Streamlined and Future-Ready Document Solutions

Streamlined and Future-Ready Document Solutions
Digital Full Colour Multifunctional System
Streamlined and Future-Ready
Document Solutions
Next-Generation Colour MFPs for
Simply Better Business
Sharp’s next-generation full-colour MX-4070N/3570N/3070N MFPs are packed with state-of-the-art technologies that
add new value to your workflow. Thanks to the user-friendly design of these MFPs—including a new Easy UI mode—a
wide variety of users can access their advanced functions easily and intuitively. Adding one of these high performers to
your talent pool is a great way to make your business grow.
Easy Copy mode
Easy Scan mode
Home screen
Simply Better Process
Business owners / directors
Transform the way you use information in your business by connecting one of these
new MFPs to a variety of mobile devices and cloud services. Now you don’t have to be
confined to the office—you and your team can work anytime, anywhere. The amazing
flexibility of these Sharp MFPs can help you grab new business opportunities and boost
your bottom line.
Link to Public Cloud and Mobile
Printing Services*
These MFPs enable single sign-on for easy access to public cloud
services such as Google Drive™, OneDrive® for Business, and
SharePoint® Online. They also support mobile printing services
such as Google Cloud Print™, AirPrint, Mopria™, and Sharp Print
Service Plugin.
Convert Documents via OCR
OCR capability on the MX-4070N/3570N/3070N lets you convert a
scanned document into a searchable PDF file or into an editable
Office Open XML (docx, xlxs, pptx) file. This means you can do
speedy text searches, even with large-volume documents, and
you can easily copy and paste text data into other applications.
Functions like these help you maximise work efficiency.
* For details, see pages 5 and 6.
Create searchable
PDFs and editable
Office files without a PC
Cloud services
Mobile devices
Simply Better Experience
Office users
Sharp’s proprietary technologies give each of these MFPs quick warm-up and first copy
times. A motion sensor—a first for a Sharp MFP—lets you use the machine without feeling
like you have to wait. Thanks to their intuitive operation and superb usability, the
MX-4070N/3570N/3070N simplify even the most complex work processes and help you
finish document jobs fast.
Easy User Interface
Motion Sensor
The intuitive Easy UI mode makes it easy for anyone to use the
MFP’s advanced functions. In this mode, simple function icons are
displayed on the 10.1-inch colour LCD touchscreen. Each user can
customise the home screen by drag-and-dropping icons for
commonly used functions, making for smoother, more efficient
A built-in motion sensor detects your approach to the MFP and
wakes it from Sleep mode. The control panel lights up and the
machine finishes warming up as you enter your desired copy or
scan settings. Then, with a minimum of waiting, you simply push
the Start button to get the job underway.
Note: Detection range can be set to three different ranges.
Customising the user interface
(home screen)
Simply Better Admin
IT managers / administrators
These MFPs fit securely and seamlessly into your office system. An advanced security
environment and new, easily viewable administration tools reduce the workload for system
administrators and give full support to their management duties.
Secure Access Control
Integrated Device Management
The MX-4070N/3570N/3070N support the Active Directory®
service, which lets you use the machine’s log-on credentials for
internal network folders. System administrators can easily keep
track of user credentials, which makes for an efficient and highly
secure operational environment. And with single sign-on, you
can access internal network folders by simply logging into the
MFP—there’s no need to re-enter your IDs and passwords.
As a system administrator, you can get the most out of a Sharp
document system by using Sharp’s efficiency-boosting device
management tools. From a single location, you can use Sharp
Remote Device Manager* (SRDM) to manage multiple Sharp MFPs.
This includes everything from system setup, user access, and
security settings to troubleshooting and maintenance. It’s quick.
It’s effective. And it takes the hassle out of MFP management.
* Contact a Sharp customer representative for availability and other details.
Log in
User A’s folder
User A
User B’s folder
System administrator
Active Directory server
Sharp Remote Device Manager
The smartly designed MX-4070N/3570N/3070N set the standard for usability. Ergonomic and intuitive features ensure
everyone can enjoy stress-free operation of the MFP.
10.1-Inch Colour LCD Touchscreen
Printer Driver with Easy Setup
A user-friendly touchscreen interface incorporating a new Easy UI
mode makes it easy and intuitive to operate the MFP. The
Advanced Preview function, meanwhile, lets you check document
finishes and page layout in advance, edit pages easily, and
preview documents in various modes.
The printer driver setup window features a simple design that
includes larger buttons and drop-down menus, making it easier
than ever to use printer functions.
Preview mode (3D)
Edit mode (rotate)
LED Status Lamps
Direct Printing/Scanning with USB Drives
Insert a USB drive into the MFP and a
print/scan command screen will
automatically pop up on the LCD.
