Procat MkII Instructions 24-02-09

Procat MkII Instructions 24-02-09
Angling Technics Limited
Procat MkII
Thank you for purchasing this highly advanced fishing aid. Before you use it, please take a few
moments to read these instructions in conjunction with the DVD.
Battery Power
Low Battery Battery Cover Plate
On / Off
Neutral Pre-set
Throttle Trim
Function Reversing Switches
Drain Holes
Charging Point
Navigational LEDs
Screw the aerial to the connector on the boat.
Turn “on” the radio control Transmitter (handset).
Remove the boat rear hatch to uncover the battery compartment.
Insert the battery into the housing, connect the battery and replace the hatch. The boat will have
automatically turned itself “on”.
5. The boat may now be switched “on & off” using the push button. Turn the boat on using the push
button as normal, but keep holding the button down. When the boat lights go dim, you can adjust
the brightness of the lights using the left hand control (throttle). When you are happy with the
brightness simply release the on/off push button. The lights will remain at this intensity until you
either, turn on the boat and hold the button down again or it will be reset to normal intensity when
you change the battery.
6. Open the hopper door by moving the steering control (right joystick) to the extreme right or left at
the same time moving the throttle (left joystick) into full reverse.
7. Insert your rig, by passing it under the boat and up into the open hopper through the open door.
8. Close the hopper door until it locks in the closed position.
9. Attach the hopper extension if required.
10. Add your free offerings into the hopper and then place your hooked bait on top.
11. Place the boat in the water.
12. The words in “blue type” in the picture of the handset indicate that these items are not required for
general operation. The throttle trim should normally be positionally central to achieve a two hour
running time.
13. The left hand joystick operates the throttle (forwards & reverse) and the right hand joystick operates
the steering. To steer in reverse place the throttle control into the reverse position as normal. Then
move the right joystick (rudder) control trim - the small lever under the main rudder joystick to steer
in reverse. The trim will turn off one or other of the drives to effectively steer the boat.
Please remember that if you try to steer in reverse using the rudder joystick the hopper door will open.
14. The speed of the boat is proportional to the position of the throttle joystick.
15. The two trims for the two joysticks have a small effect on steering and throttle power and
contribute about ten percent of the overall throws of the joysticks. Normally they should be in the
central positions but can be moved to adjust steering and power output.
16. The Procat MkII can be made to spin on the spot by moving just the steering joystick to the extreme
left or right, and leaving the throttle joystick in the central position. The Procat MkII needs to be more
or less stationary before this action can be performed.
17. When you have reached your desired destination for release, move the steering joystick to the
extreme left or right and, at the same time move the throttle joystick into reverse. After a short time
the lights will go out and the hopper door will open. The lights will then come back “on”, indicating
that the command has been completed.
18. Return the boat to the bankside and remove the boat from the water.
19. Switch the boat “off”, and then switch the handset “off”.
The Boat battery is accessible under the removable rear hatch. A yellow LED, visible on the battery
hatch,and the main boat LED’s will flash when the boat battery has around fifteen minutes running time
left. Once the LED is lit it will stay lit when the boat is “on” until the battery is disconnected, even after
switching “on & off” again - just in case the user forgets that it’s time to recharge or change the battery.
Battery Charging
Two mains chargers are provided with the Procat MkII. The boat charger is capable of charging the
boat battery from fully discharged to fully charged in approximately 15 hours. Do not leave it on
charge for more than 24 hours.
A boat battery fast charger is available and will charge the boat battery in under two hours. This is for
bankside use only, either connecting to a cigarette lighter or crocodiling direct to a large battery.
The Transmitter (handset) will charge from the mains in about 7-9 hours. Do not charge for
more than 10 hours. You MUST always fully discharge the transmitter batteries before you
recharge them.
Dry cells (i.e. non-rechargeable batteries) may be used in the transmitter and will always give longer
life. A solar panel can also be used as a boat battery and handset charger.
All rechargeable batteries should be stored in a fully charged condition. If you are storing the boat
etc. for a long period then every 6-8 weeks recharge the batteries again.
Additional Notes
1. It is recommended that the Procat MkII be wiped down with a damp cloth after use.
2. Although the electronics are sealed it is important that the Procat MkII and transmitter be stored in a
warm, dry place when not in use, in order to prevent condensation build up.
3. The transmitter should be protected from dampness and water at all times.
4. It is important that the transmitter is not turned “off” before the boat.
5. The boat and transmitter batteries should not be stored for long periods without being charged.
Failure to do so may result in seriously and permanently reduced running times.
6. Continued starting, stopping & reversing of the boat is expensive on battery life. Smooth operation
at all times is recommended in order to ensure a running time of 1 1/2+ hours with the throttle trim in
the central position and 1 hours with the trim fully forward. If it appears the boat is becoming
exhausted and may not make it back to you, then let the boat drift for a while and the battery may
recover enough energy to make the return journey.
7. If the propellor guards become blocked, steering of the boat may become impossible.
8. If the boat appears to have blocked guards, let the boat drift for a while until the offending blockage
falls away from the guard, or try reversing the boat.
9. The boat can be in wind and rain, but common sense should be used in difficult situations like strong
winds. If the situation get very difficult while you are still on the water, the boat should be driven into
or away from the direction of the wind, whichever is most convenient. Do not use the boat in high
winds or choppy conditions.
10. Avoid running over your line as it may get caught in the propellers.
11. The control reversing switches may be used at anytime bearing in mind that all operations will be
affected. It is sometimes useful when using the boat for the first time to use the rudder reversing
switch when the boat is facing towards you.
12. If the transmitter is turned “off” while the boat is still “on”, the boat lights will flash, indicating a loss
of radio signal. This feature is useful for finding the maximum range in low light and for determining
if another radio is interfering with your boat.
13. The drives may be run out of water without fear of damage. In the event of the drives being fouled
by something, they will automatically cut out. Once the problem is resolved the drives will run again
as normal.
Most problems associated with radio control boats can be put down to either low boat or transmitter
batteries. In the absence of a battery problem interference is the next usual culprit - caused by many
external sources. Other problems are of a more physical nature - fouled propellers, snagged weed etc.
Whatever the problem, if a charge, change of venue and an inspection on the business end of the boat
do not reveal a cause, one quick telephone call to Angling Technics will probably solve it.
Tel: +44 (0) 1666 575144
Fax: +44 (0) 1666 576300
Website: -
Angling Technics Limited
Unit 5, Kemble Business Park
Sn16 9SH
Your boat is guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase. The guarantee covers any defects
arising from faulty material or workmanship: it does not cover damage arising from improper use or
normal wear of the boat or associated equipment. The guarantee is invalidated if unauthorised
persons undertake repairs or modifications.
To register you guarantee, please complete ALL of the following slip in BLOCK CAPITALS and
return it to the above address.
If your guarantee is not completed and returned then the warranty on the Procat will be taken from
the date of manufacture.
Cut along the dotted line
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