HATSOFF Helicopter Training Centre
H e l i c o p t e r
T r a i n i n g
C e n t r e
turnkey helicopter
training in the heart
of Asia
Whether your rotary wing training requirements are for high mountain operations or the desert,
military or civil, flight or maintenance, basic or advanced, the HATSOFF Helicopter Training
Centre is designed to provide your helicopter crews with a superior learning experience and
the highest-quality helicopter training.
HATSOFF is a joint venture between one of the world’s premier defence and aerospace
companies, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) of India, and CAE, a global leader in simulation
and integrated training solutions. The joint venture company is known as the Helicopter Academy
to Train by Simulation of Flying (HATSOFF).
HATSOFF opened for training in 2010 when it began offering training for Bell 412 operators.
HATSOFF will continue to add training programs and by 2012 is expected to be offering complete
training solutions for the Bell 412, the Eurocopter Dauphin, and both military glass cockpit and
civil/conventional cockpit variants of the HAL-built Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopter. Other
military and civil rotary wing platforms may be added in the future based on customer demand.
Training capabilities at HATSOFF encompass the latest technologies, including a full-mission
simulator featuring CAE’s revolutionary roll-on/roll-off (RORO) platform so cockpits for each
helicopter type can be used in the full-mission simulator. The comprehensive training media
includes a docking station to allow each cockpit to be a flight training device when not in the RORO
platform, an on-board instructor station, off-board instructor operation station, computer-based
training, simulation-based classroom instruction, brief/debrief rooms, courseware, and training
management information system. As well, the HATSOFF campus provides accommodations,
food service, and business amenities to help facilitate your crews’ learning environment and
overall training experience.
An accessible, vibrant location
The HATSOFF Helicopter Training Centre leverages the collective and proven experience of both
HAL and CAE in delivering comprehensive, cost-effective instruction to produce safe, proficient
and mission-ready crews.
It is also referred to as the ‘Garden City’ for its abundance of parks, gardens, temples, and
centuries-old landmarks. The shopping scene offers modern malls and traditional markets, and
the restaurants serve a cornucopia of regional and international cuisines.
The HATSOFF Helicopter Training Centre is situated in rapidly growing South India, convenient to
Australia, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. The new Bengaluru International
Airport (BLR) at Devanahalli features direct flights to most major cities, including London, Paris,
Frankfurt, Dubai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.
Bangalore is known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ and home to numerous aerospace, telecom
and software companies, as well as national research and defence organizations.
Rotary wing training
tailored to your needs
Training for the aircraft types represented at the HATSOFF Helicopter
Training Centre can be customized for numerous civil and military
missions such as search and rescue, medical airlift, disaster response,
homeland security, offshore operations, geological survey, VIP transport,
law enforcement, high-altitude operations, and various military tactical
Basic and advanced training
Realistic mission training
HATSOFF type conversion and recurrent training is designed
to provide aircraft system knowledge, situational awareness of
the terrain, weather and emergencies, effective crew resource
interaction in a high-stress environment, and enhanced
confidence – all leading to safer flight and mission success.
Para-military crews learn elements of mission rescue,
emergency medical service operations, confined area
landings and hovering in congested areas. Military crews
also learn basic tactics, formation flying, low-level flying, desert
operations, and night vision goggles (NVG).
Basic training encompasses all aircraft systems and
procedures: avionics, navigation aids, communications
systems, automated flight controls, fuel, hydraulics, landing
gear, and electrical, including malfunctions. Also, the
comprehensive synthetic training program includes taxi,
take-off, landing, cruise, hover, instrument flying (IFR), air traffic
control, cockpit resource management (CRM), and response
to aircraft emergencies.
Advanced training available includes advanced tactics, landing
in brown-out or white-out conditions, advanced CRM and
emergency procedures, formation lead, advanced NVG, napof-the-earth flight, mountain operations, maritime operations,
weapons training, and electronic warfare.