Right away you can print files from
the USB drive—which are displayed
as thumbnails—or you can scan
documents directly to the USB drive.
Next to the control panel are two LED lamps: one red, one green.
These light up to notify you—even from a distance—of the status
of the machine.
3 LED lamp modes
Job status mode
Machine status mode
Accessibility mode*
* Indicates whether documents
have been properly set in the
document feeder
Universal Design
Free-Tilting Control Panel
These MFPs comply with the accessibility guidelines outlined
in US Section 508 and EU Mandate 376. This means that all
user aspects—from the heights of the control panel and glass
platen to the readability of the LCD—have been designed with
consideration for usability by people with disabilities.
The control panel can be tilted freely at various angles for
easy viewing and easy operation, even from a wheelchair.
Having the control panel at the perfect viewing angle means
you can reduce eye strain and avoid making input errors.
Reference Values
1,220 mm or lower
Easy visibility
1,015 mm or lower
Platen guide
fully reachable
865 mm or lower
4 paper drawers 2 paper drawers
(low stand)
Utility Table
An optional Utility Table gives you a
handy place to lay documents or a mobile
device such as a tablet when you’re
working at the MFP. An IC card reader*
can be built underneath the table.
* Commercially available
Lock-on Handles
The paper drawers on these MFPs feature easy-grip, lock-on
handles. As well as enabling easy opening and closing, they
ensure that the paper drawers close properly, thereby enhancing
safety in the event of a disaster such as an earthquake.
Remote Operation*
The Remote Operation function lets you display the MFP’s
main control panel on the screen of your PC or mobile device.
From a remote location, you can then check MFP settings or
reprint data stored on the MFP. This function also enables the
administrator to guide an MFP user through necessary
procedures and allows remote MFP operation from a
* Requires VNC application. Simultaneous remote operation from two or more
PCs or mobile devices is not possible. Remote operation also depends on the
network environment and applications being used. Contact a Sharp customer
representative for details.
When it comes to image quality, the MX-4070N/3570N/3070N deliver a reliably excellent performance. Thanks to their
outstanding precision and colour quality, these MFPs lend your documents a beautifully professional look.
Easy, High-Quality Copying and Scanning
Wide Colour Gamut
Through an advanced three-step process, Auto Colour Mode
provides fully automated copying and scanning in both colour
and B/W—with a simple press of the Start button. Here’s how it
works: Auto Colour Selection automatically determines whether
a page is colour or B/W. Auto Original Type Selection then
analyses page contents to distinguish between different
components (such as photos and text) and selects the appropriate
mode. Finally, Background Suppression automatically removes
unnecessary background colour.
By thoroughly revamping the imaging process, Sharp was able to
expand the colour gamut for these MFPs. As a result, colour
reproduction is more faithful and vivid compared to previous
Colour Gamut Chart
Auto Colour Mode
New model
Previous model
Note: Printing in default setting
Auto recognition
Text comes out crisp and clear, and
unnecessary background colour is
automatically removed
Developer Refresh System
By discharging old developer little by little and continuously
replacing it with new developer, this system prevents developer
deterioration and ensures stable print quality over the long term.
Toner cartridge
Toner (magenta)
Auto Process Control
To maintain consistently high image quality during large-volume
print jobs, these MFPs employ a periodic colour calibration
system. Image density sensors read high-density and halftone
colour patches and feed the information back to the image control
unit. The MFP can then make adjustments to minimise colour
variance between pages.
Halftone colour patches
Image density sensors
(Conceptual image)
Used developer discharge exit
Transfer belt
PCL 6 and True Adobe® PostScript® 3™
For better graphics handling, these MFPs come standard with both
PCL 6 and true Adobe PostScript 3. In addition, the PostScript driver
allows you to use the dot screening technique so that you can
emulate the high-quality printing of commercial offset printers.
High-Resolution Output
Each MFP’s print engine supports 1,200 × 1,200 dpi printing and
copying*. Digital smoothing technology delivers print and copy
resolution at the equivalent of 9,600 × 600 dpi, giving you
ultra-clear image quality. Fine lines and small text come out
looking crisper and easier to read.
High-density colour patches
Organic photoconductor
Line Width Adjustment
This function adjusts the width of lines. Fine lines, which are
otherwise difficult to render properly, turn out sharp and crisp.
Intricate line drawings, complex graphs and charts, and detailed
spreadsheets are reproduced with exceptional quality and
* Copying in B/W only.
PANTONE® Colour Matching
In colour-critical printing environments, these MFPs let you create
professional-grade documents using the global-standard
PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®. With this value-adding feature,
Sharp MFPs bring high performance, reliability, and
consistent colour quality to the job of producing
business documents.
