Keep it clean
Keep it clean
The Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer should be cleaned daily.
Follow these 3 simple steps to ensure the machine performs
to its best and remains hygienic. Using the wrong cleaning
method or product may invalidate the warranty.
Wipe all surfaces with a
soft cloth and non-abrasive
cleaner. Particular attention
should be paid to the seals
and sides of the machine.
Clean the air inlet
on base REGULARLY.
Clean the floor beneath
and around the machine.
This may be required more
regularly in high use areas.
General advice
Chemical guidelines
Filter change kit
All cleaning chemicals should be used
exactly as indicated by the manufacturer’s
instructions (including appropriate dilution).
Most professional cleaning chemicals
can be used. The following are some that
are harmful to the machine.
Designed for machines with high usage,
the kit provides everything needed to
change the machine’s HEPA filter on site.
If a cleaning product is left on the
machine for too long, a film will form.
This may reduce the effectiveness of
the anti-microbial surfaces.
Any chemicals intended for use should
first be tested on an inconspicuous
area to confirm suitability. Aside from
cleaning chemicals, care should be taken
to avoid any harmful fluids from coming
into contact with the product, in particular
oils and alcohol-based products.
Solvent /oil-based
Alcohol-acid mixes
Contact us for more information:
UK: 0800 345 7788
Quaternary ammonium
Alkali-bleach mixes
Foaming ingredients
Bleach or abrasive cleaners
Do not pressure wash
JN: 41634 06.10.11
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