DIY: How to Install a Garage Door Opener

DIY: How to Install a Garage Door Opener
DIY: How to Install a Garage Door Opener
by: Jeremy Harmon
Installing a garage door opener is actually a lot harder than you may think.
However, that does not mean the job cannot be done DIY. It simply means you
will need to follow the instructions closely.
To install a garage door opener, you will need a drill, a standard socket set,one
and a half open wrench, flat head screwdrivers, measuring tape and the garage
door opening kit. Keep in mind when installing a garage door that all garage door
openers are different and thus, you should always read the instructions from
your manufacturer before diving into the job.
1. The first thing you will need to do is locate the centre of the door. Mark it near
the top.
2. Next, raise the door to the highest point of travel and measure it to the floor.
Add 2 inches to the measurement and mark the garage door header at that
height. Attach the rail bracket to the header of the mark.
3. Then you will need to assemble the rail that extends from the power until to
the door. Check the manufacturer's instructions on how to do this properly as
every manufacturer has a different direction. Attach the pulley to the front of the
rail assembly and then attach the rear of the rail to the power unit. Attach the
rail to the header bracket.
4. Open the garage door and place a brick on the face of the door to raise the
rail until it is high enough to clear the door.
5. Go back to the mark you placed on the door in step 1 and centre the rail
according to this mark.
6. Look for the ceiling joists and attach an anchor board to the joists with long
wood screws.
7. Then you will need to secure the power until from the anchor board with
corner brackets. Position these brackets neat the top centre of the door and drill
completely through the door.
8. Bolt the bracket to the garage door.
9. Attach the rail carriage to the rail and then attach the straight arm to that rail
10. Attach the bent arm to the door bracket and secure with cotter pins.
11. Next attach the straight arms and the bent arms to one another.
12. Attach the top and bottom stop to the rail and any photo sensors to the door
frame, as per your instruction manual.
13. Head over to the power unit and make sure it is unplugged. When it is attach
the wires to the appropriate terminals on the power unit.You can then place the
wall switch wherever you want and you are done.
Many people will look for help when it comes to installing a garage door opener.
Keep in mind that many garage door shops will provide complete installation of
the garage door and the opener in their service. If this is the case, you may want
to take advantage of this and save yourself the headache and the time.
However, if you love a challenging DIY project, then installing a garage door
opener will be right up your alley.
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