Fact sheet: Collection Management Systems

Fact sheet: Collection Management Systems
Fact sheet
Collection management systems
General comments
Custom products
More than one person in the group needs to
understand the computer system and be able to
use it. The design of forms and records should
be discussed with someone with experience in
establishing a database, so that they capture
essential information in ways that will be useful
for users.
These are the most popular collection
management systems used in small museums
and galleries in Australia:
It’s a relatively easy process, though time–
consuming to learn how to enter information
into the database, however make sure training is
provided for everyone who will use the system.
There are many cases where a volunteer or wellmeaning person has come to the museum or
gallery, set up a system and put it into use, and
then left without training others in how to use
the database.
Off-the-shelf products
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access is purchased as part of the
Microsoft Office Professional system that also
performs word processing, spreadsheets and
publishing tasks. As Access is a relational
database system, distinct sets of information
can be linked to work together. Access costs
around $150 and will only function on a PC
FileMaker Pro
eHive is a simple to use and secure online
cataloguing system with built-in options for
publishing to the web. eHive has been developed
for small museums, heritage communities and
councils looking for a professional low-cost
solution for managing their collections.
eHive is a hosted web-based system which
requires no dedicated IT infrastructure. Upgrades
and backups are done automatically by Vernon
Systems. The system can be accessed from any
computer via broadband Internet.
Key features:
• Catalogue collections using screens for
Art, Photography and Multimedia, Archives,
History, Natural Science, Archaeology, and
Library items.
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Museums & Galleries of NSW
FileMaker Pro is said to be the Mac equivalent
to Microsoft Access. This product is made for
Mac computers and can be run on a PC but
you also need Windows. This is also a good
package to create your own database and keep
files on any subject. It is used by small business
generally, for example by doctors to keep
patients records, etc and costs around $200 $500.
MUSEUMS & GALLERIES OF NSW / EMAIL: info@mgnsw.org.au / WEB: www.mgnsw.org.au / PHONE: 02 9358 1760 / PAGE: 1
• Publish collections online or keep them
private. Web visitors can tag and comment
on published records.
• Create communities to link collection items
from many collections.
• Build branded websites using integration
with WordPress, a popular web content
management system.
Services include data audits, data conversion,
customisation, onsite and online training and
consultation by expert staff who have years of
experience in a full range of museum and gallery
Key features:
• Build custom authority term lists or use prebuilt thesauri to standardise data entry.
• Share records with Trove, the National
Library of Australia’s online resources
• Create custom formatted reports.
• Example users: Australian Stockman’s Hall
of Fame, The Gold Museum, National Trust of
Australia - Tasmania
• Manage workflows for activities such as
outward loans, including the generation of
reports and automated emails.
Cost: From US$99.00
• Secure access to restricted information.
Contact: Vernon Systems Ltd
• Benefit from our technical and user support
via phone and email.
Website: www.ehive.com
• Import and export data in multiple formats.
Email: info@ehive.com
Example users: Art Gallery of NSW, National
Gallery of Victoria and Queensland Museum
(August 2013)
Cost: From US$6,000.00
Vernon CMS
Contact: Vernon Systems Ltd
Vernon CMS is comprised of a core cataloguing
module and an optional activities management
module. It is designed to accommodate all
types of collections within one system. Many
clients have mixed collections that include
social history, natural history, archives and
library material. The Activities module provides
comprehensive workflow control for all
collection management processes. This includes
the management of loans, exhibitions and
Website: www.vernonsystems.com
Vernon CMS caters for medium to large
organisations, including those with multiple sites
and collections running into millions of objects.
Vernon CMS’ Vernon Browser module can provide
public access solutions for the internet, intranet
and in-house kiosks. Organisations can build
highly customised branded sites to showcase
their collections or share the information with a
content or digital asset management system.
Email: info@vernonsystems.com
(August 2013)
Collections MOSAiC Plus
MOSAiC was initially developed in conjunction
with Museums Australia (WA) in the 1990s
and has continued to evolve from a simple
system into a sophisticated one, well-suited to
the current technology including the option of
internet access.
MOSAiC has been designed for use by museums,
galleries, historical societies, church archives,
schools, sporting clubs etc.
The main criterion for MOSAiC’s design was that
it be easy to use, without the need for lots of
back-up support, especially for people in remote
areas. While internet access to the system
is offered it can also be used as a discreet
database on your computer.