Whether you’re in the office or out and about, being able to share information easily and securely is vital to
the smooth running of your business. Secure information sharing with a Sharp MFP transforms your working
style and helps you grab new opportunities before they pass.
Link to Cloud Services*
Public Cloud
An MX-4070N/3570N/3070N doesn’t just connect to your local server. It also
connects with cloud services directly from the MFP’s control panel. You can
upload scanned data to Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint
Online—or print directly from any of them. Using a cloud service like this can
save you the time and cost of setting up and managing a server within your
company. Once you log into the MFP, you can quickly access multiple
software services without having to sign in to each one separately. It’s a true
time-saver that gets your document jobs finished faster.
Google Drive™
for Business
* Requires optional MX-AMX2.
Link with Mail Servers
Scanned data can be conveniently sent via your regular Gmail™ or Microsoft®
Exchange account. Sending e-mail is as easy as choosing a recipient from
your address book on the mail server. Scanned data that you send can be
stored on the mail server with other sent items.
In the office
Shared folders
Sharp OSA* (Open Systems Architecture)
Innovative Sharp OSA technology allows you to interact with critical business
and network applications right from the LCD control panel, offering a new
realm of control and convenience. And since Sharp OSA utilises
industry-standard network protocols, the MX-4070N/3570N/3070N can easily
integrate with document management systems, enterprise resource planning
software, workflow applications, and more. The latest version of Sharp OSA
can reach beyond the firewall, enabling extensive system construction as
well as services delivered over the Internet such as cloud services.
In this way, Sharp OSA provides a foundation for cost reductions and
information sharing across the entire company organisation—effectively
enhancing total business efficiency.
Upload / Download
Direct scan /
Direct print
Mobile devices
Scan / Print
LCD monitors
* Requires optional MX-AMX2 and/or MX-AMX3.
Multi-Layered Security
Sharp’s powerful data security solutions protect your business
Office environment
assets and give you peace of mind. These MFPs safeguard your
Blocks unauthorised
sensitive data by employing multiple levels of security functions
covering a broad range of network and data security needs.
Network Security and Access Control
User authentication
Active Directory
Gateway security
• S/MIME provides secure e-mail communications*
* Only when e-mailing scanned data.
• SSL (secure sockets layer) and IPsec data encryption technologies
ensure secure network communications
• User Authentication covering up to 1,000 users prevents
unauthorised MFP use by requiring access passwords
• Active Directory enables integrated management of user
credentials, thereby providing a highly secure and efficient
environment for system administrators
Prevents e-mail theft,
Provides secure storage
Data erasure/encryption
Two-Way Sharing with Mobile Devices
Connecting an MX-4070N/3570N/3070N to one or more mobile devices is easy, and it expands your
options for sharing data. Not only can you send scanned documents to mobile devices such as
smartphones and tablets, you can also print documents or photos sent from those devices.
Sharpdesk Mobile*
Sharpdesk Mobile is a mobile print/scan application that connects the MFP to mobile devices via
wireless LAN.
* Availability varies by country/region. For details, see the Sharpdesk Mobile support Web site:
Mobile Printing Services
These MFPs support Google Cloud Print, AirPrint, Mopria, and Sharp Print Service Plugin.
Wireless Connections*
Out of the office
These MFPs offer ultra-handy wireless access via two easy modes,
enabling convenient access to the MFP even from places where a wired
LAN is not available.
* Availability varies by country/region.
Infrastructure mode wirelessly connects the MFP to mobile PCs/devices
via a commercially available wireless LAN router.
Direct scan /
Direct print (Cloud print)
Infrastructure mode
(Local print)
Upload / Download
Wireless LAN
Access point mode wirelessly connects a LAN-wired MFP to mobile
PCs/devices without going through a wireless LAN router.
Access point mode
Mobile devices
Note: External networks cannot be accessed via the MFP. Up to five mobile devices can be
wirelessly connected to the MFP at the same time.
Document Protection
Prevents eavesdropping,
SSL and IPsec
Encrypted PDF
• Document Control prevents unauthorised use of confidential documents by embedding copy
prevention data in them
Note: Requires optional Data Security Kit. May not work with certain types of paper, documents (such as those with a large
volume of photos), or MFP settings.
• Hidden Pattern Copy/Print embeds a watermark, such as “Confidential” or “Not for Copy,” onto
a document
• Tracking Information Print prints the MFP user’s name, the date, job ID, and other specifics on
printouts, making it possible to track documents
Data Protection
Stops information leaks
Hidden Pattern Copy/Print
Tracking Information Print
• Job data is automatically encrypted before being saved to the MFP’s internal storage. Once a job
is finished, its encrypted data is erased by up to 10 automatic overwrites.
