This update is necessary in order for the DMS-500 to receive future updates PUSHED
over the internet to the DMS-500.
Anytime you update the firmware of the DMS-500 you must make sure your iOS or
Android apps are also up to date, and vice versa.
1. The first step is to format an empty SD Card to either FAT or FAT32.
a. Insert a standard SD Card into the SD Card Slot of your computer.
b. Open “My Computer” or “My PC”.
c. Right Click on the SD Card Drive and select Format…
d. A pop up box will appear. Click on the File System dropdown box, select FAT or FAT32.
If these are not options, you are using high density/capacity SD card. Please use a
standard capacity SD Card.
e. Under Format Options, it’s okay to have Quick Format checked or unchecked. NOTE:
unchecked is a full reformat of the SD Card and will take longer.
f. Click the Start Button.
2. Next, go to or and download zip file “” from the “downloads” section of the DMS-500 product page.
3. Once downloaded, unzip or extract the file. Be sure to set or remember the location of the
unzipped/extracted file.
4. This will result in a folder called “DMS-500_v1.27.7_20160331”.
5. Open the folder, inside you will see 3 items (2 folders and 1 file).
6. Copy all 3 items exactly as they are to the empty, formatted SD Card. Once it’s finished
copying, safely eject the SD Card from the computer.
7. Turn on the DMS-500 and wait for it to fully initialize.
8. After it is fully initialized, insert the SD Card into the SD Slot all the way until is clicks into place.
You may need to use your finger tip or nail to insert fully.
9. A pop-up will appear on the DMS-500 front panel screen saying the “SD Card Mounted”. This
means the SD Card is properly installed.
10. Next, another pop-up will inform you a new firmware version is available. Select Install using
the IR hand held remote.
11. The DMS-500 will then erase the old and install the new firmware. Wait until the DMS reboots
and powers back up to full initialization. DO NOT PRESS THE POWER BUTTON OR USE ANY
12. Once fully initialized, remove the SD Card from the SD Slot.
13. Using the IR hand held remote, press the DMS-500 Menu button.
14. Scroll down to Reset and press Enter.
15. A pop-up will appear asking if you’re sure you want to reset the DMS-500. Select Yes.
16. Once the DMS reboots back to full initialization it is ready to use.
NOTE: When resting the DSM-500, the volume will default to -30.0. Be sure to set to +8.0 or your
preferred volume level.
If you wish to check if the new firmware installed properly, Using the IR hand held remote, press the
DMS-500 Menu button>>Scroll down to Firmware and press Enter. You should see the newly updated
firmware version. Press the < left navigation key to back-out, scroll down to EXIT and press Enter.
If during the installation process you receive an error message like the one below, the SD Card is not
formatted correctly to FAT or FAT32, or you may be using an incompatible SD Card. If this occurs,
please wait until the error message disappears and the DMS-500 restarts back to is current firmware
and retry making sure the SD card is formatted correctly and compatible.
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