Convertors and Adaptor

Convertors and Adaptor
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While most people travel to experience the sights and sounds of strange faraway lands, they also want to take along some of the comforts of home. Hair dryers,
shavers, cameras, mobile phones, music players, radios and other small appliances make the journey a much more pleasant one.
Electrical appliances built for use in Singapore are designed to operate on 230 volts AC (alternating current ). However, there are many countries operating on
110 volts AC. To use your favourite 230V appliances while travelling overseas, you need to convert their 110V electricity to match 230V appliance. Failure to
do so could severely damage or destroy your appliance. The device made for these purpose is called voltage converter. The Planet Traveller offers two types
of voltage converters for use with a wide range of electrical appliances.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Singapore’s 230 volt appliances can operate without a converter in countries with voltage from 220 to 240 volts. A converter must be used
in countries with voltage from 100 to 127 volts.
/ Voltage & Wattage Ratings
If only the amperage rating is shown,
multiply the input voltage by the
amperage rating to find the wattage
rating. Volts x Amps = Watts or
120V x 0.5A = 60W. (It is necessary
to use a transformer that is rated at
least 10% higher in wattage than the
intended appliance; i.e. if the appliance
requires100W, it is a must to step up to
the next size, e.g. a 250W transformer.
Convertors and
To determine the correct model voltage
converter or heavy duty transformer
you need, you must know the voltage
and wattage requirements of your
appliance. You can find the information
listed on the appliance manufacturer’s
label located on the back or bottom
of the appliance or in the specifications
section of the appliance owner’s manual.
The label or manual will show the input
voltage (110, 220, 230, 240 written
as: 110 volts, 110V, 110 volts AC or
110VAC ), the wattage (100 watts or
100W ) or the amperage ( 0.5 Amps
or 5.0A or 500mA ).
Cycles – 50Hz vs. 60Hz
Singapore 230 volts electricity is
generated at 50HZ ( Cycles )
Alternating Current. Some foreign
110 volt electricity is generated at
60Hz ( Cycles ) Alternating Current.
This difference in cycles may cause
the motor in your 50Hz Singapore
appliance to operate faster when
used on 60Hz foreign electricity. It
will also cause clocks and timing
circuits that use Alternating Current as
a timing base to keep incorrect time.
Most modern electronic equipment
including battery charges, computers,
printers, stereos, tape and CD players
and VCR’s will not be affected by the
difference in cycles.
converters and heavy duty
transformers do not convert cycles.
Dual Voltage Appliances
Many travel appliances are designed
to work on either 110V or 220V AC
without a converter by simply flipping
a switch; e.g. hair dryers, shavers,
clothes steamers, travel irons etc.
However, you may need the proper
adapter plugs to use them in the
countries you plan to visit.
Adapter Plugs
Electrical wall outlets around the
world differ in shape, assortment and
arrangement of plug holes.The most
common outlet requires two round pins.
Many countries however, use other
types of outlets. In fact, some
countries have more than one type
of outlet. The Planet Traveller sells
many adaptor plugs which allow
voltage appliances to fit most of the
electrical outlets found worldwide.
Adapter plugs DO NOT CONVERT
electricity; they simply modify foreign
Grounded Appliances
If your appliance is grounded, you
will need to use a grounded
transformer to convert the voltage or
a grounded adaptor plug if your
appliance is dual voltage.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan to use
a surge protector with a computer,
stereo or video equipment, you must
use a grounded adaptor plug for the
surge protector to operate properly.
European Shaver Sockets
The 220 Volt AC electrical outlets
found in many European bathrooms
are only for use with low wattage
appliances (15 – 50 W ) i.e. electric
shavers, battery charger, etc.
Hair dryer or other high wattage
appliance on this outlet, even with a
converter will blow the main fuse or
circuit breaker and may damage
your converter and appliance.
• Voltage converters will not operate on Direct Current voltage (volts DC )
• When in a foreign country, always
check the type of electrical current
( AC or DC ) and voltage (110 volts
AC or 220 volts AC) before using
your converter or dual voltage appliances.
• Read all instructions and always
check the appliance you plan touse
with a converter of voltage requirement, wattage ratings and
type ( motorized, electronic or heating)
and be sure that the appliance is
operating properly before you leave.
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