Note: Contact a Sharp customer representative for details on activating this function.
• Retained data can be initialised when it’s time to replace the MFP, preventing the leakage of
confidential information
Whether a document job is big or small, you want to get it done quickly and efficiently. The superb performance of these MFPs
promises you a smooth workflow and high productivity.
Super-Efficient Colour and B/W Output
Office Direct Printing
The MX-4070N/3570N/3070N deliver a fast output of 40/35/30
ppm* in B/W and in full colour. The first copy comes out in just 4.7
seconds in B/W and 6.7 seconds in full colour, saving you valuable
time when performing multiple
short-run jobs.
Print common Microsoft Office files without using a PC. With a
MX-4070N/3570N/3070N, you can print a Word, Excel®, or
PowerPoint® file directly from a mobile device, cloud service, USB
drive, or file server.
* A4 (8 1/2" x 11"), long-edge feeding
Note: The actual printout may look different than what is displayed on the computer
screen. This function is enabled via DirectOffice™ technology.
MX-4070N MX-3570N MX-3070N
Print Release
The Print Release function lets you send documents to the main
MFP, which acts as a server and stores them for printing out from
any other MFP on the network. This function comes in handy
when the main MFP is in use or under maintenance, letting you
finish your job with minimal waiting.
Mobile device
USB drive
Cloud service
File server
Job Separator Tray
Versatile Paper Handling
The helpful Job Separator Tray option prevents copy/print/fax
jobs from getting mixed together in the main tray by letting you
send one of the job types to the Job Separator Tray.
Most of the MX-4070N/3570N/3070N’s paper trays accommodate a
wide variety of paper, in sizes up to SRA3 and in weights up to 300
g/m2. These MFPs can also handle extra-long paper up to 1,300
mm*. In addition to plain paper, the MFPs accommodate a
number of other paper types, including coated, textured,
embossed, and removable adhesive paper. Such versatile paper
handling expands the range of possible printing applications.
Job Separator Tray
(100 sheets*)
Main tray
(250 sheets*)
* Sharp recommends using the optional MX-LT10 for this function. Please contact a
Sharp customer representative for details.
* A4 (8 1/2" x 11"), 80 g/m2
Finisher Options
These MFPs offer plenty of finishing options to suit a variety of workplaces and applications.
Max. paper capacity*1
Stapleless stapling
Manual stapling
Saddle stitching
*1: A4 (8 1/2" x 11"), 80 g/m2
500 sheets
1,000 sheets
3,000 sheets
Saddle Stitch Finisher
3,000 sheets
*2: Requires optional punch module
Rear corner Front corner 2-point side
Saddle Stitch Finisher
1,000 sheets
2-hole punching
3-hole punching
Saddle stitching
4-hole punching 4-hole wide punching
Stapleless Stapler
Manual Stapler
To make paper recycling easy and to save
on stapler costs, a staple-free stapler
crimps the corners of paper to keep up to
five sheets securely bound.
You can quickly staple documents at the
MFP as needed without using a
conventional stapler. A real time-saver if
you want to, say, restaple documents that
were unstapled for copying.
High-Efficiency Scanning
Advanced Scan Functions
Each 4070N/3570N/3070N comes equipped with a highly efficient
150-sheet DSPF (duplex single pass feeder). This scans both pages
of two-sided documents in one pass. With a scanning speed of up
to 100 opm* (one-sided) or 200 opm* (two-sided), these MFPs can
finish even large projects quickly.
Automated Scanning*
* Originals per minute; when feeding A4 (8 1/2" × 11") sheets
Using advanced optical character recognition, these MFPs can
correct the vertical orientation of pages mixed in upside down.
This conveniently saves you the hassle of having to rescan those
pages. The MFPs can also automatically determine scan
resolution and skip blank pages in a multi-page document.
* Easy UI mode only
Multicrop Function
The Multicrop function automatically creates separate files for
multiple different-sized documents—such as receipts and
bills—that are scanned simultaneously.
Multiple Distribution of Scanned Files
Scanned documents can be distributed in a number of ways. For
example, they can be sent as e-mail attachments or they can be
scanned directly to an FTP server for storage. A standardequipped compact PDF function ensures that PDF files are sent
and received smoothly.
Scan to
Internet fax
Business Card Management
It’s easy to manage a database of business cards with the
MX-4070N/3570N/3070N. The MFP reads contact details on each
card via OCR and then exports those details to a third-party
contact management system of your choice.
