4 WAN PORT SIPe - One Stop Solutions

4 WAN PORT SIPe - One Stop Solutions
With the idea of all networks being transmitted via an IP interface, it’s looking like serial
communication devices won’t be needed much longer. One Stop Solutions (1-SS) sees
this as an opportunity to provide a low-cost solution that enables the use of serial devices
without risking national security. Enormous amounts of monies have been spent to
purchase serial communication devices so interoperability can be maintained between the
US armed services and other agencies. The 4 WAN Port SIPe is a viable solution that
will enable the use of serial products well into the future and provide a smooth transition
into future communication systems.
Provides solutions for
• Any Encryption Over IP
• Secure Point to Multipoint
Wireless Systems
• Secure Transition to EoIP
4 WAN Port SIPe
Converting Serial to Ethernet
Technology today is dictating how organizations are communicating. With the
emergence of IP radios and IP satellite systems, interfacing serial multiplexers to these IP
transmission systems have been an issue for organizations trying to maintain proper
encryption. The SIPe takes care of both these issues.
Using Serial Encryptors
The SIPe has been used and tested since the summer of 2006. It works successfully with
the KIV-19A and KIV-7M in various configurations that included WIMAX and IP
satellite system equipment. The SIPe can maintain secure wireless communications to
multiple sites using serial encryptors. The United States Marine Corps purchased the 4
WAN Port SIPe for their DTC program. The intent of the SIPe is to maintain
interoperability between all the US armed forces. The SIPe can be used in networks up
to the TS/SCI level when proper encryption is used.
One Stop Solutions Inc • http://1-ss.com • solutions@1-ss.com • (732) 483-4350
Ethernet Encryptors
The SIPe can be used with serial and Ethernet encryptors. Ethernet encryption products
like the KG-250 and TACLANES were developed to replace serial encryption devices.
The Department of Defense has acquired devices like the Promina and Timeplex systems
to maintain interoperability between US services. These devices can still be used in their
proper configuration with an easy transition for use with IP transmission systems. Here
are some economical solutions that would work.
Replacing the serial multiplexer and/or convergence router with a SIPe
Use of serial multiplexer and SIPe to an Ethernet encryptor
One Stop Solutions Inc • http://1-ss.com • solutions@1-ss.com • (732) 483-4350
Features of the SIPe
There are other serial to IP devices on the market, but none match One Stop Solutions
SIPe. The 4 WAN Port SIPe is capable of working in a point to multipoint secure
wireless configuration using four 10/100/1000 auto-negotiable WAN ports. When used
in bridge mode, it’s capable of transmitting data up to 8.192Mbps. It’s also capable of
being used in a routed or IP mode configuration. When used with an IP address, it can
reach speeds up to 5Mbps.
If organizations have tactical IPv6 networks that need to reach back to strategic locations,
the SIPe can make it happen. IPv6 networks simply traverse the IPv4 backbone network
that the SIPe provides. IPv6 data is encapsulated into a IPv4 data packet and reassembled
at the distant SIPe before being sent onto the distant IPv6 network. There is no special
configuration needed to make this feature work.
Cost Savings
With the converting of serial data to Ethernet data, there comes a cost. Using proposed
configurations, new IP encryption devices need to be purchased along with a
convergence router to connect to that IP transmission system. The SIPe allows the use
of current serial encryption devices which use the Electronic Key Management System
(EKMS) that distributes COMSEC and TRANSEC keying material. This feature alone
saves a unit several thousand dollars per upgrade.
About 1-SS
One Stop Solutions has over 70 years experience in designing, implementing and
maintaining joint networks. If you have questions about transmission systems,
encryption devices, convergence of networks or any other network issues, contact us at
(732) 483-4350 and we’ll be glad to assist.
“One Stop – Problem Solved”
One Stop Solutions Inc • http://1-ss.com • solutions@1-ss.com • (732) 483-4350
Network Port (WAN)
10/100/1000 Base-T, Half/Full Duplex, Auto-Negotiate
4 RJ45 ports for direct connection to WAN transport
Serial Port
Clock Source
Programmable, 3Kbps to 8192 Kbps
RS232, RS530, RS-530A, RS449, V.35, X.21
4 DB25 Female (DCE)
Internal, External, Remote
User Ethernet Port
10 Base-T, Half/Full Duplex
Console Port (Front Panel)
Baud Rate:
RS232 / V.24
9600 to 115.2K
4 DB9 Female (DCE)
Input Voltage:
8 to 28 Volts DC
110 to 220 VAC (external supply)
13.2 Watts
Operating Temperature: 0° to 55° C
32° to 130° F
Up to 90% non-condensing
19"W x 14"D x 1.75"H
48.26 x 35.36 x .445 cm
11.5 lbs.
One Stop Solutions Inc • http://1-ss.com • solutions@1-ss.com • (732) 483-4350
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