H.264 Network IP Camera Quick Installation Guide

H.264 Network IP Camera Quick Installation Guide
H.264 Network IP Camera
Quick Installation Guide
Step 2. Check LAN for camera IP address compatibility
SC Black IP cameras and encoders are factory configured with a static IP address,
subnet mask, and gateway setting:
This document guides you through the basic steps to install and configure your IP
camera. For detailed instructions, refer to the User Manual.
IP address: 
Subnet mask: 
Step 1. Install the camera
Install the camera mounting bracket using the instructions provided with the bracket.
Attach the adapter for mounting the camera to side with the label or to the opposite
side with the four screws provided.
Before connecting your camera to a LAN, verify that the IP address is not already
in use. At a Microsoft Windows computer attached to the LAN subnet where the
camera will be connected, open a Command Prompt window and enter:
Remove the protective cap covering the camera CCD.
Attach the lens assembly to the camera by screwing it clockwise onto the camera
until it is fully seated. The lens may require a mounting ring adapter to fit onto the
The “Request timed out” response indicates that the IP address is not in use and the
camera can be attached to the network without causing errors.
Step 3. Connect the camera to the LAN and power it on
Attach the network LAN cable to the Ethernet connector on the camera backpanel.
Your camera can be powered locally with a 12 V DC adapter, or across the LAN
(PoE). If using the power adapter, attach the DC jack adapter cable to the DC 12V
power adapter terminals on the back of the camera. Connect the red wire of the
adapter cable to the + terminal, and the black (or white) wire to the - terminal.
Tighten the lens set screw with the hex wrench provided.
If the lens assembly has an Auto Iris feature, attach the lens cable to the 4-pin
connector on the back of the camera.
Attach the camera to the mounting bracket. Step 4. Configure camera settings with IPAdmin Tool
IPAdmin Tool is software provided on the CD with your camera. To install the tool:
Connections to the camera for audio in and out (microphone and speaker), D/I
sensor, alarm, and RS‑485 control are made through the 9-pin terminal block. Plug
the terminal block into the mating connector on the camera.
Create a directory on your windows system for the IPAdmin Tool files.
Copy the files IPAdminTool.exe and IPAdminTool.dll from the CD provided to the
Start the IPAdmin Tool by double-clicking IPAdminTool.exe. This software will
discover all SC Black devices attached to the LAN. Right click on the entry for your
camera and select IP Address.
Attach peripheral devices to the terminal blocks as needed. For detailed interface
specifications, refer to the user manual.
In the IP Setup window, enter new network settings for the camera. Click SETUP. In
this example, the IP address is changing changed to
In the SETUP window, go to Basic Configuration > Users.
Answer Yes to the confirmation window. When the Login window opens, enter the ID
and PW. The default settings are root and pass. Click Login.
In the User list, click root to highlight it, and then click Modify. Enter a new
password and click OK. In the Users screen, click Apply, and then click OK to restart
the server.
In the IPAdmin Tool main window, click Refresh and verify that the camera IP
address changed.
Go to Basic Configuration > Date & Time.
Step 5. Initial camera setup
To view video images from the camera, at a computer attached to the LAN where the
camera is installed, open Microsoft® Internet Explorer and go to:
http://<IP address of the camera>
If the IP address is, enter:
If prompted to install ActiveX controls such as AxAll.cab (publisher Cap Co), AxPTZ,
or AxNVC, follow screen prompts to install the software.
On the Date & Time screen, set the Time Zone, Method, and Time Synchronization
options. Click Apply.
Click VIEW to exit SETUP mode and return to the web viewing screen. After logging into your camera, if you cannot see live video from the camera and
the message: “Can not Create XMLDOMDocument Install MSXML4.0” appears,
download and install the MS XML 4.0 library. This library can be found at:  
Set focus and zoom while observing video image from the camera. Video is provided
through a web browser, and by attaching a local video monitor to the LOOP OUT BNC
connector on the back of the camera. Use the documentation provided with your
camera mounting bracket and lens to make these adjustments.
After the camera VIEW screen appears, click SETUP and enter the default User name
and Password, root and pass.
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