External memory
Client PCs
Super G3 fax
Network folder
FTP server
Versatile Fax Functions (option)
Address Book
The address book has an easy-to-see layout that includes new
Frequent Use buttons, a separate Address
list, and larger buttons, scroll bar, and
text. This user-friendly design makes
selecting the right scan/fax destinations
more effortless than ever.
• Super G3 Fax function
• Internet Fax lets you economically send and receive faxes to and
from other T-37-compliant Internet fax machines
• PC-Fax lets you send documents created on a PC directly to a
recipient’s fax machine via a phone line without printing to paper
Document Management
Document Filing
Document Filing allows processed data to be saved in
designated folders on the MFP’s hard disk. From there, it can
be instantly recalled for printing and sending at a later time.
Processed job data
Save to HDD
Internet Fax
Quick File Folder
Main Folder
Custom Folder
With Sharpdesk integrated
document management
software, scanned files can
be organised, edited,
converted, and combined
with ease. What’s more,
Full Text Search makes it
To e-mail or FTP
Fax or Internet fax easy to retrieve your
Print Out
Print PC-Fax
Output zone
* Image Compression Tool for converting images into compact PDF files
With a view to minimising the environmental impact of its products, Sharp has applied its advanced technologies across all
areas of these MFPs, including the hardware, firmware, electrical systems, and supplies.
Low TEC Value*1
Eco Scan
In every respect, these MFPs have been designed to deliver
exceptional energy efficiency. As a result, they boast a TEC value
that is significantly lower than the maximum allowable values
determined by ENERGY STAR®.
The Eco Scan function saves energy by keeping the fusing system
shut down during jobs that don’t require its use—for example,
during image sending and Document Filing.
Max. allowable
TEC value*2
Auto Power Shut-Off Mode
6.3 kWh
5.3 kWh
4.3 kWh
TEC value of
each model
2.2 kWh*3
2.0 kWh*3
1.8 kWh*3
*1: Typical amount of energy consumed in a hypothetical week measured as stipulated
under the ENERGY STAR programme.
*2: Maximum TEC value allowable under the latest ENERGY STAR programme
(version 2.0).
*3: Measured at 230 V.
Quick-Heating Belt Fusing System
A newly developed quick-heating belt fusing system enables a
short warm-up time of 10 seconds to reduce overall energy
Pressure roller
Heating roller
Heater lamp
Fusing roller
Eco Recommendation
This function suggests environmentally friendly settings before a
print*/copy command is executed from the control panel.
* For printing Document Filing data and direct printing (FTP/SMB/USB)
Power ON/OFF Schedule
This function automatically turns the MFP on or off per
administrator-set schedules.
Power off
Power on
Start of day
Lunch break
End of day
Eco-Friendly Toner
Fusing belt
Heater lamp
Based on prior usage patterns, the MFP automatically determines
how long to wait before going into auto power shut-off mode.
Shortly before this mode begins, a message appears on the LCD
indicating that the MFP will soon shut down and giving you the
option to continue operation.
New Mycrostoner-Crystal is filled with low-melting-point material.
Compared to a conventional toner, this toner is able to fuse at
lower temperatures, resulting in reduced energy consumption.
Automatic Toner Cartridge Eject
This function expels completely empty cartridges in preparation
for replacement. The cartridge is replaced only after all the toner
has been consumed, thereby ensuring efficient use of toner.
Because you can tell at a glance when cartridges are empty, they
are fast and easy to replace.
System Configuration
Utility Table
Punch Module (for MX-FN27)
Punch Module (for MX-FN28/FN29)
Exit Tray Unit
Saddle Stitch
Punch Module (for MX-FN30/FN31)
Paper Pass Unit
Long Paper
Feeding Tray
Barcode Font Kit
MX-FN30* *
Fax Expansion Kit
Exit Tray Cabinet
Large Capacity
Tray (A4)
Internet Fax Expansion Kit
2 3
Stamp Unit
Job Separator Tray
Sharpdesk 1/5-License Kit
Sharpdesk 10/50/100-License Kit
Application Integration Module
Saddle Stitch
Low Stand with
550-Sheet Paper
Stand with
550-Sheet Paper
Stand with
2 x 550-Sheet
Paper Drawer
Stand with
3 x 550-Sheet
Paper Drawer
Application Communication Module
Stand with
550 + 2,100-Sheet
Paper Drawer
External Account Module
*1: Max. paper capacity: 1,000 sheets *2: Max. paper capacity: 3,000 sheets *3: Requires MX-DE25, MX-DE26, MX-DE27, or
MX-DE28. *4: In some countries/regions, the MX-TU16 is standard-equipped (not optional) on the base unit. *5: Cannot be used
with MX-FN28/FN29/FN30/FN31/LC17.
Data Security Kit
Certain options may not be available in some areas.
