Hypertec 60GB 2.5" Firestorm Datasheet

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Hypertec 60GB 2.5
Firestorm SSD
60GB to 480GB Capacities e 2.5” SATA
& 1.8” MSATA available * 128 Bit
AES Compliant Data Encryption
Increased Performance & Extended Battery Life
The Hypertec Firestorm SSD range combines enterprise
class performance with low power consumption to make
the ideal mobile drive. The high read and write
performance of the Hypertec Firestorm SSD will satisfy the
most demanding gamer and power user, while the low
power mode extends battery life for mobile workers.
Enterprise Class Standards
Providing a bandwidth of more than 260MB/sec, the Hypertec Firestorm SSD can approach the limits of the
SATA 3Gb/s interface on large transfers. Performance reaches enterprise class standards with up to
30,000 IOPS.
Reduced Power Requirements Fast Performance
No moving parts Virtually zero spin or seek times
Super-low operating and standby power needs Zero rotational latency
Power requirements notably reduced over a typical HD Sustained high-speed data transfers
Reliable Improved Operation
No volatile memory elements Noise and vibration free
Improved resistance to shock & vibration Virtually no heat emissions
Predictable and manageable failure modes reduce IT Lighter than conventional storage
Performance & Power Optimisation
SSDs are capable of significantly outperforming traditional HDDs, but typical controllers haven't delivered
the compelling value necessary for mainstream adoption. The Hypertec Firestorm SSD range uses
SandForce DuraClass technology which enables the SSD to maximise both the endurance and performance
for the life of the drive; fulfilling the promise of high speed flash memory in client computing applications
and improving system performance by up to 50% (as measured by SYSmark Benchmark).
Data Protection & Reliability
Hypertec Firestorm SSD has built in AES-128 bit encryption controllable by a configurable user password.
This feature prevents would be thieves from extracting data directly from the flash memory should they
ever have access to the drive. The Hypertec Firestorm SSD processor provides up to 100x greater data
protection than today’s SSDs, and leading enterprise HHDs; this is a result of superior ECC protection
and unique RAISE (Redundant Array of Independant Silicon Elements) technology. RAISE provides
the protection and reliability of RAID on a single drive without the significant write overhead.
DuraClass Technology
DuraWrite extends the endurance of SSDs e Intelligent Block Management &
Wear levelling e¢ Intelligent Read Management e Intelligent “Recycling”
for advanced free space management e RAISE (Redundant Array
of Independant Silicon Elements) e Best-in-class
protection and drive life
www. hypertec.co.uk
Firestorm SSD
Technical Specification
9.5mm thick 2.5” SATA & 1.8” mSATA Form Factor
Lifetime performance - will not degrade over time
TRIM support (O/S support required)
Windows (32-bit & 64-bit). Linux, and Mac OSX
Ultra efficient Black Management and Wear Levelling
Capacity Environmental
60GB to 480GB Operating Temperature OC to 70C
2.5” SATA €: 1.8” MSATA
Host Interface
SATA 2.6 Compliant, 3Gb/s support and 1.5Gb/s support
Native Command Queing: 32
SMART attribute List: Extended
Performance Security
Sequential Read @ 128K: upto 285MB/s 128-bit AES data encryption
Sequential Write @ 128K: upto 275MB/s User selectable password
Random Read IOPS @ 4k blocks: up to 30K User selectable password runtime
Random Write IOPS @ 4k blocks: up to 30K Secure erase (Factory Reset - ATA)
Flash Memory Support Physical
Supports MLC 2.5"/1.8" standard form factor
Number of Flash Buses: 16 Weight: <80gm
Power Consumption
Typical (mW)<2.5W
Sleep/Slumber: 50mW
Part Numbers
2.5” SATA Part Numbers 1.8” MSATA Part Numbers
60GB - SSD2060SF1200SA2 60GB - SSD1060SF1200SA2
115GB - SSD2115SF1200SA2 115GB - SSD1115SF1200SA2
- SSD2120SF1200SA2
- SSD2240SF1200SA2
- SSD2480SF1200SA2
- SSD1120SF1200SA2
- SSD1240SF1200SA2
{: 0844 879 2262
f. 0844 879 2283
e: info'rOhypertec.co.uk


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