Ultrasonically-welded cables
in various colors, lengths and cross sectional sizes
Product information
Ultrasonically-welded cables
high performance metallic connections
 outstanding electrical features
no transition resistance since wire end sleeves can be dropped
low thermal load
smaller dimensions at identical cross sectional size
 ultrasonic compression down under the isolation
 available in cross sections from 1.5 mm² to 16 mm²
compressed cable end
sectional view of strand connections
magnification of strand transitions
Compression is realized by means of an ultrasonical-welding process. The strands are moved towards each other by applying
low pressure and high frequency mechanical vibrations. In fractions of a second, a durable solid connection and metallurgical
pure connection is achieved featuring excellent electrical characteristics without thermal load on the components.
Cables with ultrasonically welded ends are availible in cross sections from 1.5 mm² to 16 mm², in all common colors.
In addition to standard material we also offer customised cables.
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According to VDE directive (VDE 0100, section 520) wires consisting of individual strands must be equipped with cable
end sleeves, since the fine strands may be damaged by the screw and thus no proper electrical contact can be ensured.
At ultrasonic-welding the individual strands of the cable will be compacted and thus cable end sleeves are no longer
required on end compressed wires.
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