adaptive solutions for outdoor lighting

adaptive solutions for outdoor lighting
Adaptive Solutions
for Outdoor Lighting
Adaptive exterior lighting products are entering the marketplace at a rapid rate. By coupling
features such as occupancy-based lighting controls with efficacious, dimmable sources, these
solutions offer 30 – 75% energy savings over traditional systems.
The outdoor lighting products presented in this compendium utilize features that have been
tested and verified through RD&D activities supported by the California Energy Commission.
CLTC case studies demonstrated the commercial readiness of these technology features as
they progressed from the lab to the marketplace. This collection focuses on the combination
of occupancy-based lighting controls and dynamically tunable light sources. It is not intended
as a comprehensive catalog, but offers a starting point for facility managers considering the
implementation of adaptive lighting technologies today.
Case Studies
∙∙ Parking Lot Bi-level Street & Parking Area
Luminaires, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (05 / 10)
Parking Structure Bi-level Induction Parking
Garage Luminaires, UC Davis (05 / 10)
∙∙ Walkway Bi-level LED Post Top Luminaires,
Los Angeles Trade Technical College (05 / 12)
∙∙ Wall Pack Bi-level HID Wall Packs,
CSU Chico (06 / 10) • Adaptive LED Wall Packs,
UC Davis (03 / 13)
Parking Lot
∙∙ Cooper Lighting Galleon • Navion • Ventus
∙∙ Cree 304 Series • SLM IP66
∙∙ Kenall TopDek
∙∙ Kim Lighting The Archetype • Warp 9
∙∙ Osram Sylvania
ProPoint Cobrahead • ProPoint Shoebox
∙∙ Philips Wide-Lite HIBRED
∙∙ Neptun Light Bi-level Dimming Shoebox
Parking Structure
Cooper Lighting Quadcast • Valet
∙∙ Cree 304 Series • The Edge
∙∙ Kenall TekDek
∙∙ Kim Lighting PGL7
∙∙ Lamar Lighting OccuSmart LED
∙∙ LED Era LS / LP 4
∙∙ Lithonia Lighting Archway
∙∙ Philips Gardco ELG • LimeLight
∙∙ Philips Wide-Lite QLP G2 • VizorLED
∙∙ Tersen Ratio Canopy 1.5
Deco Lighting D511ib
∙∙ Enviro Tech Lighting Garage Light
∙∙ Everlast Lighting BioLume • Classic • Davenport
∙∙ Columbia Lighting BIL4
∙∙ Deco Lighting DSBL-CP
∙∙ Enviro Tech Lighting ENV-FLU
∙∙ Lamar Lighting VO Series
∙∙ Philips Day-Brite Vaporlume
∙∙ Philips Wide-Lite Spectra III
∙∙ Spaulding Lighting Cimmaron • Raven
California Lighting Technology Center
∙ University of California, Davis ∙
Wall Pack
∙∙ Cree The Edge
∙∙ Hydrel 3100 Series
∙∙ Philips Gardco 830 Series
∙∙ Philips Hadco Evolaire • LumiLock
∙∙ Philips Lumec Domus55 • UrbanScape
Everlast Lighting Acorn Walkway
Cooper Lighting Generation Series
∙∙ Cree The Edge
∙∙ Lithonia Lighting
∙∙ Philips Gardco 120 Line
Enviro tech Lighting Wall Pack
∙∙ Everlast Lighting Classic Wall Pack
∙∙ Neptun Light Wall Pack
About the California Lighting Technology Center: The California Lighting Technology Center was created in
2003 by the California Energy Commission in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Electrical
Manufacturers Association. Part of the Department of Design at the University of California, Davis, CLTC is dedicated to
accelerating the development and deployment of energy-efficient lighting and daylighting technologies.
Revised: May 2013
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