The simulated synthetic environments for mission training
enable feature-rich scenarios for challenging aircrews to
achieve full mission readiness. Highly accurate geo-specific
and geo-typical terrain databases depict the areas where
crews will operate, including coastal, mountainous, forest,
and urban areas. Realistic weather effects displayed both outthe-window and via cockpit sensors fully immerse the aircrew
in a realistic synthetic environment. Training includes the full
suite of weapons and electronic warfare systems for which
the aircraft is capable, such as missiles and rockets, forwardlooking infrared (FLIR), radar/laser/missile warning receivers,
jammers, chaff/flare dispensers, and other countermeasures.
Finally, the realism of the synthetic environment is enhanced
with computer-generated friendly and enemy forces, surfaceto-air missiles, and other threats. All this is designed to
prepare the crew to execute their mission with precision and
provide the skills necessary to handle the unexpected.
Flight training device
technology at
The Level 6-equivalent Flight Training Device (FTD) is a
“docking station” to which any of the RORO cockpit modules
can be attached, effectively converting the cockpits not being
used in the full-mission simulator into an FTD. The docking
station has its own three-channel, 150 x 40 degree visual
system and independent computer complex. This enables
training on a second helicopter type when the full-mission
simulator is in use.
Mission preparation and review
The off-board tactical operation station (TOS) enables an
instructor to rehearse a mission, control the execution of a
tactical scenario, or monitor training. The brief/debrief rooms
enable the instructor to prepare and review training sessions
and mission rehearsal exercises. The debrief room features
a large Smartboard screen on which the instructor can
display (in multiple windows) all of the information relevant
to mission preparation or review of a completed exercise
(tactical map, cockpit video, stealth view, cockpit video, and
communications). The debrief room also has its own stealth
view display (SVD) and tactical map, allowing the instructor
to pre-fly a mission or to observe an exercise.
The HATSOFF Helicopter Training Centre incorporates
the most advanced technologies available for rotary
wing aircraft training. The primary components include a
full-mission simulator, flight training devices, multimedia
classrooms, computer-based training, brief/debrief
rooms, courseware, curricula, and training management
information system. Our expert instructors are qualified
for the aircraft types and missions they teach, and
undergo regular training to keep their knowledge current.
Full-mission simulator and RORO cockpits
The full-mission simulator complex consists of a “mothership”
with RORO platform and cockpit modules for each of the
simulated helicopters:
• HAL Dhruv (Indian Army/Air Force glass cockpit variant)
• HAL Dhruv (civil/conventional cockpit variant)
• Bell 412
• Eurocopter Dauphin
HATSOFF is focused on making your overall training
experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible. That
is why we have provided on-site amenities for your comfort
and convenience. You will find new accommodations, food
service options, and a range of business amenities designed
to make your training experience a positive one.
HATSOFF – your training partner
The HATSOFF Helicopter Training Centre is committed to
providing you the tailored training your helicopter crews need
to fly your unique missions safely and effectively. We invite
you to talk with us about your specific rotary wing training
requirements so we may design and deliver an innovative,
flexible training program for your crews.
The mothership simulator platform encompasses a common
motion system (six degree-of-freedom), vibration platform,
and visual display system. The visual system is five-channels
with a 220-degree horizontal by 60-degree vertical field of
view. Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) projectors relay the
out-the-window scenes from a CAE Medallion-6000 image
generator. Databases representing areas of India and other
mission locales specified by HATSOFF customers provide
realistic, mission-specific training. During 2010, the simulator
was qualified to Level D, the highest qualification for flight
simulators, by India’s Directorate General Civil Aviation
(DGCA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).
The RORO cockpit modules each contain, appropriate
to the aircraft being simulated, a window package, main
instrument panel, pedestal (inter-seat console), overhead
panel structure, cyclic and collective, rudder pedals, all
other primary and secondary flight controls, aircraft-specific
furnishings and parts, pilot seats, and on-board Instructor
Operator Station (IOS).
HATSOFF Helicopter Training Private Limited
HAL-CAE Joint Venture Company
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Phone : +91 80 25120100
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E-mail : contactus@hatsoff-training.com
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