MUSEUMS & GALLERIES OF NSW / EMAIL: info@mgnsw.org.au / WEB: www.mgnsw.org.au / PHONE: 02 9358 1760 / PAGE: 2
MOSAiC has fully searchable data, with
built-in and user-definable reports and data
export functions. It comes pre-loaded with
industry standard validation lists and is fully
Key features:
• No need to buy extra software or hardware.
Everything you need is included in the
one easy installation and all computers
purchased within the last 10 years will
operate with MOSAiC requirements.
• Can be easily used to catalogue objects,
photographs, documents, artworks, oral
histories and more.
• Can store many types of subject data relating
to the objects (e.g. the people and places
that make the story behind the item.)
• Has an inbuilt classification system.
• Handles scanned images and multi-media
with ease.
• IST provides unlimited free telephone and
email support for small queries for your first
year, and offers a generous support plan
• Can limit access to certain people i.e.
• Will produce standard letters, labels, reports
etc. It can also produce letters and reports
designed within your organisation.
• Transfers your data easily onto spreadsheets
and word documents etc.
• Can store information not only about your
collection but also reference libraries, staff/
membership, loans in and out, valuations and
Standalone Edition (single computer licence)
Networked Edition (2 computer licences)
Additional network licences $440.00
Free evaluation packs available by contacting
Sally-Anne or Rew.
Contact: Sally-Anne or Rew Whittington from
Information Services and Technology
Website: www.ISTechnology.com.au
Email: Sales@ISTechnology.com.au
Phone: 08 9537 2874
Mobile: 0403 832 527
(August 2013)
Maxus Australia Databases
Maxus Australia sells and supports a versatile
range of database and information management
products developed by Inmagic and Maxus.
Maxus has been selling Inmagic software
in Australia and neighbouring countries for
more than 25 years and has a large number of
satisfied clients.
Maxus provides personalised services for
installation, design and development, support,
upgrades, consultancy and training. Maxus
products can be used for a range of applications
including image management, catalogues for
libraries, art galleries, museums and historical
societies. Maxus Collections and Maxus
ArtWorks are applications that use Inmagic DB/
Text Works as their database backend.
• Upload a copy of your data to the Web at the
click of a button with MOSAiC Web.
• Is used by over 575 organisations within
Australia and New Zealand
MUSEUMS & GALLERIES OF NSW / EMAIL: info@mgnsw.org.au / WEB: www.mgnsw.org.au / PHONE: 02 9358 1760 / PAGE: 3
Maxus Australia Databases: Inmagic DB/
Text Works
Text Works is textbase software that enables
information professionals to index, manage and
retrieve text, images and multimedia objects.
With its fielded search engine, Text Works
delivers fast, precise results.
Known for its ease of use, Text Works is a
popular choice for managing all types of content
including documents, images and multi-media
objects. http://www.maxus.net.au/products/
Key features:
• Fast search speeds (computer dependent)
• Unlimited length fields
• Sophisticated report writing capabilities
Maxus provides a free trial version which expires
at the end of the month following the month in
which it is downloaded. That is, if you download
on 5th March, the software will continue to
work until the end of April. Trial versions of
Maxus Collections and Maxus ArtWorks are also
Also available are Web Publisher PRO or Presto
for DB/Text Works, which allow you to publish
all your database content on the web or an
The latest versions of the Inmagic products run
on Windows computers, but are not designed for
use on Apple Macintosh hardware.
Maxus Collections for Museums
Developed by Maxus Australia, Maxus
Collections for Museums is a product specifically
designed and tailored for museums. The
database structure is based on the worksheets
supplied by Museums Australia (Victoria
Branch). Its pricing represents excellent value
for the museum community.
It is based on the Text Works platform, which
means you can catalogue your collection quickly
and easily while still conforming to Museums
Australia standards. Almost 200 organisations
have purchased Maxus Collections for Museums.
Maxus ArtWorks
Maxus ArtWorks has been developed by Maxus
Australia to make it easy to catalogue your
collection of art works.
Cost: $1,690.00 for not for profit organisations,
not including GST
This price is for a single-user system and
includes Maxus Collections or Maxus ArtWorks.
Prices for multiple user systems are available.
Contact: Maxus Australia
Phone: (03) 9646 1988
Email: maxus@maxus.net.au
Web: www.maxus.net.au
(August 2013)
Inmagic products come with software
maintenance and a free phone and/or email
support component for the first 12 months
following purchase. This service can be renewed
after 12 months for an annual fee.
MUSEUMS & GALLERIES OF NSW / EMAIL: info@mgnsw.org.au / WEB: www.mgnsw.org.au / PHONE: 02 9358 1760 / PAGE: 4
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