QSDR008RTC-500 Clearance 8-Channel Standalone DVR

QSDR008RTC-500 Clearance 8-Channel Standalone DVR
QSDR008RTC-500 Clearance 8-Channel Standalone DVR
Remote Internet Monitor (Up to 5 Users)
H.264 CIF Resolution
Email Alerts
500GB Hard Drive
Connect up to 8 Cameras
PC Compatible
The QSDR008RTC-500 is an 8-channel DVR leaves economy-grade DVRs in the dust with its
audio input, two USB ports, and capacity to connect up to eight surveillance cameras. That
gives you ample space to capture important footage and effectively manage observation.
Without any recording loss, the Multiplex feature allows you to simultaneously, Record,
Watch live or recorded footage, Backup files, and Remotely monitor and manage your DVR
on your computer network or the Internet.
This DVR offers CIF Real Time recording on all channels. Do you want the DVR to record
continuously? - No problem. Set it to record on any day or hour, or set it up to record
during motion detection only.
If you're committed to protecting your premises, you'll appreciate the mobile surveillance
features that allow you to view live footage via the Internet or a 3G or 4G Smartphone. The
only thing you may have to ponder is which Internet Browser or operating system you'll
Your DVR can send you email alerts about activity and you can stay connected by backing
up or transferring your video footage to a PC, USB flash drive or hard drive. If value is what
you want, then the QSDR008RTC-500 is the one for you.
Recording Resolution
The QSDR008RTC-500 surveillance system captures video in CIF real-time providing smooth
video playback at 30 frames per second per channel at a playback resolution of 352x240.
Hard Drive
This system can support 1 A/V Rated SATA HDD of up to 1 TB. To ensure you can begin
monitoring your home right away, the DVR comes with a pre-installed 500GB hard drive!
The amount of footage that you can save on the hard drive before needing to over-write
footage will depend on the size of the hard drive, recording and resolution settings you
select during setup.
Remote Monitoring
Remotely monitor and manage your home or office 24/7 from anywhere around the world
via the internet using a Windows PC, or a supported 3G/4G Smartphone, including iPhone,
Blackberry™ OS 5-6, and Android 3G/4G Smartphones. Enjoy additional peace of mind by
receiving instant email alerts with snapshot images when motion is detected, when the hard
drive is full, or when and if video loss has occurred. Up to 5 users can remotely log into the
DVR at the same time and the system’s dual-stream technology allows for easier internet
access at lower bandwidths.
H.264 Compression minimizes file size in order to maximize the hard drive’s recording time,
as well as transfer video for viewing over the internet.
The multi-tasking feature allows up to five functions to occur on the system at one time:
record video, watch live video or playback video, while also monitoring and managing the
system remotely, and also backing up files.
Connect a VGA monitor to the Video Out Port to serve as a larger display or allow viewing
from another room.
Select from 3 different viewing modes:
Single Cam: Display 1 camera at a time.
4 or 8 Cam: Display 4 or 8 cameras at once on a split screen
Timed Auto-Sequence: Display a timed-auto sequence, which shows each camera for
a few seconds and rotates the view through all cameras one at a time.
Backup video files from the surveillance system
to a PC, Flash Drive or USB Hard Drive in order to
free-up space for new video while retaining
important footage.
Select from 4 different recording modes:
Advanced Motion Detection: Advanced
motion detection settings help to minimize
false alarms. The easy-to-use motion detection set-up screen allows you to mask out
certain areas which frequently experience heavy movement in order to avoid false
alarms and unnecessary triggers.
Time-Schedule: Record based on a pre-set schedule that you choose depending on
your needs. For example, only at night, only during office hours or only during nonbusiness hours.
Alarm Sensor Trigger: Only records when the alarm sensor has been triggered.
(Alarm sensor not included.)
Manual: When set to manual, the system can be turned on to record 24 hours a day,
7 days a week or until you manually turn it off.
Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
Internet Explorer (IE) 7-8, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with IE Plug-in
Remote Monitoring on a Supported 3G or 4G Smart Phone. Instantly view live video
stay in touch on the go! Instantly view live video form any of your systems cameras.
Supported Smart phones: iPhone™, Blackberry™ OS 5-6, and Android 3G/4G
8 Channel H.264 real-time DVR with Pre-Installed 500GB Hard Drive
Power supply for DVR 12V/5A
RJ-45 Ethernet network cable
BNC to RCA Video cable
Remote Control
USB Mouse
CD with Manuals and Software
Quick Start Guide
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