Software Map To make changes within the fixture, use the 4 digit

Software Map To make changes within the fixture, use the 4 digit
Basic Operation manual
Software Map
To make changes within the fixture, use the 4 digit display,
Press Up or Down, choose your desired Mode or Address, then press Enter to activate.
TIP: Press Esc 3 times to quickly enter DMX address mode.
Address Mode (blinking Addr display indicates no DMX signal is present)
Auto mode 1 mode, rainbow effect (use the speed setting to change rate)
Auto mode 2 mode, RGB quick color change (use the speed setting to change rate)
Sound activate mode
Speed settings, 1= fastest, 31= slowest, after changing speed re-enter Auto Mode to activate
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, RGB (white), see chapter “Custom Colors”
(Color Calibrate), default is 240, 240, 240. Set all to 255 for max brightness
000 - 255
000 - 255
000 - 255
Options: 3 channel, 6 channel, 13 channel ( see DMX protocol below)
DMX Protocol
3 Channel mode:
Ch 1 Red
Ch 2 Green
Ch 3 Blue
6 Channel mode:
Ch 1 Master Dimmer
Ch 2 Red
Ch 3 Green
Ch 4 Blue
Ch 5 Strobe
Ch 6 Macros - Macros (000-010) Blackout, (011-056) Strobe at varying speeds, (057-255) Auto run macros
13 Channel Mode
Ch 1 - Macros (000-010) Blackout, (011-056) Strobe at varying speeds, (057-255) Auto run macros
Ch 2 - Red Dimming
Ch 3 - Green Dimming
Ch 4 - Blue Dimming
Ch 5 - Red Segment 1
Ch 6 - Green Segment 1
Ch 7 - Blue Segment 1
Ch 8 - Red Segment 2
Ch 9 - Green Segment 2
Ch 10 - Blue Segment 2
Ch 11 - Red Segment 3
Ch 12 - Green Segment 3
Ch 13 - Blue Segment 3
Master Slave Mode
The BigStik Dj can be operated in a “stand alone” mode called Master/Slave. The first fixture in the chain
will operate as the Master, and the subsequent fixtures will mimic the Master in unison. To set up
Master/Slave follow these steps.
Power on all fixtures, set the Slave fixtures to DMX address to A001.
Note: When the fixtures are set to A001, the fixture lamps will be off until connected to a DMX controller, or
a Master fixture.
Now adjust the Master fixture to one of the following modes:
At1 - Auto mode 1, Rainbow effect
At2 - Auto Mode 2, RGB Quick change effect
Audi - Audi mode, adjust the internal mic sensitivity with the red knob beside the display.
Color - Solid colors, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, RGB (white)
Last, connect the Master fixture’s DMX output to the Slave fixture’s DMX input. If you are connecting more
than 8 fixtures in a chain, it is recommended that you install a DMX terminator on the last fixture’s DMX
output. See diagram below.
Slave 1
Slave 2
DMX terminator
(recommended for systems with 8 or more fixtures).
With the Slave fixtures all connected in Series as above, they should all mimic the Masster’s operation in
unison. You can change the Master’s mode at any time make all fixtures change.
Note: If you wish to use a DMX controller, rather than operate in Master/Salve mode, you MUST change
the Master fixture to Address mode 001 - 512. All fixtures must be in Address mode to operate with a DMX
controller. Please read our document called DMX Primer if you are new to DMX lighting. It is a easy to
understand and very informational guide.
Creating Custom Colors with CCAL mode
If you are using a DMX controller, there is no need to use this feature. You can create any color you wish
with a DMX controller. The CCAL (custom calibrate) feature allows you to dial in a custom color when no
controller is used. The BigStik DJ is equipped with 7 preset colors, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta,
Cyan, RGB (white). To choose a preset color, simply press Up or Down, choose CoLr mode and press
Enter, then press Up or Down to choose one of 7 colors, press Enter.
IF YOU NEED A CUSTOM COLOR, simply follow these steps.
Press Esc 3 times to exit any other mode. Press Up or Down until you see CCAL mode (custom
calibrate), press Enter. Choose one of 3 color banks, R,G,B, press Enter. You can now choose a value
from 000 - 255 per color bank. Adjust each color bank until you get the desired Hue and Intensity.
Note: You must remain in the CCAL mode in order for the fixture to remain in this custom color. If you exit
the CCAL mode the fixture will not stay in the custom color.
Note: The CCAL adjustment is a global adjustment. This means if you lower the value of the Red bank to
000 (off), the Red bank will not illuminate even with a controller. You have essentially turned off the Red
bank. You must adjust the Red bank to the max of 255. It is recommended to leave all color banks at a
value of 255 if you are using a DMX controller. CCAL mode is only for Stand Alone use.
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