Specifications for Options
MX-TR20 Job Separator Tray
Paper size
Paper capacity
MX-FN31 Saddle Stitch Finisher
SRA3 (12" x 18") to A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2"*1)
100 sheets (A4, 8 1/2" x 11")
MX-FN27 Finisher
Paper size
Paper capacity
Non offset
Stapleless staple
Non offset/offset
Stapleless staple
Stapling capacity Staple
Stapleless staple
Manual staple
Staple position Staple mode
Stapleless staple mode
Manual staple mode
SRA3 (12" x 18") to A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2"*1)
A3 (11" x 17") to B5*2 (8 1/2" x 11")
A3 to B5*3 (11" x 17", 8 1/2" x 11"*4)
500 sheets (A4 or smaller), 250 sheets (B4 or larger)
30 sets or 500 sheets (A4 or smaller),
30 sets or 250 sheets (B4 or larger)
30 sets
50 sheets (A4, B5*4), 30 sheets (A3, B4)
5 sheets*5
Total paper thickness 4 mm or less (40 sheets)
3 locations (front, rear, or 2-point stapling)
1 location (rear)
1 location
MX-FN28 Finisher
Paper size
Paper capacity
Stapling capacity
Staple position
Non offset
Finisher tray (non offset/offset)
Top tray
SRA3 (12" x 18") to A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2"*1)
A3W (12" x 18") to A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2"*1)
A3W (12" x 18") to B5 (7 1/4" x 10 1/2"*6)
1,000 sheets (A4), 500 sheets (other sizes)
100 sets or 1,000 sheets (A4),
50 sets or 500 sheets (other sizes)
250 sheets (A4 or smaller), 50 sheets (B4 or larger)
50 sheets (A4, B5), 30 sheets (A3, B4)
3 locations (front, rear, or 2-point stapling)
MX-FN29 Saddle Stitch Finisher
Paper size
Paper capacity
Non offset
Finisher tray (non offset/offset)
Top tray
Saddle stitch tray
Stapling capacity
Staple position
SRA3 (12" x 18") to A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2"*1)
A3W (12" x 18") to A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2"*1)
A3W (12" x 18") to B5 (7 1/4" x 10 1/2"*6)
1,000 sheets (A4), 500 sheets (other sizes)
100 sets or 1,000 sheets (A4),
50 sets or 500 sheets (other sizes)
250 sheets (A4 or smaller), 50 sheets (B4 or larger)
7 sets of 11–15 sheets, 10 sets of 6–10 sheets,
20 sets of 1–5 sheets
50 sheets (A4, B5), 30 sheets (A3, B4)
3 locations (front, rear or 2-point stapling)
MX-FN30 Finisher
Paper size
Non offset
Stapleless staple
Finisher tray (non offset/offset)
SRA3 (12" x 18") to A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2"*1)
A3 (11" x 17") to B5*2 (8 1/2" x 11")
A3, A4*4 (11" x 17", 8 1/2" x 11"*4)
Paper capacity
3,000 sheets (A4, B5), 1,500 sheets (other sizes)
200 sets or 3,000 sheets (A4, B5),
100 sets or 1,500 sheets (other sizes)
(stapleless staple) 200 sets (A4), 100 sets (A3)
Top tray
250 sheets (A4*4, B5*4, A5), 125 sheets (other sizes)
Stapling capacity Staple
65 sheets (A4*4, B5*4), 30 sheets (other sizes)
Stapleless staple
5 sheets*5
Manual staple
Total paper thickness 9 mm or less (65 sheets)
Staple position Staple mode
3 locations (front, rear, or 2-point stapling)
Stapleless staple mode 1 location (rear)
Manual staple mode
1 location
Paper size
Non offset
Stapleless staple
Finisher tray (non offset/offset)
SRA3 (12" x 18") to A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2"*1)
A3 (11" x 17") to B5*2 (8 1/2" x 11")
A3, A4*4 (11" x 17", 8 1/2" x 11"*4)
Paper capacity
3,000 sheets (A4, B5), 1,500 sheets (other sizes)
200 sets or 3,000 sheets (A4, B5),
100 sets or 1,500 sheets (other sizes)
(stapleless staple) 200 sets (A4), 100 sets (A3)
Top tray
250 sheets (A4*4, B5*4, A5), 125 sheets (other sizes)
Saddle stitch tray
10 sets of 11–20 sheets, 15 sets of 6–10 sheets,
25 sets of 1–5 sheets
Stapling capacity Staple
65 sheets (A4*4, B5*4), 30 sheets (other sizes)
Stapleless staple
5 sheets*5
Manual staple
Total paper thickness 9 mm or less (65 sheets)
Staple position Staple mode
3 locations (front, rear, or 2-point stapling)
Stapleless staple mode 1 location (rear)
Manual staple mode
1 location
Punch Modules
Model name
Number of holes
Paper weight
For MX-FN27
For MX-FN28/FN29
For MX-FN30/FN31
2 or 3
2 or 4
55 to 300 g/m2 *9
4 (wide)
MX-DE25 Stand with 550-Sheet Paper Drawer
Paper size
Paper capacity
