Permanent 4-H Horse Identification and Health Record

Permanent 4-H Horse Identification and Health Record
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Permanent 4-H Horse Identification
and Health Record
This page is not an official Idaho Brand document
Permanent 4-H Horse Identification Record
Be prepared to identify and prove that you own your horse.
Idaho Brand laws require a brand inspection when horses
change ownership. Insist on a brand inspection when you
purchase a horse. The seller must prove ownership before a
Brand Inspector will issue a Brand Inspection Certificate.
You may apply to any Idaho Brand Inspector for an Ownership
and Transportation Certificate (“Lifetime”), which is valid for
the lifetime of the horse, as long as you own the horse. This
“Lifetime” Certificate allows you to transport your horse to and
from any other state.
Seasonal Certificates are also available. They allow you to
transport your horse anywhere in Idaho or to and fro a
neighboring state (except Montana). Horses with your brand
may be transported within Idaho by having your Idaho Brand
card with you. You must give a written permit to anyone who
transports you horse when you are not present in the vehicle.
Your local Brand Inspector will help you with forms and
information, or you may write or stop in to see the State Brand
Inspector, 2118 Airport Way, Boise, Idaho 83705
(telephone 208-334-2813).
Horse’s name________________________________________
Year foaled_______ Weight_______________ Color_________
Name of sire (if known) ________________________________
Name of dam (if known) _______________________________
Additional Information
Describe any of the following markings below and shade in the
diagrams at right (registration number, tattoos, wire cuts, scars,
leg markings, brands, etc.). Describe these or any other identifying marks below.
Indicate all markings in red (ink/pencil);
Draw scars and brands in blue on the
diagrams below.
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