any ownership changes or property sales
pertaining to this agreement. Parties signing this agreement are responsible for the money owed
for services provided. We will continue services until we have it in writing from the owner or
property manager.
All pools built by our parent company, Lowcountry Custom Pool and Spa, are recommended to
be serviced by Lowcountry Pool House for the first year of operation for 1 year warranty on the
pool plaster. The first year is critical due to the strict attention needed to the pool surface.
Lowcountry Pool House will not be responsible for any pre-existing structural conditions,
including but not limited to water loss due to leaks. We also make no warranties implied or in
writing regarding services or equipment other then specified above. We will work with
manufacturers to honor any equipment warranties installed by us or other pool builders which
may need repair or replacement. We are a certified warranty dealership for Zodiac, Hayward and
If modifications are made to the pool areas that may encumber our performance you will be
notified via email (i.e., tress or bushes planted, etc.) An adjustment in your monthly rate may be
necessary if not remedied by the customer.
Lowcountry Pool House is completely insured with worker’s compensation and general liability
We will bill for each month’s service on the first day of the month for which services are being
We coordinate your cleaning day based on the area you reside and our established routes to save
the most time, fuel and money to keep your cost down as much as possible. We will assign your
day that works best for our route schedule.
All service and repair questions should always go through our office via email or phone 843886-8988 to ensure all inquiries are handled properly and in a timely fashion. We encourage any
positive or negative information as we try to provide the very best in service and are always
committed to giving 110% to all of our customers.
Referrals are always welcome! We offer one free month of service to you and first month free
for each new customer that signs up for service with us. No obligations!
We are a full service licensed contractor for all outdoor projects being considered such as new
pool construction, re-plasters, outdoor kitchens, paver/travertine decking, pergola’s etc. Call our
office anytime to schedule a free consultation and estimate.
I authorize Lowcountry Pool House to perform any necessary or emergency repairs and
replacement pool tools if not provided within 30 days of sent estimate up to the following
$350.00 _____ YES
$500.00 _____ YES
I understand my credit card that I provide will be charge on the first of every month
automatically and a receipt will be emailed to me each month for my records.
I also understand that my card will automatically be charged for the bi-annual filter breakdown
and any broken internal parts to include grids, tie rod assembly with knobs, breather tubes or
manifolds if I have a De Filter System as stated earlier in this agreement.
This agreement must be signed by the owner of the property or designated Property Management
Agency and is effective immediately and perpetual unless changes are made and new agreements
are sent.
Proposed by:
Lowcountry Pool House
P.O. Box 2470 Mount Pleasant, SC 29465
Accepted by: _______________________________________________Date:_______________
(Customer Signature)
(Printed Customer Name)
Email Address: _________________________________________________________________
Service Address: _______________________________________________________________
Primary Phone: _________________________________________________________________
Other Phone:___________________________________________________________________
Alternate Contact: ______________________________________________________________
Email Address:_________________________________________________________________
Primary Phone:
Property Management Company:___________________________________________________
Contact Person:_________________________________________________________________
Email Address:_________________________________________________________________
Primary Phone:_________________________________________________________________
Entry Code & Location:__________________________________________________________
Do you have dogs?______Yes________NO
$235 per month with or without attached hot tub
Recurring Payment Authorization IauthorizeLowcountryPoolHousetoautomaticallybillthecardlistedbelowformy
Thank you for your business and we look forward to servicing your pool and/or hot
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