SRA3 (12" x 18") to A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2")*10
550 sheets
MX-DE26 Stand with 2 x 550-Sheet Paper Drawer
Paper size
Paper capacity
Upper and lower tray
Upper and lower tray
SRA3 (12" x 18") to A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2")*10
550 sheets each
MX-DE27 Stand with 3 x 550-Sheet Paper Drawer
Paper size
Paper capacity
Upper/middle/lower tray
Upper/middle/lower tray
SRA3 (12" x 18") to A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2")*10
550 sheets each
MX-DE28 Stand with 550 + 2,100-Sheet Paper Drawer
Paper size
Paper capacity
Upper tray
Lower right tray
Lower left tray
Upper tray
Lower right tray
Lower left tray
SRA3 (12" x 18") to A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2")*10
A4, B5, 8 1/2" x 11"
A4, 8 1/2" x 11"
550 sheets
900 sheets
1,200 sheets
MX-DE29 Low Stand with 550-Sheet Paper Drawer*11
Paper size
Paper capacity
SRA3 (12" x 18") to A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2")*10
550 sheets
MX-LC17 Large Capacity Tray
Paper size
Paper capacity
A4, B5, 8 1/2" x 11"
3,000 sheets
MX-LT10 Long Paper Feeding Tray
Paper size
Paper capacity
Max. 1,300 mm long
1 sheet
Note: All specifications relating to paper capacity refer to 80 g/m2 paper.
*1: Only short-edge feeding can be used with 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" paper. *2: Only long-edge feeding can be used with B5 paper. *3: Only long-edge feeding can be used with A4 and B5 paper. *4: Long-edge
feeding. *5: Guaranteed stapleable weight is up to 64 g/m2 (4 sheets up to 81.4 g/m2 and 3 sheets up to 105 g/m2). *6: Only short-edge feeding can be used with 7 1/4" x 10 1/2" paper. *7: Accepts North
American paper sizes. *8: Accepts ISO-standard paper sizes. *9: Guaranteed punchable weight is 60 to 128 g/m2. *10: Only short-edge feeding can be used with A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2") paper. *11: Desktop use
is also possible. Contact a Sharp customer representative for details.
Digital Full Colour Multifunctional System
Document Filing
Engine speed
Control panel display
Paper size
Paper capacity
(80 g/m2)
Paper weight
Warm-up time*3
Power requirements
Power consumption
Dimensions (W x D x H)*5
Weight (approx.)
A4 (8 1/2" x 11")*1: Max. 40/35/30 ppm
A3 (11" x 17"): Max. 20 (19)/18/16 ppm
SRA3: Max. 18/16/15 ppm
10.1-inch colour LCD touchscreen
Max. SRA3 (12" x 18"), min. A5 (5 1/2" x 8 1/2"*2)
Standard: 650 sheets
(550-sheet tray and 100-sheet multi-bypass tray)
Maximum: 6,300 sheets
(650 sheets & optional 550 + 2,100-sheet tray and 3,000-sheet tray)
Tray: 60 g/m2 to 300 g/m2 (16 lbs bond to 110 lbs cover)
Multi-bypass tray: 55 g/m2 to 300 g/m2
(13 lbs bond to 110 lbs cover)
10 sec.
5GB (copy/print shared)
500GB HDD*4
Rated local AC voltage ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Max. 1.84 kW (220V to 240V), max. 1.44 kW (110V to 127V)
616 x 660 x 838 mm (24 17/64" x 25 63/64" x 33")
87 kg (191.8 lbs)
Original paper size
First copy time*6
Continuous copy
Zoom range
Preset copy ratios
Scan speed*8
(colour & B/W)
File formats
Scanner utility
Scan destinations
Main and custom folders: 20,000 pages or 3,000 files
Quick file folder: 10,000 pages or 1,000 files
Copy, print, scan, fax
Quick file folder, main folder, custom folder (max. 1,000 folders)
Network Printer
Supported OS
Network protocols
Printing protocols
Available fonts
1,200 x 1,200 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi, 9,600 (equivalent) x 600 dpi
USB 2.0 (host, high-speed), 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T
Windows Server® 2008, Windows Server® 2008 R2,
Windows Server® 2012, Windows Server® 2012 R2,
Windows Server® 2016, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7,
Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10, Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9,
10.10, 10.11, macOS Sierra
LPR, Raw TCP (port 9100), POP3 (e-mail printing), HTTP,
FTP for downloading print files, IPP, SMB, WSD
PCL 6 emulation, Adobe® PostScript® 3™
80 fonts for PCL, 139 fonts for Adobe PostScript 3
B/W Facsimile (optional MX-FX15 required)
Max. A3 (11" x 17")
Full colour: 6.7 sec.
