HomeAware - Sonic Alert

HomeAware - Sonic Alert
Complete Home Alerting solution
The Sonic Alert HomeAware™
Complete home Alerting Solution will
alert you to the telephone, cell phone,
video phone calls and the doorbell
ringing. HomeAware™ comes complete
with a powerful bed shaker, extra loud
alarm up to 105 decibels, an extra bright
flashing strobe and a convenient USB
cell phone charger. Several optional
accessories are available that will help
alert you to the baby crying, smoke &
CO2 detection, weather alerts, personal
paging, door knock and much more.
Including a scrolling display that spells
out the alert notification in large 2”
BABY, FIRE etc.). Also our proprietary
caller ID scrolls the name and number
of the caller on it’s large bright red
display, no hard to see lighted icons
to be confused. With our exclusive
SonicBridge™ our HomeAware™ is
the only wireless D-RF system available
that is compatible with all Sonic Alert
remote receivers manufactured
after 1995.
The HomeAware™ has been designed
with proprietary D-RF Secure™
Technology that provides the safest and
most reliable method of sending and
receiving a wireless signal. D-RF
Secure™ Technology allows all components to work together even if there is
a problem in the system. D-RF Secure™
will constantly monitor the system to
insure that HomeAware™ is always
working. It will find the error and report
back where it is and will keep the
system up and running even when the
power is out.
*Optional modules in development
n D-RF Secure™ Technology
n Digital display scrolls the alert across all receivers such as phone, door, smoke etc.
n Digital display scrolls caller ID name and number across display
n Safe supervision monitoring: reports low battery and lost communication with all parts of the system
n Loud adjustable tone and volume
n Ultra bright strobe flash
n Full back up in the event of
power outage
Works with the Bed Vibrator,
Baby Cry and Doorbell signalers
n USB charger for phones
n Backwards compatible with current SA receivers*
n Smoke / CO2 detection*
n Digital remote pager*
n Weather radio transmitter*
n Cell phone alert transmitter*
n Bridge unit for video relay units*
HomeAware™ Complete Home Alerting,
just one of our many solutions to keep you . . .
In Touch With Your World
Interface to table
lamp flash module.
Also sends signals
to original Sonic
Alert products
(SA101, SA201, etc.)
External module
detects incoming cell
phone calls and will
display number and
7.5V 2A DC IN
External UL listed
power pack –
Connect system to
powerful bed vibrator.
External battery pack
allows operation during
extended power outages.
Used to charge phones
and other electronics
Connect system to
Connect system
phone and eliminates to phone line.
need for 2:1 adapter.
SonicAlert specialized hearing solutions are designed to
improve your quality of life. Our extra-loud alarm clocks,
amplified telephones with TrueSound™, personal hearing
solutions, listening and signaling devices all have features to
fit your needs and keep you connected..
Supplying amplified alarm clocks, telephones, signalers,
and personal listening devices for nearly 40 years.
Alarm Clocks
Amplified Phones
Personal Hearing
Listening Devices
Signaling Devices
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