B/W: 4.7 sec.
Max. 9,999 copies
Scan (colour): 600 x 600 dpi
Scan (B/W): 600 x 600 dpi, 600 x 400 dpi, 600 x 300 dpi*7
Print (colour): 600 x 600 dpi, 9,600 (equivalent) x 600 dpi
(depending on copy mode)
Print (B/W): 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi,
9,600 (equivalent) x 600 dpi (depending on copy mode)
Equivalent to 256 levels
25% to 400% (25% to 200% using DSPF) in 1% increments
Metric: 10 ratios (5R/5E), inch: 8 ratios (4R/4E)
Network Scanner
Scan method
Document filing
Stored jobs*12
Storage folders
Push scan (via control panel)
Pull scan (TWAIN-compliant application)
One-sided: Max. 100 originals/min.
Two-sided: Max. 200 originals/min.
Push scan: 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600 dpi
Pull scan: 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600 dpi
50 dpi to 9,600 dpi via user setting*9
TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, encrypted PDF, compact PDF*10, JPEG*10,
XPS, searchable PDF, OOXML (pptx, xlsx, docx), text (TXT),
rich text (RTF)
Scan to e-mail/desktop/FTP server/network folder (SMB)/
USB drive/HDD
Compression method
Transmission time
Modem speed
Recording size
Greyscale levels
Super G3/G3
Less than 3 seconds*13
33,600 bps to 2,400 bps with automatic fallback
From Standard (203.2 x 97.8 dpi) to
Ultra Fine (406.4 x 391 dpi)
A3 to A5 (11" x 17" to 5 1/2" x 8 1/2")
1GB (built-in)
Equivalent to 256 levels
• Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
• The ENERGY STAR logo is a certification mark and may only be used to certify products that have
been determined to meet the ENERGY STAR programme requirements. ENERGY STAR and the
ENERGY STAR mark are registered trademarks owned by the US Environmental Protection Agency.
The ENERGY STAR guidelines apply to products only in the US, the EU, Japan, Canada, Australia,
New Zealand, and Taiwan.
• Microsoft, Windows, Windows Server, Windows Vista, PowerPoint, Excel, Active Directory,
SharePoint, and OneDrive are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation
in the US and/or other countries. Mac, OS X, macOS, and AirPrint are trademarks of Apple Inc.,
registered in the US and other countries. Adobe and PostScript 3 are either registered trademarks or
trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the US and/or other countries. PCL is a registered
trademark of Hewlett-Packard Company. Google Cloud Print, Google Drive, and Gmail are
trademarks of Google Inc. The Google Drive trademark is used with permission from Google Inc.
Mopria is a trademark of Mopria Alliance, Inc. PANTONE® and other Pantone trademarks are the
property of, and are used under license agreement with, Pantone LLC. DirectOffice is a product of
CSR Imaging US, LP. DirectOffice is a trademark of CSR Imaging US, LP, registered in the US and
other countries, used with permission. All other brand names and product names may be
trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
Long-edge feeding.
Only short-edge feeding can be used with 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" paper.
At rated voltage, 23°C (73.4°F). May vary depending on operating conditions and environment.
HDD capacity depends on procurement and sourcing status.
Including adjusters and protuberances.
Short-edge feeding of A4 (8 1/2" x 11") sheets from 1st paper tray, using document glass, without
Auto Colour Selection and Auto Colour mode, MFP in fully ready condition. May vary depending
on operating conditions and environment.
*7: Not available when using document glass.
*8: Based on Sharp’s A4 standard chart, using document feeder and long-edge feeding. Using factory
default settings with Auto Colour Selection off. Scan speed will vary depending on the type of
document and the scan settings.
*9: Resolution will vary depending on the size of the scanned area.
*10: Colour/greyscale only.
*11: Storage capacity will vary depending on the type of document and the scan settings.
*12: Some features require option(s).
*13: Based on Sharp’s standard chart with approx. 700 characters (A4 or 8 1/2" x 11" long-edge
feeding) at standard resolution in Super G3 mode, 33,600 bps, JBIG compression.
1,182 mm
660 mm
616 mm
1,495 mm*
* 1,649 mm when finisher tray and exit tray are extended.
Shown with options.
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